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Tracking a package through the Polish Postal system sent from US   2
57 - As far as I understand this tracking system, it was departed from the Tbilisi airport. So it must have already reached...

USA, Canada     mylesgkpc21 - 11:15pm
Are Polish men handsome to you?   2   3   4
117 - Polish guys are incredibly handsome to me. Of all the different types of European male, I have to say I could...

Love     zetigrekbambi - 10:37pm
If I move to a big city in Poland will I come across a lot of English speakers?
23 - I agree. You can get by with just English even if you go to one of the mini skleps to...

Life     SquirelyJollyRomek - 08:57pm
Study nursing in Poland, move to Uk?
7 - Studying nursing outside the EU might be a problem when you want to work in the EU. The requirements to transfer...

Study     vikkiitoriaUS nurse - 08:29pm
Which Polish milk brand is closest to UK supermarket style milk?
27 - The main problem being, with paseurisatin you cannot have sour milk. And potatos with sour milk is one of my favorites...

Food     nadjJaceny - 08:26pm
Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)   2   3   4   ...   8   9
265 - You need to register if you want attach a photo.

Genealogy     PeterLooker - 08:22pm
Why Cross of Valour with 2 bars was awarded to my father (Miszczyk / Bradley)?
3 - Thanks for your help but where can I find these files ?

History     EileenslEileensl - 07:51pm
Typical Polish Eye Color   2
40 - I don't have ultra blonde hair, and my hair is golden blonde. My boyfriend, full Russian, has ash blonde hair...

Genealogy     genecpsPiatek - 07:39pm
EU Blue Card for Poland. Which salary is needed?
18 - Merged: Poland Blue Card Hi, can someone please guide me on the procedure and benefits of obtaining a...

Work     patrikMikeD - 06:46pm
Interested in moving our farm to Poland
NEW - Greetings, I do hope all are well. If anyone would be so kind as to offer some advice. I...

Real Estate     SunshineAndB -
Your all time favourite Polish Dishes!   2   3   4
107 - Schabowy

Food     dtaylorWulkan - 04:52pm
How are names in Polish " nicknamed "?
3 - Caitlin is an Irish variant of name Catherine (Polish Katarzyna), so if you want to make diminutive in Polish, it will...

Language     PiatekVeles - 04:21pm
Medicine prices increasing in Poland from 1st March
NEW - ... Seems to be harsh.

News     InWroclaw -
"Co sądzita" - zwrot w języku polskim (Oscar dla "Idy")
14 - Brawo! Ale proszę mi wierzyć, przeciętny Polak krajowy, który nigdy nie stykał się z Polonią, nie od razu się w tym...

Po polsku     Polonius3Polonius3 - 02:48pm
Getin Noble Bank / Dombank - it is possible to cancel mortgage agreement in CHF?
10 - I agree. These were risky financial instruments on a par with derivative trading. If the OP is interested in taking part...

Real Estate     polishmortgagesjon357 - 01:04pm
Anyone Living in Szczecin? What's the city like?   2
38 - I was born there and lived there on the outskirts on a large property. So there is someone from there but...

Life     moonlightMarsupial - 11:14am
Poczta Polska transit time
2 - The status may not be updated yet or there's really some delay there. And this is the 'economiczny' letter so it...

Life     kur2123Looker - 11:03am
35 - @Learnpolishnow, the link and source you mentioned( ), was really great. thanks for it, I just registered there and started learning...

Language     courtney0525Fero - 08:21am
Jan Kyć from Adamówka, Poland - Military Document Information
8 - Thank you Polonius3 for your thoughtful response. It would be an interesting find to chase down the origin.

Genealogy     singingfallssingingfalls - 01:50am
In need of good Polish jokes about Polish culture, people, etc   2   3
66 - Merged: Name changing in the GG? Back during the German occupation of Poland in the truncated General Gouvernement a...

Culture     kasiasiudzinskaPolonius3 - Yesterday
Study. Work. Life. Business - Warsaw University
3 - i have applied war saw University for my masters. guys someone cud pls give me information about university and life in...

Study     Subhash_kumarjohnar - Yesterday
Out of the box - Dialogues with Polish Migrants in Northern Ireland. A documentary by Bernhard Wolf
NEW - Out of the box - Dialogues with Polish Migrants in Northern Ireland. A documentary by Bernhard Wolf - based on an...

UK, Ireland     Brecht -
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   132   133
3,975 - Thank you so much

Genealogy     Polonius3jackie5275 - Yesterday
Why is it ok to represent Polish history of WWII inaccurately in the film "Our Fathers, Our Mothers"?   2
35 - Unfortunately, you and your nationalistic Polonia ilk will never ever admit that Poland has progressed in the right direction. Instead...

History     mehowTheOther - Yesterday
Starting small local shop in Poland - the steps?
13 - Merged: ALKOHOLE 24 H BUSINESS START UP SUGGESTION IN POLAND Can I have suggestions on, how good a ALKOHOLE...

Law     Giddyupzeletic - Yesterday
Medical Trials in Poland? How much do you get?
NEW - Hi what do people usually get for medical trials or psychological/sociological research projects, or egg donations in Poland? Any experience?

Life     benduca -
Polish Rap groups similar to Paktofonika?
2 - You could try Pokahontaz and Pijani Powietrzem both consisted of the members from their former band Paktofonika...

Culture     MeHowfrd - Yesterday
Terrible past for the Jews in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
255 - Under Soviet policy, (following Stalin's annexation of the eastern half of Poland in collision with Hitler) Poles were denied access to...

History     wolfPolonius3 - Yesterday
Easy way to find out which Polish coat of arm/Clan you belong to.   2
35 - According to Taduesz Gajl's armorial, the most authoritative and updated available, no coat of arms accompanies the Kubisz surname. There were...

Genealogy     David_18Polonius3 - Yesterday
EEA family permit from Poland to UK - time and process   2
55 - Merged: EEA family permit hello to everyone here ..i gonna apply for EEA family question is what is...

UK, Ireland     zaheerali84Razi - Yesterday

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