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Polish people in the UK using the English version of their name?   2   3
75 - Excluding the Jews. The 7 or 8 cultures creeping over the border from neighboring countries or the small expanse...

UK, Ireland     Graham66Gdyniaguy14 - 11:29am
Why HMG (Her Majesty's Government) abandoned Poland to the Soviets
16 - And I thought that's what allies are for... To help. Like Poles in Iraq, Afghanistan, in the Battle of Britain...

History     Ozi DanPaulina - 11:12am
Too late for a serious relationship? or not - I'm 39 and looking for someone Polish
25 - You mean up to the point she gets UK residence status or any EU passport and then....:)

Love     irishmalesobieski - 10:33am
When will SMOKING BE BANNED? (from public areas in Poland)
13 - Just do what I plan to do, I gave up smoking in 1990 when I had lung cancer and a lung...

Culture     MaluchKamaz - 10:24am
Do people in Poland live "better" than here in the UK?   2   3   4   5
137 - Local Police chief here told us that all lanes are legal to drive/cycle or walk on.....unless the owner has clearly marked...

UK, Ireland     spiritusKamaz - 10:14am
Dj School in Krakow?
1 - Just for informaion - Poland is short of real DJ Schools - here are only two such places - one in...

Study     James GLooker - 10:11am
Curious about differences Polish people see with the British?   2   3
72 - Quality! Actually, Polish shop assistants in the UK are generally better then the ones in Poland....

UK, Ireland     Annna1Gdyniaguy14 - 08:55am
Quality of life, women in Poland vs here in America - Is 14 days too long to stay there for holiday?
6 - Thanks. Is there much nightlife/place to meet people on weeknights? Or most people just come home from a long day...

Travel     TonydTonyd - 06:14am
Does anybody know about franchise in Poland?
1 - Orlen, Jeronimo Martins and Lotus (first and last are gas stations I think), the leaders of this year's 500 List of...

Work     AvivNathans - 05:52am
Where I can buy Christmas tree and its decorative items in Warsaw near metro Imielin?
3 - The market on ul. Braci Wagów a few minutes away will have real trees, but not yet.

Culture     Karthik2000jon357 - 01:32am
What requirements are needed to set up a street trading business in Poland
3 - It depends what you're selling and what else you do (farmers can sell fruit and veg on the street relatively easily,...

Law     PADDYTRjon357 - 01:18am
Any Polish muslim girls living in Poland?   2   3   4
95 - Amen

Love     PolishMuslimaskrud - 12:34am
How do I verify a Polish company's existence?   2   3   4   5
137 - Yes it is real company, lawfully registered in Poland - Jelenia Góra,. codetwo.com

Law     QacerLooker - Yesterday
Slavs populated Europe from around Vistula, Dnieper or from the Balkan along the Danube?   2   3   4   5
143 - Native? Word `Haemus` isn`t of Greek but ultimately of Thracian (ie Sarmatian and/or ie Proto Slavic) origin. Go consult your...

History     CrowCrow - Yesterday
My grandfather left Poland after WWII and emigrated to Brazil. Question About Polish Citizenship
1 - Yes, Polish descent, not Polish citizen - you can't get citizenship through your grandparent, it would be possible only if...

Law     cen8806Looker - Yesterday
Researching a Pole ( Wladyslav Kubik ) with not much to go on
4 - KUBIK: probably a variant form of the partonymic nick from the first name Kuba (pet form of Jakub); the more common...

Genealogy     deamerPolonius3 - Yesterday
Polish people are the most ignorant people in the world!   2   3   4   ...   7   8
218 - Are people ever going to stop feeding that troll? This topic should be closed imo

Culture     WizardWulkan - Yesterday
Buying a property in Poland to rent out from the UK   2   3
74 - Aviv try allegro.pl, otodom.pl,gumtree.pl.

Real Estate     paulkaczmarJustin 86 - Yesterday
Closed: What are my chances if I open Grill of Serbian cuisine in Poland?
9 - i apologize Pane. i just started. Wait to see the rest sorry. Please, don`t puke

Food     CrowCrow - Yesterday
Poland's Work permit questions - visiting European countries; working in the EU / switching job; dependants   2   3
73 - Be honest, be yourself, and stay confident. Smile, don't get nervous - Poles are friendly generally, relax. Tell us how everything...

Law     manishg_82Looker - Yesterday
Information needed about working at Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport
3 - Thanks Stachu, I understand some foreigners here in Poland are alone with their problems, without good Polish language knowledge, so why...

Work     tothferkoLooker - Yesterday
where to buy vacuum storage bags here in Warsaw?
1 - Jana Pawla II 43a street, place 23b (Passage Muranow) operates from 09:00 to 18:00 every weekday and Saturday from 11:00-16:00....

Life     Heizel1221skrud - Yesterday
Food producers from Poland should stop suffering from obliged sanctions against Russia
7 - Too bad that we don`t have some people who are farmers, here on this forum. It would be interesting to see...

News     BozydarCrow - Yesterday
Salary and cost of living information - Krakow   2   3   4   5
123 - Hey did you got any offer from them. I was also interviewed for this position and had my second round this...

Work     cat500Veena - Yesterday
Polish TV channels in the UK   2   3
87 - You would get it to work by buying a sat box called a Skybox F3/F5 and taking something out called an...

UK, Ireland     telefonitikatictactoe - Yesterday
235 - I am not polish.... and i don't live in Poland so it is difficult to me to evaluate...

UK, Ireland     ashLevi_BR - Yesterday
Are Polish girls more romantic? South African with Polish surname, history, seeks advice on a few things
NEW - Hi, I was not sure what to write in the subject, but as the subject line states, I am a...

Love     larneylee -
Warsaw guide - how to go about hiring a secretary or assistant? We speak no Polish, only English or Spanish
2 - Thank you Smurf Looked at the wealth of tourist guides info in the pages you shared, however we are not into...

Travel     UvictorUvictor - Yesterday
Where can I find good coffee and Cuban cigars in Stalowa Wola area?
7 - I may have to concede on this one. I honestly can't remember. You got me. After giving this some serious thought...

Food     Dont gag me yojohnny reb - Yesterday
Monster X tour in Poland
3 - There was a thread on PF some time ago. I recall someone mentioning, supposedly Grave Digger, was to participate in the...

Events     Paritoshbeckski - Yesterday

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