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Thoughts about the Legia vs Celtic game?   2   3
64 - Which is actually against the rules. Duh!

Sports     Dougpol1smurf - 11:04am
Was Slonina (Lard) originally extracted from Elephant meat?
13 - You never know what future holds :D

Food     sylvioPC_Sceptic - 10:59am
Would you translate this poem?
3 - Piastowy=Piast= Polish Dynasty. Cannot translate this

Language     WenezuelczykPC_Sceptic - 10:57am
Does anyone have Skysat?
NEW - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Life     bobbystand -
The Poles in Britain - a history by BBC Magazine
15 - Forum members please remember don't feed the trolls

UK, Ireland     InWroclawsmudge - 07:42am
translate 'być może mniej oczywiste...' into English please.
4 - Interesting and I think I get what you mean about the key but I'm afraid it's merely as I said...

Translation     InWroclawInWroclaw - 06:46am
Tusk eyes top EU post   2
47 - yes. And ironically thanks to Russian resistance to the dictate of the western Europe and USA. How wonderful and deep...

News     Polonius3Crow - 12:07am
Illegal downloading, copyright infringement in Poland
12 - Nonsense - in the BT client it is eminently possible to choose not to upload. It's called...

Law     JackJohn9Dougpol1 - 12:04am
Warsaw travel - what to carry in my baggage?
4 - Warm jacket its a good idea. Now is like end of summer but its still pretty warm (20 st. C). Very...

Travel     anaBEwaa1 - Yesterday
Sim Cards for International calls Poland
14 - Hi, I use the Smartgroschen. They have a small top-up starts from 0.89 Euro, so just enough to use from time...

Travel     shamalahBlake - Yesterday
Catalogue of expenditures not being tax-deductible costs
9 - You can as an individual rent out a part of the house to the company. You need a formal contract and...

Law     Jars777krecik89 - Yesterday
Do I need proof of name change when registering?
NEW - So I was going to be registering tomorrow and I was looking at the form before filling it in and noticed...

Law     Schmiznurf -
Polish schools and Polish educational system level in your eyes   2
46 - I'm from Poland, currently studying electrical engineering in London, UCL. I've passed polish new matura lat year and comparing to...

Life     zetigrekPrzeszaf - Yesterday
Is Polish citizenship recognized if I don't have a passport ?
2 - If your mother has a Polish citizenship you can apply for the confirmation of your Polish citizenship. You do not...

Law     wtevfromPoland - Yesterday
Poland commemorates 75 years since invasion - dawn ceremony
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News     InWroclaw -
Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents   2
38 - I helped my friend to find her biological parents in Poland. The best way to start it is to obtain your...

Genealogy     edward22fromPoland - Yesterday
Help learning polish language in Wroclaw (any good language school)?
17 - I completed one year in Centrum Jezykow Obcych Inspiration (facebook.com/InspirationCentrumJezykowObcych), Stronska street! Definitly the beeest school ever, small groups, greaaaat teacher,...

Study     slask new boyBorbara - Yesterday
Cost of living in Katowice for a couple
6 - - different time zone - sometimes servers should stay in EU, because of the law - easier access to...

Work     poland25Monitor - Yesterday
Traditional Polish meal for my Polish boyfriend in the US?   2   3
70 - Merged: Foodie present for Polish boyfriend My boyfriend is Polish and I'd really like to get him a little...

Food     Sarocky5750sammie_kdt - Yesterday
How to find a cooking class in Poland that has support for English speakers?
6 - I'm in Warsaw. I'm interested in cooking right down starting from the basics. I'm open...

Study     TruffTruff - Yesterday
Where in Poland is the town of Laka?
20 - For the Tomaskas family....my grandparents also originally immigrated from Swilcza Poland and settled in Chester PA. My grandmother also worked as...

Genealogy     Ellietucson sandi - Yesterday
Vasectomy in Poland is illegal? Why?   2   3   4
117 - Even in UK its not that easy a doctor must be happy to do the op and you must see a...

Culture     Raj_rydergastro - Aug 31, 2014
Correcting my hair in Polish
3 - Thank you gumishu

Translation     badHeirbadHeir - Aug 31, 2014
ALLEGRO Help - paying for an item I won
5 - truytr, thank you for your response. That is a great idea! I spoke with a friend who is in the...

Life     turkdlitturkdlit - Aug 31, 2014
As a foreigner non EU citizen working in Poland, can I get visa for my spouse?
21 - you ask the question in the wrong place. You need to speak Polish, to have chance for a job. The...

Law     Faisal KhanMonitor - Aug 31, 2014
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   135   136
4,078 - The well-born Czachorskis belonged to two separate noble lines: Abdank and Korab. Foir more information on the surname and its herladic...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - Aug 31, 2014
5000zl per month, netto - Would this be enough salary in Gliwice?
11 - Lol and then some - I take it you haven't been to South London then? Nobody will bother...

Work     AvellanoDougpol1 - Aug 31, 2014
MY SALARY in a Poland's private school. Is 1700 PLN netto too much?
10 - To the OP I have no idea why Polish teachers and university lecturers don't strike - the salary is criminal...

Work     zoztikDougpol1 - Aug 31, 2014
Moving to Lodz - will my 2500 PLN salary be enough?   2
44 - Here you have prices compariosn Berlin vs ŁódĽ: 2505 is enough for a single person to live comfortable in...

Work     DedeBRMonitor - Aug 31, 2014
Birth Control in Poland (Microgestin availability)
1 - Not i know of in the apteka that I frequent, however, there are side effects with that, blood clot, stroke, heart...

Life     fcorbett21Kreme - Aug 31, 2014

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