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Jak sie masz? - Don't use it!
NEW - No matter how tempted you are to say How are you? in Polish, don't. It doesn't belong to the greeting ritual...

Language     piotrga -
Help with Postal Customs office in Poland. I need to get an item that is being withheld there. Rolex imitation
12 - I can recommend someone - he's capable of organising a very good defence in this area. Can you...

Law     Ibzibzdelphiandomine - 10:57
Polish priest sacked by Vatican for being openly gay
10 - In a sense he should be kicked out. He supposed to be celibate not gay. Letting all those homo-like or...

News     AlfGarnetVox - 10:40
Do I need a temporary residence permit in Poland as a EU-citizen?
2 - @Claudia77; did you try to make the agreement in the name of your registered business instead of your name? FYI: that...

Life     Claudia77Polsyr - 09:02
Polecam to, strony i wiadomości w sieci o Polsce   2   3
64 - [Link / Image / Video]

Po polsku     catsoldierWulkan - 05:39
Is there a Dell authorized service centre in Warsaw.
NEW - Hi, I have dell inspiron-15. It has 2 yrs International warranty. I am looking for the dell authorized service center in...

Classifieds     mitrovic -
Poland's ZUS-office visit for self-employed really that easy?
NEW - Hi guys, I am a German citizen and registered my business, got NIP and REGON, and as I'm told I have...

Work     Claudia77 -
Is it safe to travel to Poland?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
185 - You think anyone is going to fall for your pretentious indian b@#@t? Some mumbles about your lawyer, at least they...

Travel     AdamLog In - 03:13
American Polonia. Wisconsin - the most Polish state?   2   3   4
106 - It doesn't matter where you came; Polish or not. The fact of the matter is our heritage makes us...

USA, Canada     Polonius3Ciszewski - 01:59
Why Irish women are so rude and judgemental towards foreign women?
10 - I do not believe all irish women are rude and judgemental. There is racist and prejudist people in every country, jealous...

UK, Ireland     ExeNewpost - 00:54
Recommendations for live wedding bands in different cities in Poland.
20 - any recommendations for band in Rzeszow. half guests polish half irish

Love     tchurtonolapaddy - 00:21
Is Spojanka a Serbian or Croatian first or last name?
8 - Polonius3, you would relatively easily hear how Croats comment that is Kajkavian speech real Croatian speech. But, at the same time,...

Genealogy     Polonius3Crow - Yesterday
Recruitement Process / Interview with an IT company in Poland
3 - Not a good idea. Someone that moves on very quickly too often (it can happen once, more than once is...

Work     Doabldelphiandomine - Yesterday
Does anyone know of any Polish websites which sell prints of Polish paintings?
3 - Thanks for trying to help Looker. I've checked out your links but there are no results for Gustaw Gwozdecki, who is...

Life     ChemikiemChemikiem - Yesterday
WWII - who really was the first to help Poland?   2   3   4   ...   17   18
513 - It should be remembered that Romania bordered Poland in 1939.

History     onaPolonius3 - Yesterday
Ilu "polanoglotów" na PF?
26 - Dla Polonii nowojorska Parada Pułaskiego jest wielkim świętem polskości. Jej organizatorzy twierdzą, że jest to największa w świecie uroczystość ku...

Po polsku     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Commercial buildings for sale - Warsaw
4 - Unless you are experienced be really careful - there are many zoning issues and ownership complications with older buildings in Warsaw...

Classifieds     s1sandersoncms - Yesterday
Poland job (senior development from India) - need an advice
8 - Hi Lokuma, please can you private message me your email address so we can discuss further. When are you hoping...

Work     lokumas1sanderson - Yesterday
Polish President vetoes PO's dingbat gender law   2
43 - Oh, it is. There are endless examples of traps being set in politics like this. Kaczyński himself pulled off a great...

News     Polonius3delphiandomine - Yesterday
Need the best Poland data sim card provider for use in personal unlocked wifi device (mifi).
12 - Not true. No, you won't. You lose the ability to make calls and nothing more.

Life     jackrosenbdelphiandomine - Yesterday
Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees   2   3   4   ...   77   78
2,321 - Merkel's continued political missteps will cost her the next election sure! Voters are getting tired of it, and are likely to...

News     LeviLyzko - Yesterday
Czesc/pa vs. no czesc/no pa
9 - "Cześć, pa!", also "Pa!" by itself, even "Pa, pa!" mean "Bye!", resp. "So long, 'bye!", and, like "Narazie!" (See you!), are...

Language     BrokenOwlLyzko - Yesterday
Funeral Traditions in Poland
30 - Wypijmy za spokój duszy naszego nieożałowanej pamięci kolegi, Adama Jankowskiego. Był wspaniałym kolegą i bardzo dobrym człowiekiem. Będzie nam Adasia brak....

Life     Kocham ciePolonius3 - Yesterday
Should Poland exit the EU immediately?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
249 - No, not really?

News     IronsideAvalon - Yesterday
Exam for Drivers License in Poland; English?   2   3
84 - I'm looking for any English (or Spanish) material to have a look at the questions. I have an Argentinean license...

Life     maniek2Gaucho - Yesterday
Bachelors in Civil / Mechanical Engineering Degree in Poland   2
39 - I really meant that the old traditional method of tables in rows are still employed in a lot of secondary...

Study     searchroDougpol1 - Yesterday
Buying a freehold house in Poland - legal contract? How does the deposit work - to Lawyer 'in trust' or?
6 - I remember a story (Harry, was it you that told me? I don't remember who told me...) about how someone...

Real Estate     Maluchdelphiandomine - Yesterday
Tri-city travel (want to see Gdansk and Sopot)
10 - Depends what you like..... Culture/cafes - Gdansk. Seaside/forest/partying - Sopot.

Travel     ColonelBlimpDougpol1 - 2 Oct 2015
"Choroszucha" - Jewish family name?
16 - Am I correct in assuming that blagodariu is normally used with an obejct (eg blagodariu wam), whilst spasibo stands...

Genealogy     ShAlEyNsTfOhPolonius3 - 2 Oct 2015
Can non-EU spouse/dependent work without work permit in Poland?
21 - She can search all she wants, but chances are extremely small that she will find an employer that is willing...

Law     kalsi1140DominicB - 2 Oct 2015

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