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Are there any jobs for Americans in Poland?
11 - Yeah with English and Spanish as your languages you should have no problem earning 4500+ in Krakow. You can try...

Work     Chicabonita92Jaszek17 - 08:11pm
Fluoride in the water - is there a chart in Poland?
4 - Couldn't find any charts of only Poland. but i found world usage of fluoridated water. Amazing, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Colombia...

Food     InWroclawPC_Sceptic - 07:52pm
best / cheapest payg sim card for data and calls in poland?
17 - thanks!

Life     kj99superuser1999 - 06:45pm
Poland's apartment prices continue to fall   2   3   4   ...   63   64
1,913 - Yeah but they promised to spam me :) They asked what I am looking for and promised to send...

Real Estate     peterwegInWroclaw - 06:16pm
Any Polish people living in Australia
23 - yes there is prejudice watch out for irish they don't like polish

Australia     Aussie Kspookyp - 04:54pm
How many GSM networks really exist in PL? Virgin, Lyca, Play, Era, TMobile, Nju, what else?
6 - fair enuff didn't know that

Life     Paul293smurf - 04:24pm
So I am told Polish men are a chivalrous bunch?
17 - I don't know, it's just the way it happenes You'd be surprised how many

Love     TouristgirlWulkan - 04:23pm
Can someone tell me what the phrase "Oh, helleda' means?
8 - I think you're using curse in the American rather than the English sense. It's actually a euphemism for 'cholera', which...

Translation     one_unique_souljon357 - 03:43pm
Allegedly, Putin say if I wanted he could be in Warsaw within 48 hours   2
42 - Yes, but it still doesn`t mean that Poles and Russians don`t need each others. You need each others. At least...

News     PC_ScepticCrow - 03:16pm
Warsaw airport to Bus Station Wilanowska stand number 14
20 - One problem with that one is that it isn't a very nice website after all. In fact it's worse than...

Travel     Bianjon357 - 02:26pm
Postal service for sending documents to Asia
NEW - Hi, Can you please suggest a good postal service to send documents to Pakistan, reliable and affordable ? Thanks

Life     Luhana -
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   136   137
4,109 - DZIDO: probably from dzida (spear - ancient weapon comprising a pointed blade mountned in a long thin shaft); another possibiltiy is...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 12:08pm
20 years old moving to Poland from Canada, is it hard for me to get a job in Poland?
15 - Currently programmers are in big demand all around the world. In Poland programmers earns a lot when comparing to other professions....

Work     VIXCanadaMonitor - 12:07pm
Boże, chyba się zakocham! - this short text from polish to english?
2 - to me it looks that she is looking for a translation to this "poetic" essay, that's why she posted in the...

Translation     CarolineTAPawel293 - 11:44am
My husband is in Poland - I desperately need help translating a voice recording!
8 - Well, congrats on the good news! Btw they say the birth rate is down in Poland, but everywhere...

Translation     BrittaneylynnInWroclaw - 10:44am
Brazilian moving to Gdansk and need some help with finding a flat to rent and also a good school for daughters   2
30 - Check commuting times with http://trojmiasto.jakdojade.pl/?locale=en and see if you find them satisfactory.

Life     anaprMonitor - 10:13am
Dating a Polish man - Advice? Culture/customs/dating expectations in Poland
4 - First he is jealous. Second insecure, which one goes hand with hand with the other. Not only Poles are like...

Love     LaurenluvsRafPC_Sceptic - 06:55am
30 - The polish settlements in the UK is an excellent source. I found my family on one ships passenger manifest.

Genealogy     caprice49Hguols - 12:28am
London Strip Clubs? What's it like for women working there?   2
31 - How does that make a difference for you?

UK, Ireland     patrycja85jon357 - Yesterday
Some suggestions for Polish soft consonants and difficult word pronunciations
16 - Polish people know some French. There are plenty of Polish immigrants and French citizens with Polish ethnicity and ancestry from the...

Language     ZooeyJoli89 - Yesterday
English-speaking Hospital in Katowice?
NEW - Hi all, I am currently in Katowice and I was wondering if there are any English-speaking hospitals in Katowice. I...

Life     ahmed2014 -
Wholesale beer prices in Poland
20 - Hallo, Can yo u arrange with some Dealer who can supply US tyskie,Lech etc. Beer to france.I'll be waiting for...

Law     deeIrishPar - Yesterday
Getting in Australia? (working /holiday visa)
5 - looks to me that you can apply now, check out the visa application page here; http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/462.aspx

Australia     chappie4MIPK - Yesterday
Archbishop from Poland accused of child abuse   2   3   4
107 - Well, that's certainly one way of looking at it, if a rather unusual one and obviously untrue. Given that...

News     jon357jon357 - Yesterday
Roller Skating Rink in Krakow?
NEW - Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a roller skating rink in Krakow? More specifically one which I could...

Sports     HockeyinKRK -
Can someone with a student visa get evicted/deported for assaulting a Polish citizen?
3 - Yes. No. Not really. I think you mean deportation, which is rare and in any case now follows Schengen...

Law     phil73jon357 - Yesterday
The proper behavior an American should show when visiting Poland   2   3
84 - I'm not so sure a visitor needs to worry, at least not in major cities. They can just simply chill and...

USA, Canada     chattynettieInWroclaw - Yesterday
Is there a family crest for my surname of "Rukat"
11 - No coat of arms for Rukat!

Genealogy     Jerome_buffaloPolonius3 - Yesterday
Polish slang phrases - most popular.   2   3   4   ...   19   20
575 - No, that means to result want

Language     nykaDouble 'Nn" - Yesterday
Galetka, Martin - married to an Elizabeth; I believe Klil - last name not sure of
11 - Funny you should ask. My maternal grandmother was Maria Geletka who married Paul Griglak in Lapse Wyzne, Poland. They were both...

Genealogy     crazyhorseWIUSginjak - Yesterday

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