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Was the holocaust by Germans in Poland the worse genocide in history?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
192 - Not sure about the reliability of the source below, but the British might be a contender, too: ...

History     cheesymacTheOther - 02:39
Surnames: Borders & Causin
6 - My great uncle Bruce M. is my grampa Daves half bother. Bernice is my aunt also.

Genealogy     archiwumarchiwum - Yesterday
Krótkie tłumaczenia z polskiego na angielski i z angielskiego na polski
8 - whatever happens a man is always wrong/guilty ;)

Po polsku     Lyzkopeter_olsztyn - Yesterday
My Krakow Trip - Including Blackmarket, 2nd handstores, Drugs?
17 - It's not true. No one is waiting for (you on white horse) with half price. Even if golden ring found...

Travel     LoveTheMaryJanepeter_olsztyn - Yesterday
Moving to Poland with Family - cost of living and salary?
26 - Wow...thanks a lot folks for the details. Special thanks to Polsyr. Main aacha hoon. Aap kasie ho? Much appreciated. Can anyone...

Work     Arunamanivannanamit339 - Yesterday
9 - Yes, he is considered the best looking model in the world by many.

Other     phdthomasWulkan - Yesterday
Polish Post delays restructuring plans
8 - lol,,,, see what you mean

News     Harryrozumiemnic - Yesterday
E36 from Germany to Poland - possibly the worst stretch of tarmac in the World?
6 - Thank for that! So does that mean that before 2007, the lanes leading towards Germany were non-existent? I used that...

Travel     MorriseyJollyRomek - Yesterday
Are Polish men chauvinistic?   2
36 - Mancun, while doing your homework I would like to offer you a BASIC 'pattern' to watch for in a future...

Love     manchunjohnny reb - Yesterday
How to find a person in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   10   11
304 - Hello there, Its Apu from Bangladesh. Last year in September, I was in Tibet on a tour and in my group...

Genealogy     BeataApu_BD - Yesterday
How come Poles like Russians but not Germans?   2   3   4   5
130 - I wouldn't say that I like or dislike neither Russia or Germany, but I definitelly have a different attitude towards each...

History     gluehapfelAnet - Yesterday
Moving to Lublin from the UK
8 - oh not to mention 19% CGT fees and taxes. Once you have property here they will try and lock you...

Work     Hari108tatao - Yesterday
Vintage Photos of Polish ancestors   2   3   4   5
132 - Any help is appreciated. Kurpiewski (Kazimierz, Josef, Frank, Ignatius) from Maly Plock, GenofvaTrembczyk or Trembczyk...

Genealogy     Patrycja19Tcouz4 - Yesterday
Busha and JaJa   2   3   4
94 - Because it sounds like eggs if you spell jaja in Polish

Language     cassandraWulkan - Yesterday
Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash   2   3   4   ...   21   22
644 - Among anyone who can see what an embarrassment certain of the PiSuarzy, such as they are, are making of themselves...

News     pawianjon357 - Apr 18 '15
Do I look Polish? (my picture)   2   3   4   5
128 - Not sure if YOU did, Veles:-)

Genealogy     TheJunglistLyzko - Apr 18 '15
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   120   121
3,629 - CZARNECKI: Root-word czarny (black); of toponymic origin tracing back to numerous localities called Czarna or Czarne. One of many surnames derived...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - Apr 18 '15
Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland   2   3
63 - Ok Harry.Thank you.

Work     atul.noidaadsp1989 - Apr 18 '15
Best place to buy cigarettes in Warsaw?
20 - Some of the kiosks under the central station (the old-fashioned looking ones, NOT the shiny new places) especially in the North...

Life     PLUGjon357 - Apr 18 '15
How to learn the pronunciation of the Polish language?
17 - chaza 'Jak ci minął weekend?' you can ask only after the weekend, when it passed. It means 'How was...

Language     Dutchman89majkel - Apr 18 '15
Warsaw School of Economics vs Kozminski University vs Warsaw University
11 - The OP as a prospective student probably is not yet thinking about a change in citizenship and in any case would...

Study     Guestjon357 - Apr 18 '15
What is the best city in Poland to live in? Relocating to Poznan?   2
40 - Very good - German architechture too :) I was amazed to see that Gdansk was voted Poland's prettiest town....

Life     Alexander_KDougpol1 - Apr 18 '15
In your opinion, what do Polish men think of slightly larger women?
9 - it's about them curves like a hourglass, a man would want spend an eternity with that kind of woman that can...

Love     Redrobin1989Mr. Grunwald - Apr 18 '15
Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?   2
44 - Try looking for veterans, family of the veterans, books memoria that sort of thing. get's you 1 step closer.

History     jpwin26Mr. Grunwald - Apr 18 '15
My reaction to a thread against foreigners marrying Polish girls   2
37 - I'd give other example: "Wow, I've met a foreigner! He is handsome, he is awesome. None of my female friends...

Love     loveinairVeles - Apr 18 '15
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2
49 - Being a perfectionist with an eager to learn a foreign language is the best mixture. :) I understand that Your partner...

Language     Karol PolNocyMrok - Apr 18 '15
Anyone Living in Szczecin? What's the city like?   2
56 - @scotgirl My partner is from Szczecin and I honestly love it there. We travel to Szczecin 2-3 times a year and...

Life     moonlightNorwegia - Apr 17 '15
Like to know More about Work Chances in Poland after finish Study.
3 - Thank you very much for the information.

Study     Dany IndiaDany India - Apr 17 '15
Visa to Poland? Invitation by a Polish student?

Law     abu3issaHOUCINE - Apr 17 '15
Language Teachers - do you feel respected in Poland?   2   3
82 - @Dougpol1 couldn't agree with you more. Confidence, firmness and certainty go a long way in this line of work. Respect is...

Work     BLSKozaJumped - Apr 17 '15

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