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Observations and experiences so far about Polish women   2   3
88 - [Link / Image / Video]

Love     UndecidedTheOther - 05:09am
Which nations do Poles like the most?   2   3   4   5
134 - That's good (well, except of course, the "horrible things that happened"). By the way, don't worry: Hebrew is not...

Culture     General ItaliaNickidewbear - 04:29am
Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland   2
48 - Hi. I am looking for a good dentist/dental office in Krakow for extended dental work: Roth canal treatment, crowns, implants....

Life     Yinglimargo65 - 04:14am
Unmetered landline internet in Poland (bez limitu)
3 - I agree. It's so in Poland exactly from the beginning of 2007. Until 2006 the only landline Internet operator which...

Life     InWroclawkpc21 - 01:29am
What you think about Arabs-Polish relationships ?   2
53 - I don't care about what people think , and what they will think , we all humans and humans are different...

Love     GX200GX200 - 01:03am
Ethnic backround of suffixes of Polish surnames
7 - I have a question I think goes here. I know a woman who is called by a matronymic, not a patronymic...

Language     PaulinaAnderid - Yesterday
Best places to visit in Sopot in December
1 - There is no "action" at this time of year, Be prepared to be bored stiff. I know I am.

Travel     KrakowkhanDougpol1 - Yesterday
How to look for a job in Poland   2   3   4   5   6
178 - Name one then. My friend works ithere and she doesn't complain. She's happy about her responsibilities and the salary....

Work     LukaszJohn12345 - Yesterday
Agricultural subsidy in Poland and European Union (investments in livestock)
8 - what are the the EU subsidies per 1 ha in Poland?

Law     GTOmaya.ganelina - Yesterday
How many Polish girls are married to foreigners? / How many Polish boys to foreign girls?   2   3   4
95 - You are fast for stereotyping and putting down people. There is nothing wrong with villages in eastern Poland or anywhere...

Love     rankaleeL777 - Yesterday
Learning Polish but not focusing on the grammar, good idea?   2
30 - Grammars are mere collections of idiosyncrasies added to the internal language of thought to produce Polish, Engish or any...

Language     learningpolishBorek Falecki - Yesterday
How to find work in Warsaw "if u don't speak Polish" !
18 - There's an offer for Arabic speakers (you need to know html, xml and English as well, but Polish is...

Work     still_wisherJohn12345 - Yesterday
UK to send tanks to Poland.
17 - Born in New York City, Johnson was educated at the European School of Brussels, Ashdown House School, Eton College, ( Wikipedia, 2014)

News     jon357tictactoe - Yesterday
The Kulers of Miechów and Glinica
NEW - Hello there! I have exhausted myself trying to trace my grandfather's family through the usual channels. Even Genetka, which gave...

Genealogy     Anderid -
Tax saving options in Poland
3 - That's important. Paying on what is due. It doesn't rule out claiming allowances to which you are legally entitled. Not...

Work     CurioustoKnowjon357 - Yesterday
Stanislaw Paduch born in Tarnobrzeg around 1890 - search for information on my Grandfather
1 - PADUCH: Old Polish term for bandit, highwayman, brigand or scoundrel. For more information please contact: research60@gmail.com

Genealogy     sba181Polonius3 - Yesterday
Online Polish stores which ships video games over Europe please?
4 - just use amazon, cheaper and faster.

Culture     Vikingo82smurf - Yesterday
Contemplating moving to Poland with the intention of buying a property out-right and living there
24 - Lucky you're here to explain ! :)

Real Estate     MaximilianInWroclaw - Yesterday
The best English newspapers about Poland?
3 - The Lodz Post is relatively new reporting on news from Lodz and Poland in general. They have a sports section to...

News     ryanbJollyRomek - Yesterday
Winnie the Pooh gets bum rap in Polish town
11 - You forget (or perhaps just didn't realise) that the story first appeared in the Polish press. Perhaps you think that...

News     InWroclawjon357 - Yesterday
Am I wasting my time with this Polish guy ?
15 - Thousands before you have said that. And that statement may well be tested the hard way, since the person...

Love     treasurejon357 - Yesterday
How to find a person in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   9   10
294 - Thank you Polonius3. Osicka is her real name. Or was her real Name, maybe she is married now. I wrote with...

Genealogy     BeataIschgl76 - Yesterday
What to get my Polish girlfriend for her birthday / 6 months?
2 - you need to buy the item first and let it to be 'wygrawerowane' - most of jewelers do 'grawerowanie'...

Culture     tstergumishu - Yesterday
Trying to find someone need help
2 - Knowing which country he emigrated too would be a good starting place. There are some very good online resources for tracking...

Genealogy     romanovajon357 - Yesterday
Polish post, are they still stealing stuff?
16 - This works. Unfortunately true, however they're getting better than they used to be.

Life     Wroclaw Boyjon357 - Yesterday
Should I expect racism as a 'black' woman in Poland
7 - I lived in Lodz in the second semester of 2011, i have a latin american look, and i never felt even...

Study     racismLevi_BR - Yesterday
Photos of displaced persons camp (Hildesheim)?
3 - On our home page, click on 'sign up' and just follow the instructions.

Genealogy     erykahVincent - Yesterday
I would like to make a collection of beautiful and/or funny polish quotes   2
30 - Old Polish saying from the. south side of Chicago meaning "Bowled over", Something that meant head over his keister....

Language     krazy krawiecgeorge saunders - Nov 25, 2014
Pytanie dotyczy gwary poznańskiej (słownictwa) - "kaczmarki" / "objechać w pasie"
3 - Dzięki! Szerszy kontekst: ludzie, którzy mówią w powieści, pracują w firmie 'Cegielski'. i większy fragment tekstu:...

Po polsku     pytaniepytanie - Nov 25, 2014
First Remembrance Ceremony at Lidzbark Warminski
19 - If we are talking about the original ANZAC Day.

News     TrevekTheOther - Nov 25, 2014

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