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Where in Warsaw can I watch Superbowl tonight?
18 - Thanks again JollyRomk!

Sports     Papa Mamajustgothere - 07:27pm
Handball World Cup in Qatar - Does Poland stand a chance?
13 - I don't really know the rules, but it seems the referees didn't do a good match. You could even see Polish...

Sports     JollyRomekPolson - 07:01pm
Importance of awareness of Poland's heritage and culture among Polish children abroad
13 - This is one very interesting and important thread. Children are future of every people. You would note that i said...

Culture     peterlik543Crow - 06:36pm
Salary Expectation for HCL Senior JAVA Developer with 4 years experience in Krakow
9 - Thanks Dominic and Monitor!!!

Work     patsuyashPolandPusuit - 06:10pm
Filipino guy with a Polish girl..   2
53 - go tell it to her father

Love     I like Pierogi!!Crow - 03:56pm
How have Albanians wronged Poles in the past?
19 - well, people who distribute narcotics among young Europeans and Slavs aren`t popular in Poland. Albanian PM was forced to admit...

History     albania22Crow - 03:18pm
Good place (a bar or a pub) in North London to meet Polish people?
2 - Thanks for the reply - what I didn't communicate properly maybe was that we've already lived in London for years (more...

UK, Ireland     PapaDragonPapaDragon - 10:09am
Can somebody explain ZUS to me?   2
32 - ZUS is payable by all employees on long-term contracts. It does not matter that you have private health care. If you...

Life     newhereterri - 09:45am
Advice on Moving to Zakopane
20 - Hi I moved to Zakopane nearly a year and a half ago after living in London for 10 years....

Life     jwmanchesterRethajacobs - 09:44am
Polish women are angel   2
30 - I'd say Good luck.The one's I knew never wanted to marry outside their ethnicity. They can be rude and cold too,there...

Love     anikunclejoe - 09:26am
The sketch of scenes in Poland in 1970
4 - why would you think such a story is specific to Sixties/Seventies Poland? if anything, it would be much more believable...

Culture     EthanielMagdalena - 09:18am
I want to find an accredited Polish qualification in England.
1 - Most accredited international courses are taken in Universities across the UK. Part Time study is available! Most GENUINE university studied courses...

UK, Ireland     eyenonathinPolishgurl - 01:59am
Being Transgender and visiting Wroclaw
9 - Hi, you wont have any problems visiting Poland and being transgender, the cities are pretty safe. I am originally from Wroclaw...

Travel     UKPapzPolishgurl - 01:51am
Free Poland Health Care - Paying minimal to no Zus   2   3
83 - You will pay ZUS whether or not you get private healthcare. If you feel you're likely to fall ill, then yes,...

Life     BritboyBydjon357 - 12:34am
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   140   141
4,202 - Kunkel is either a misspelt or Germanised form of the Polish surname K±kol (meaning corncockle). The name is especially widespread in...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 12:08am
Planning to relocate to Wroclaw, Poland
11 - Thanks! Yes, from what I've read on the web getting a work permit and finding a decent job can be daunting...

Life     genx09Magician4 - Yesterday
First post, not sure how to translate "to" in a sentence, or which case to use following it.
11 - I have nothing but admiration for folks who take on learning polish. Until now, I never realised how difficult my native...

Language     MeganKPapaDragon - Yesterday
Anyone used FHC dentist in Dublin?
1 - You was talking about this Family Health Centre? fhc.ie/en/specialists_main.html All of the specialists from there comes from Poland. I also...

UK, Ireland     irishguy11Looker - Yesterday
Do Poland's taxes apply to foreign pensions?
5 - The OP is from states as he states that.

Law     Magician4pigsy - Yesterday
"Do you drink vodka?" (generally, not NOW) equals "pijesz wódke?" in Polish?
1 - "pijesz wódkę?"- both versions . that's why they would ask (generally or now) but you can also ask " pijasz wódkę?"...

Language     bondlilala - Yesterday
Do workers in Poland have to pay ZUS, social security and other salary deductions? Brutto Netto exceptions
3 - Why would you assume that?

Work     Rohan12JollyRomek - Yesterday
Polish Language Exchange Thread
27 - For all those wanting to learn English, I'm a native English speaker and started a group on Facebook to help people...

Language     Karol Polbond - Yesterday
Biotechnology in Poland. Is it tough to get admission into Polish university?
2 - I guess it's very easy, because there is no jobs for Biotechnology graduates in Poland. You can send inquiry to the...

Study     mambo7Monitor - Yesterday
Useful tips on learning Polish?
22 - jz I am in a similar situation as you are, I take polish lessons twice a week but have no one...

Language     brynnSharondippity - Yesterday
Warsaw - looking for Badminton amateurs - walking groups; also volleyball / squash
6 - Great! Can you PM me? As somehow the forum does not let me send PM.

Sports     Goodmintonmit - Yesterday
Are there any grey markets in Poland where you can convert currency for a better rate?
1 - No - this is not the 1980s. There are hundreds of kantors in central Warsaw so the free market does its...

Life     Ind123cms - Yesterday
Visiting Warsaw and some pointers on clubs, restaurants and decent nightlife for people 25-55 and transfer
6 - Hi, New in Warsaw and keen to explore new happening places around.

Travel     BOTLBER2000 - Yesterday
Where to park a car safely in the Old Town of Warsaw?
1 - Yes - it's not for residents only. It still exist. As I see, it is...

Travel     sobieskiLooker - Yesterday
University of Lodz - transfer study rules in Poland
6 - I got you points. I gotta wait the documents by legaliztion Polish embassy in Indonesia . Thank you. I never give...

Study     weintomeweintome - Yesterday
Heresy of Germanization and/or Anglicanization - The genesis; Polish, Slavic opinion
8 - In the longue durée of economic history, beyond, or beneath, the cycles and structural crises, lie old attitudes of thought...

History     CrowBorek Falecki - Yesterday

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