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Double-decker trains in Poland?
11 - I think I've travelled on them as Virgin use them on some routes through Birmingham. As I remember, the tilting was...

Travel     InWroclawkrecik89 - 04:35pm
POLAŃSKI ARRESTED IN SWITZERLAND   2   3   4   ...   12   13
366 - You really have to wonder though how he keeps dodging extradition.

News     Polonius3smurf - 04:33pm
Gay vs God - Church in Poland "will not turn its back on homosexuals" - Archbishop Kowalczyk   2   3   4   5   6
162 - And all of this focusing on men. No wonder lesbians say they're forgotten.

Culture     delphiandominejon357 - 04:01pm
Questions about Polish names Pola, Gracja, and Grażyna
12 - Yes. I've only come across very elderly people with that name - maybe time for a revival?

Culture     NoaSewjon357 - 03:57pm
Free Polish TV in USA and Canada   2   3   4   5   6
163 - check this page: facebook.com/polishtvcanada or polishtvcanada.blogspot.com You will find a lot of interesting information (in Polish) how to get cheap...

USA, Canada     jayjay11kotlet - 03:21pm
Ethnic, lingual and cultural relations between Poles and Lithuanians before WW1?
2 - Some of the Lithuanian gentry who did not speak Lithuanian decided to learn it later on since they ragarded themselves...

History     ZiemniaczekZiemowit - 02:59pm
Powolny / wolny - Free or slow?
NEW - Good Day, Please can someone help me with the polish word I am trying to learn today - Powolny. Google...

Language     EmmaT2008 -
How foreigner can make friends?
2 - Check meetings organized by Couchsurfing:

Life     ShizukaMonitor - 02:20pm
22 - I can do cheapest Car incurace. I have exp for 3 years. If you interest, you can send me your details...

UK, Ireland     nikkiicebearss - 12:12pm
Is it safe for Indians living here in Poland? Any Temple / Gurudwara in Wroclaw?
8 - Not all Muslims are bad. Just 25% of them - the radicals.

Life     dixitsacMonitor - 11:45am
How the Poland property market became a HUGE bubble   2
37 - The forgot to mention that it's a price for 1 floor.

Real Estate     Wroclaw BoyMonitor - 10:45am
"going to dinner with my sis..." - approaching a Polish girl, help needed
23 - Is this what the world has come to? Yeah, get off of the internet, put on a nice...

Love     OfficemasterSparks11 - 10:30am
Slavs populated Europe from around Vistula, Dnieper or from the Balkan along the Danube?   2   3   4   5
146 - There could be many theories and hypotheses about where Slavs came from. In all cases, Slavs were part of the so-called...

History     CrowNIkolaybg - 09:45am
Looking for missing person (Arkadiusz Sobota / Marzena Helena Sobota)   2   3

Genealogy     sanysealtemporary - 08:29am
Permanent resident in both US and Poland
4 - Justin is right. Unless the benefit is income based (i.e. means tested) there isn't any issue.

Law     Detroit1jon357 - 02:51am
Polish Mineral Water In the UK
4 - So no supermarkets round your way then?

UK, Ireland     Cardno85jon357 - Yesterday
History behind Poland and Turkey's Relationship   2   3   4
91 - crow. please shut up already. dont try to sell slav ******** in this forum anymore please no poles really care about...

History     beyaz turkBlanketsniffer - Yesterday
Return Policies for car or motorbikes purchases in Poland?
1 - It's possible if the vehicle turned out to be contrary with the facts described by the dealer. You need to...

Law     The AdvertiserLooker - Yesterday
Polish idealist form of beauty for males and females?
3 - I dont think an ideal changes much through Europe :) its all down to personal preferences.. ;)

Culture     Barbastellegoofy_the_dog - Yesterday
Is Polish an easy language to learn and is there a way of learning it easily?   2   3   4
96 - French seemed easier because of it's close association with English vocabulary. Not sure I can use the term "favorite" but...

Language     weaverwarrior12grspring - Yesterday
Vacation in Poland: Child care service?
1 - The nearest hotel I've found that corresponds to presented needs would be Hotel Vestina in Wisła. hotel-wisla.pl/dla-dzieci/udogodnienia/ So it seems...

Travel     pesadillaLooker - Yesterday
What happens to my Poland residence status if I get a divorce?
1 - If you have permanent residence permit already, the divorce won't change your status. Permanent residency may be cancelled only for...

Law     thomasbrad128Looker - Yesterday
Polish Language Exchange Thread
9 - Hi everyone! I'm Polish and i live in Gdansk, Poland. I want to improve my English skills (mainly grammar and vocabulary)...

Language     Karol Polkuba85 - Yesterday
Average rent for a 3 bed flat in Italy?
1 - The price depends mostly on the flat location - city, region, neigborhood. Majority of rents are negotiable. Go to the sites...

Other     charlie2483Looker - Yesterday
Tennis courts in Krakow
4 - Merged: Anyone up for Tennis in Krakow ? Hey Guys, I am new to Krakow and...

Sports     Finnlandosuperuser1999 - Yesterday
Czy znasz jakieś fajne piosenki po polsku?
20 - Noc w noc, całymi latami Sen w dzień, gdy ranek za nami Czas w nas stukał, jak zegar Nie...

Po polsku     UczenBorek Falecki - Yesterday
I'm looking for a Polish movie (a young-age girl as the main character)
2 - My wife did the stunts for the classic Polish film Ptaki Ptakom......she was all of the girls who were thrown from...

Culture     LastrigonKamaz - Yesterday
Seeking relatives of Klepadlo family, originally from Brzeniny, Poland
4 - Hi neferterit1, We are probably distant relations. My g.grandfather (Bolesław Bogdanowicz) and his half-brother Frank Supiński came from Nowa...

Genealogy     neferterit1azdahak - Yesterday
Where to buy Jadwiga/Lubelski Polish Poltorak mead in the UK?
3 - I looked on the Internet too and couldn't find anything. Your best bet is to go round the Polish shops in...

UK, Ireland     DG123jon357 - Yesterday
Help Please with a Simple Translation - English to Polish
1 - It may be: "Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji imienin. Dziękuję za Twą przyjaźń." You can check pronunciation on this site (paste...

Translation     tubratLooker - Yesterday

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