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Where can I get a good American Haircut in Poznan?
7 - I'm curious too, what is an American haircut?

Life     ongos2001f stop - 05:42
One advantage of living in Poland: less commerpop nonsense
4 - The Muslim bakeries in Dearbornistan Michigan refuse to bake wedding cakes for gays so maybe it's the gays way of retaliating...

Life     Polonius3johnny reb - 04:01
Going to learn the Polish Genitive Case
27 - Tego is masculine, tej is feminine.

Language     indy912Canadian2222 - 03:18
how do you say 'the previous page' in Polish?
2 - Poprzednia strona. Na poprzedniej stronie.

Language     jęzka PolskiegoPLSK - 01:38
Salary for IT roles in Poland?
10 - You sound like a recruitment agent In that case...

Work     slainteCrazyInvestor - 00:54
US slaps Poland in the face (Comey Poland)   2
60 - Could we a simple folk ask for sources and examples of aforementioned events, Mr Expert? We would like to learn...

News     Polonius3Vox - 00:31
Are Polish men cold ?
20 - Oh please? After almost three years of the ongoing relationship you are asking whether his aloofness in bed has anything...

Love     triedandtestedVox - 00:24
Budapest or Warsaw - which would be a better place for a designer life?
5 - Do you plan on learning Hungarian? It's far more difficult to pick up than Polish though the women might be a...

Life     erenercanIgen - Yesterday
Was the holocaust by Germans in Poland the worse genocide in history?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
234 - Everyone except for you: Few days later you are backpedaling to hide your ignorance, too late.

History     cheesymacVox - Yesterday
Pictures of Polish Jews holding coins and lemons?
8 - Thanks Pol3 I now know more about my name! it sort of explains how as a young medical student in London...

History     Bialystoker555Bialystoker555 - Yesterday
Władysław Bartoszewski died
10 - Poland and the concept of consensus have never really gone together. People have pulled together during dreadful crises however there has...

News     jon357jon357 - Yesterday
Help in finding ancestry - Hermanowski/Czajkowski
2 - HERMANOWSKI: originated as toponymic tag to identify an inhabiatnat of Hermanów or Hermanowo; 4 different coats of arms; check out:...

Genealogy     dhermano1002Polonius3 - Yesterday
Swiss mortgage, bankruptcy, jail, mental health etc
18 - Statements like this indicate that said family is barely known to you. It might be best to keep it that...

Law     InForAPennyDominicB - Yesterday
Tour agencies from Poland interested in Serbia
7 - 'Scuse me asking about direct options Crowie, but I don't much like guided tours. Much nicer to visit privately.

Travel     Crowjon357 - Yesterday
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2
53 - Hello she123, Please contact with me bay e-mail to start exchange teaching:D my regards to all

Language     Karol PolPawlot - Yesterday
Mobile phones reparing with accessories - how good is this business in Warsaw, Poland?
NEW - hi all viewers, I have 5 years mobile repairing/unlocking experience and currently I am working in Scotland. In future I am...

Work     samipl -
Politics of Poland in past, present and future; your opinion
NEW - This should be interesting. Let us analyze politics of Poland having in mind global environment. Politics of government, strategy,...

History     Crow -
Can I get a divorce from my drug addicted husband, and are narcotics legal in Poland?
9 - Thank you of response dear friends. My husband asked another chance and begged. So give chance to animal, :) LAST...

Law     dpinkydpinky - Yesterday
Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen   2
43 - Unfortunately, "met on an internet site" will set off huge alarm bells. It's absolutely not a surprise that you were...

Travel     evaEJteargas - Yesterday
The winners of a Polish Radio essay competition in the 1970s - memories from the trips around the Poland
2 - Hi. Do you know the title of this competition? I can help you find some informations about this competition and...

Travel     frankdometrangere - Yesterday
Buying a Property with Debt
5 - The notary is responsible for making sure that the debts are cleared. Discuss it with your chosen notary. Making...

Real Estate     CrazyInvestorteargas - 25 Apr 2015
Germany provoke Poland using Silesian question. Poland's attitude ?   2   3   4   5
122 - Why would you say that? Germans have a close relationship with Silesians. And Poland does allow for that relationship to...

News     CrowJollyRomek - 25 Apr 2015
Moving to Cambridge - advice needed on Polish shops, church and community?
4 - In case this thread becomes relevant to anyone else, I just wanted to update it to say that there are plenty...

UK, Ireland     DannyFDannyF - 25 Apr 2015
What is a good monthly salary for an English teacher in Poland?   2   3
87 - Yes. ALWAYS! And send again during the summer. They'll have your CV on their desk, will remember you when...

Work     dieterhansjon357 - 25 Apr 2015
Obtaining PESEL, ID Card and Passport in Poland   2
38 - Yes it is possible, and I know this because I went through the procedure for my own child who was...

Law     Max8240Polsyr - 25 Apr 2015
Polish nobility - what is the status of princes and aristocrats in modern Poland?
13 - Since 1921 (with a break between 1939 and 1945), yes. None are now szlachta in any sense and most...

History     frankdomjon357 - 25 Apr 2015
Where can I find a fax machine for public use in Poznan?
3 - If that's not what you need, try: or or Or Google 'popfax' for something similar in English....

Work     gotfax?jon357 - 25 Apr 2015
French chopper - a good choice for Poland?
9 - Exactly. As part of at deal on that scale there is support by the supplier provided in situ.

News     Polonius3jon357 - 25 Apr 2015
Salary for Business Internship Position in Poland?
16 - Hi agent2421, as I am also planning on moving to Poland I am wondering whether you are already there and...

Work     agent2421Poland_mover - 25 Apr 2015
Need some help to buy Polish cars(s) Zuk pickup &/or Nysa van
14 - Anybody help I have a 1959 zuk pickup with canvas rear and I can't find the vin or chassis number where...

UK, Ireland     NigelBhusqyman - 25 Apr 2015

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