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Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
202 - Heyyy I have a polish from 1982 for 1000...how much u can give me

Law     gilmazchint102487lobato - 05:26am
Do Polish men date black women??
19 - I don't know, we can only speculate to the reason...

Love     adamski81Wulkan - 04:44am
Import&export! create values for you
NEW - We are good at free collect the goods from difference suppliers, then send out together to save the cost...

Work     SRX Lina -
Football Pitches to rent in Krakow?
4 - I recommend this one: comcomzone.pl/zona/nowa-huta We play there once a week, lots of good quality pitches...

Sports     Ramexpatrafis - 01:45am
Foreigner looking to play football in Krakow
11 - Soccer on artificial grass in Krakow? We play on a regular basis at least twice a week, on Thursdays and...

Sports     bgiprafis - 01:26am
Investing money in Poland - what are the best areas / ways to invest private money?
21 - LOL £220,000 you got bummed! I can get it all back plus interest if you pay me 50,000pln in cash...

Law     Nuvolariigrey squirrel - 01:10am
Where in Poland is the town of Laka?
22 - WOROS; WOROSZ, WOROSZCZ: from dialectal Polish verb woroszyć (to destroy, devastate, upset, disrupt). WROS, WROSZ, WROSZCZ: probably derived from the...

Genealogy     ElliePolonius3 - Yesterday
English courses in London
15 - Hi We are running free English lessons in a community centre in Bethnal Green. We run the...

UK, Ireland     SHIBAayaz - Yesterday
Debt - translation agency seeking to recover a cash advance paid to me, advice needed.
8 - I certainly agree with that.

Law     Anna83InWroclaw - Yesterday
The Poles in Britain - a history by BBC Magazine
16 - Hes not a troll, he actually believes in what hes saying. Waaaay more dangerous.

UK, Ireland     InWroclawWroclaw Boy - Yesterday
Polonica Polish Language Camp in Poland
2 - Really? We thought that it was really reasonable, considering that it was for 2 weeks! We don't have...

Study     TamaraTamara - Yesterday
Polish royal family?
20 - melinda safian waladylaw are my brother an i are next in line as poland royal family my family has been...

History     RileySladymelinda - Yesterday
Polish grammar book   2
55 - Merged: Polish grammar books? I am just starting to learn Polish and I am wondering if there is...

Language     pan_jureklearningpolish - Yesterday
Where can I find a nice area to rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment in or near Katowice?
8 - nobody pays me for that :)

Real Estate     ahmed2014Monitor - Yesterday
Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland
24 - I guess they look if the person was registered in Poland for the whole time and was insured. Perhaps they...

Law     swissiMonitor - Yesterday
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   135   136
4,079 - WOŹNIAK: This nickname-turned-surname originated as a patronymic tag indicating the son of a woźny, in Old Poland a court crier/messenger (official)...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
What to do in Katowice? (short journey)
6 - You missed Katowice's main party street, ul. Mariacka. It has at least 20 pubs and about 10 restaurants all...

Travel     mtthsmurf - Yesterday
Thoughts about the Legia vs Celtic game?   2   3
64 - Which is actually against the rules. Duh!

Sports     Dougpol1smurf - Yesterday
Was Slonina (Lard) originally extracted from Elephant meat?
13 - You never know what future holds :D

Food     sylvioPC_Sceptic - Yesterday
Would you translate this poem by Karol Wojtyła?
3 - Piastowy=Piast= Polish Dynasty. Cannot translate this

Language     WenezuelczykPC_Sceptic - Yesterday
translate 'być może mniej oczywiste...' into English please.
4 - Interesting and I think I get what you mean about the key but I'm afraid it's merely as I said...

Translation     InWroclawInWroclaw - Yesterday
Illegal downloading, copyright infringement in Poland
12 - Nonsense - in the BT client it is eminently possible to choose not to upload. It's called...

Law     JackJohn9Dougpol1 - Yesterday
Warsaw travel - what to carry in my baggage?
4 - Warm jacket its a good idea. Now is like end of summer but its still pretty warm (20 st. C). Very...

Travel     anaBEwaa1 - Sep 1, 2014
Tusk eyes top EU post   2
46 - Tusk would have faces charges of diplomatic treason after the next general election in Poland over Smolensk.

News     Polonius3Ardmore - Sep 1, 2014
Sim Cards for International calls Poland
14 - Hi, I use the Smartgroschen. They have a small top-up starts from 0.89 Euro, so just enough to use from time...

Travel     shamalahBlake - Sep 1, 2014
Catalogue of expenditures not being tax-deductible costs
9 - You can as an individual rent out a part of the house to the company. You need a formal contract and...

Law     Jars777krecik89 - Sep 1, 2014
Do I need proof of name change when registering?
NEW - So I was going to be registering tomorrow and I was looking at the form before filling it in and noticed...

Law     Schmiznurf -
Polish schools and Polish educational system level in your eyes   2
46 - I'm from Poland, currently studying electrical engineering in London, UCL. I've passed polish new matura lat year and comparing to...

Life     zetigrekPrzeszaf - Sep 1, 2014
Is Polish citizenship recognized if I don't have a passport ?
2 - If your mother has a Polish citizenship you can apply for the confirmation of your Polish citizenship. You do not...

Law     wtevfromPoland - Sep 1, 2014
Poland commemorates 75 years since invasion - dawn ceremony
NEW - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

News     InWroclaw -

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