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Komorowski disbands Trilateral Commission
2 - And do you think that is good or bad, and why? I know nothing about this subject.

News     Polonius3Polsyr - 15:01
Long Stay Proof of Income with Application
4 - Absolutely. Consult a local accountant before you end up discovering that you owe tons of taxes in Poland.

Life     grspringPolsyr - 14:45
Single mothers in Poland   2   3   4   5   6
163 - Is that on-topic enough to be replied to?

Life     InPolskaHarry - 14:39
Do Polish men think that Polish girls are materialistic and demanding ?
15 - Oh boy, you've been through the wars, James. Sounds like you were thoroughly used and abused by a selfish cow. I...

Love     MiroslavRoger5 - 14:36
Polish PRL era shops in pictures
8 - In mid-90s Russia there were more goods, at a price, but the shops had changed little. You'd go to a meat...

History     jon357Roger5 - 14:30
English-speaking nanny in Warsaw - how to find one?
4 - Wow, so Poles are low paid slave-workers of foreigners already in their own country. Thank you Balcerowicz for 25 years of...

Life     Ingridz1kokoszyn - 14:05
Panga Fish (available in Polish stores); I'll never eat it again. Alternative?
29 - Business Man don't care how u feel how u think .. only Money . Not Human .only money...

Food     smurfShaqi - 13:44
Bringing car from Poland to UK, advice please - should I pay VAT? Re-registration in UK
6 - No need to splash the cash straight away on headlights etc.I have imported a few vehicles from Germany and reg'd them...

UK, Ireland     Crocodileg60edition - 13:36
Polish Salary and Tax   2
40 - Every Polish or Western company hiring foreigners on high-paid jobs instead of Poles should be burned to the ground. Social frustration...

Work     scolari_irekokoszyn - 13:32
New business startup - opinions please
13 - Thanks cms, I would consider that but I would need to check on what sort of return I will be looking...

Work     Luke84Luke84 - 13:19
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   5
145 - Thanks a lot Polonius. That explains a lot!

Language     Wiktoria17benvs - 13:02
wroclaw Medical University's Online Registration process help me!!!
NEW - Hello Brothers..... Help me to get admission in Wroclaw medical university..... i am conditionally enrolled in Wroclaw, and doing 2nd...

Study     yasirmmn -
Formalities For Studying In Poland - Sponsoring
22 - Jamaica

Study     Howie2014Howie2014 - 12:13
Wojtczak family from Poland - Need translation genealogy docs please
16 - Edward Łomiński - Witness It was in Lublin 24.11.1918 at 5pm. In the presence of adult witnesses: Marjan Konstanty...

Genealogy     HelenaWojtczakLooker - 11:58
Poland's backs Montenegro's NATO aspirations   2
40 - I'm not aware of any such interests nor have I read or heard any English anti-Serbian propaganda. My evaluation of...

News     Polonius3Polonius3 - 11:19
The Warsaw Uprising memory. To remember who you are.
7 - I would too but it's barely noticable to me. I'm about my own "Remembrance Day" and give a @#@# what...

History     NocyMrokNocyMrok - 11:08
Poles - the Nation of Liars?   2   3   4   ...   12   13
379 - What do you mean by westernizing in this context?

Life     Wroclaw BoyWulkan - 07:42
What is Poland's view on obesity? How healthy, fit are Poles?   2   3
63 - @Terry: no, there is not such feeling in Poland. Being fat (or skinny) can also be due to health reasons...

Life     superkillInPolska - 07:33
Seeking Painting/Art events in central Poland, Poznan
NEW - Hello, Does anyone have information about painting events in the Poznan region. I am a planning to visit Poland, Krostkowo,...

Classifieds     Grochowski_M -
NEW - Hi there, I am a student from Auckland University, New Zealand. I'm doing my graduation project about the Polish consumers' coffee...

Food     Anax -
Poland's President-Elect Duda leads in public trust - CBOS poll   2   3
75 - Well there you go, attacking committed public servants for the choices they made when under an unusual regime, all from the...

News     Polonius3jon357 - 00:17
OLD POLISH CHURCHES (Catholic Church in Krostkowo in 1875)
4 - Hello, Can you tell us anything about this church in Krostkowo. Does it still exist? Is it still an active parish?...

Genealogy     carolonparkGrochowski_M - Yesterday
The story about German- Polish reconciliation   2   3   4   ...   6   7
194 - All of that's true as well, Delphi! I nonetheless hold firm to my original opinion. As far as Kohl's competence, I...

History     pawianLyzko - Yesterday
RUSSIA TO MAKE PUBLIC THE KATYN FILES...   2   3   4   ...   7   8
217 - It has been quite some time now that Russia was supposed to declassify their files on the Katyn Forest Massacre. Has...

News     wildrovergjene - Yesterday
Katyn/Starobielsk family survivors in Oz?
12 - to the mod watching this, I was able to find the site again despite the mix up in the previous posting....

Genealogy     Tatianagjene - Yesterday
How official and important are engagements in Poland?
9 - Perhaps the financial commitment in this case is even higher, hence why he's reluctant to officially end it....

Love     moonlight123delphiandomine - Yesterday
Why is the Polish language so difficult?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
260 - @Pol: "są" = "sont": pure coincidence since no explanation. But I would say, yes roughly same sound only in southern...

Language     Rain33InPolska - Yesterday
Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?   2
59 - You might try the Polish and Austrian Red Cross Tracing Service.

History     jpwin26Polonius3 - Yesterday
Where to go for the best steak in Warsaw?   2
54 - What did it set you back?

Food     cmsPolonius3 - Yesterday
Student from Nepal travelling to Poland with dependent for further studies   2
49 - It's hard for Polish people to find jobs in Poland, and many leave the country to find work. So there is...

Study     asheem_joshiDominicB - Yesterday

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