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POLES vs BULGARIANS   2   3   4
103 - Hello, I have no idea why I am getting sucked into this ******** blog, however I fill obligated to post...

Other     rychlikR.S.👹 - 16:23
Looking for a private Dorm in Warsaw!
5 - Merged: PRIVATE DORMITORIES IN WARSAW Hi! Does anybody know about private dormitories in Warsaw? (close to politechnika or centrum...

Study     alldayweedAyalax1 - 15:04
Nazi gold train 'found in Poland'   2
39 - Paweł Rodziewicz, the chairman of the Lower Silesia Historical Society says he is sceptical about a gold train allegedly located...

News     jon357Ziemowit - 14:56
Easiest way for native English speaker to get a job in Poland?   2
32 - thanks for that...! will be in contact. typically I would use or dave's esl cafe.

Work     lbrightrozumiemnic - 14:47
Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees   2   3   4   ...   15   16
466 - Ah, I misunderstood. I thought you were referring to the powers that be. Most Daily Mail readers seem incapable of independent...

News     LeviRoger5 - 14:32
Castles and Palaces in Poland (with pictures)   2   3   4
106 - Given history, it's understandable why, but a bit of a shame when history is erased in that way. They even renamed...

Travel     pawianjon357 - 13:38
Five-year-old snatched by ex-wife and taken to Poland!
17 - Hi ,, no im not a muslim lol ,, cyprus isnt a muslim country ,, you may see...

News     rozumiemniccraigmichael - 13:25
Is 6500PLN/month enough for 2 people from India to live on in Wroclaw?   2
37 - Thank you DominicB for your detailed reply. I really appreciate it.

Work     SHinJames_Blakeman - 12:49
Referendum to cost Polish taxpayers nearly 130 mln zl amid uncertain turnout
NEW - The 6th September referendum concocted by ex-president Komorowski the Platformer-controlled senate will cost Polish taxpayers some 130 million złotys. The exercise...

News     Polonius3 -
Poland Special Services monitoring 200 suspects of terrorism.
7 - Not him. The Polish guy is rather famous. While approaching his intended target he drove over a landline which exploded...

News     EyalOlmertPolsyr - 09:52
Degenerate "rainbow" eyesore to disappear from Saviour Square (Plac Zbawiciela) in Warsaw at end of August   2   3   4   ...   7   8
216 - And if you speak Swedish...

News     Polonius3Polsyr - 09:44
Boycotts of Solidarity's anniversary celebrations. Poland's Solidarity - Now and Then?
16 - strange? Duirng the 1980 Lenin shipyard strike and signing of the labour accords, visitng foreign journalists and politicians were amazed...

History     Polonius3Polonius3 - 09:31
Student from Nepal travelling to Poland with dependent for further studies. Any job?   2
55 - Merged: any one help me ?? I'm coming poland nowy sacz for my study so I need any kind of...

Study     asheem_joshiashok bartaula - 09:28
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   125   126
3,778 - Yes, the Kieżgajło version is the most abundant historically. But as far as I could find, no-one uses it nor...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 09:18
Poland's PiS = suspicion & fear?   2
52 - Simplifying the tax system is trivia compared to the false promises made by Jaro's clowns - masive spending that they would...

News     poloniusjon357 - 07:55
Simon Mol - would he have been so "successful" in other countries than Poland?   2   3   4
119 - No, only in Poland it could happen. We now know that simon mol was travelling a lot (london,amsterdam,germany, possibly other places)...

Love     Midasjoshua lazy - 07:36
British schoolboys very sensibly dealt with by the Poland's authorities after theft in Auschwitz
15 - It isn't lost, however people do not visit that site because they want to learn about something else. A bit...

News     Dougpol1jon357 - 07:11
Uncultured "President" Duda refuses to shake hand of Poland's Prime Minister Kopacz
3 - Agreed. Tasteless and says so much more about him.

News     delphiandominejon357 - 07:10
Poland's PiS party members and crime   2   3   4   5
121 - You really have a low opinion of Poles, don't you? It is funny, that for a party called "Law and...

News     delphiandominedelphiandomine - Yesterday
The memory about the Invasion of Poland 1939 - today's events
5 - Unfortunately, the choice of location for the ceremony was rather poor - it should have been held in Wieluń. This would...

History     polishgreatnessJardinero - Yesterday
From UK to Poland - studying for a Masters Degree in Warsaw
14 - Germany may be something that I look into, but maybe in the future. The plan was for me to look...

Study     MrTinlinMrTinlin - Yesterday
F-22 Raptor fighter-bombers in Poland thumb nose at Tsar Vlad
6 - That is correct. But still not a match for NATO or even the US alone for that matter. Remember, the...

News     Polonius3Polsyr - Yesterday
Irish Family photo used to by Tusk in at a Polish Family press event
12 - Merged: Intriguing photo of European Council President- Polish Tusk and Serbian PM Vucic Tusk and Vucic are seen...

News     irishguy11Crow - Yesterday
The best Psychiatric Hospital in Poland?
7 - You should bring a letter from your doctor. Since you'll be working in Poland, you'll be paying into their version of...

Life     Roslindajon357 - Yesterday
Ambulans displacing karetka - similar meaning of different Polish words?
15 - I think it's rather for the foreigners. Ambulans is a word which is similar to its equivalents in many...

Language     Polonius3kpc21 - Yesterday
Dacians in Poland
18 - Vlachs themselves are sub-group of Slavs that was exposed to foreign influence (to level of the Hellenic cultural influence)....

History     User666Crow - Yesterday
Cost of living in Lodz, is salary enough?
9 - Not really. Here's a price list and remember, there's petrol on top:

Work     stefanotirjon357 - Yesterday
Ryanair flying domestic in Poland?   2
46 - That's JetBlue.

Travel     sobieskiTheOther - Yesterday
Poland student visa interview
10 - Hey.,. Try Schengen Visa, there are appointments available in New Delhi embassy.. Regards.

Work     cherishyasirmemon - Yesterday
Moving from India to Warsaw to study. Need information about Warsaw city, jobs etc.
19 - Also, I think if you have proper skills, you can find online freelancing jobs like aka And as...

Work     nilesh0408Paritosh - Yesterday

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