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Life in Poland - feeling lonely and don't want to socialize much! (anyone feeling same?)   2
31 - I am a Pole married to a Canadian wife, we are on the more to Poland. My family is great help...

Life     Luke84wojciechm - 05:45
English primary schools for foreigners in Katowice
5 - I have gone to the website Does anyone have their kids enrolled there? I will greatly appreciate your help in...

Study     newinkatowicewojciechm - 05:28
Polish version of my Celtic name?
NEW - My name is Tristyn, and my French friends spell it Tristane or Tristène to indicate that I'm a female, and my...

Genealogy     Tristyn -
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   123   124
3,714 - Duzen??

Genealogy     Polonius3Jagielski24 - 02:04
Unanswered Polish names requests - anyone have information on the following?
19 - Polonius - I've been reading about some guy who claims partial Polish heritage. His name is Wiebe, but do you think...

Genealogy     PolskaDolldelphiandomine - 02:02
Have PO (Platforma) operatives in Poland fallen into a panic?   2   3   4   5   6
157 - I admired Kukiz as a singer in his early stages. But as a politician, he is full of hot air... his...

News     Polonius3Totti - Yesterday
LGBT hate speech to be banned in Poland   2   3
84 - Either works for me, but the current situation of having some groups protected and others not is total nonsense.

News     delphiandominedelphiandomine - Yesterday
How to buy an apartment in Poland - can I pay in full cash?
8 - But of course you can. You need to use a notary (not a lawyer - there's absolutely no reason to...

Real Estate     onelife97delphiandomine - Yesterday
I got accepted into a university in Gliwice, Poland!   2
40 - @Beaware: even if it's true, do not give names! This could be dangerous for you. It cannot be dangerous for...

Study     Nawzatbeaware - Yesterday
Poland residency for an Australian citizen without marriage?
6 - Well, according to Polish rules, it would be very difficult for you to get residency without actually coming to Poland. Before...

Australia     danewoodPol attorney - Yesterday
Jobs in the field of electronics in Poland? I have an engineering degree.
11 - I indeed thought you were older when you mentioned the 8051 and his cousin... Well if you're just 22, then all...

Work     Sunnyday21Niko - Yesterday
How many Poles have Scottish ancestry?
4 - There's a facebook page dedicated to this if you're on facebook,

Genealogy     Guto4gtpsword - Yesterday
Change PLN to USD in Poland
7 - LOL, 4-5k PLN is what $1200?That's not "quite big amount" dude.Every kantor will exchange it for you.

Travel     Ekspattrucker - Yesterday
Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland   2   3
61 - A ridiculous amount of spam here. My advice hasn't changed - is thoroughly recommended for those that want work...

Life     Yinglidelphiandomine - Yesterday
Poland's residence permit lost abroad?
6 - It depends on what you mean by 'lost'. Well, I think the document must have fallen out at some point out...

Law     ElidaElida - Yesterday
If Poland were in the Eurozone...   2
40 - What with the enduring income differentials between, say, Poland on average and Sweden for instance, I'm tempted to paraphrase the late...

News     bullfrogLyzko - Yesterday
I want to sell land in Poland (Bialka) - any advice?   2
38 - Hi: Do you still have the land?

Real Estate     JPFpolish US guy - Yesterday
Best, safe Polish dating sites?   2   3
70 - Try It is the best, safe Polish dating site I know. It has a good number of...

Love     lavandulPrincess505 - Yesterday
Polish Beer Wholesalers In UK?
18 - Hi I need a supplier any beer from polish beer to Belgium and uk beer I can buy full loads get...

UK, Ireland     iqy_86Kakacashandcarr - Yesterday
How much money should I save to move to Poland?
17 - So I got a job teaching English in Katowice and I have saved $3000CAD initially. Is that enough to get a...

Life     Davey000004Princess505 - Yesterday
Studying in University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw (3d animation and visual effects)
5 - No, but Polański and Wajda did.

Study     potatopieRoger5 - Yesterday
Polish word 'musisz' = need in English? What about 'potrzebujesz'?
11 - I will expand the 'car' example from above to show you the difference: "I need a new car" - Potrzebuję nowy...

Language     oldrosieMatts - Yesterday
How to find a person in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   10   11
312 - If such person is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some online dating sites, then you may try the NameTag ( -...

Genealogy     BeataLooker - Yesterday
Polish word closest to the meaning of incredible (fantastic) in English
3 - zajebisty ;)

Language     incredibleNocyMrok - Yesterday
The lost literary languages of Poland   2
54 - Sounds to me like rationalizing, pure and simple! Granted, under the "wonderful" Soviet Model, ALL citizens of the Soviet Union were...

Language     delphiandomineLyzko - Yesterday
Future of Kaliningrad Oblast - is it possible to annex by Poland or will it become an independent country?   2   3
83 - Is it in English language? Then I'll give it a try!

History     Czarnkow1940Funky Samoan - Yesterday
Italian lawyer - what are the possibilities to work in Poland?
14 - "Consultant" means that you have a lot of heavy-duty, serious experience. Even so, you would almost certainly have to speak...

Work     DariolawDominicB - 28 Jul 2015
How to find a job in Geology field? (Poland)
5 - If that is not an engineering degree, go back and finish an engineering degree in petroleum or geological engineering, either...

Work     TejashreeDominicB - 28 Jul 2015
Single mothers in Poland   2   3
84 - Would that be France? I happen to agree with some (even most) of the ideas that you have presented but...

Life     InPolskabullfrog - 28 Jul 2015
Polish Business Immigration and TRP/TRC
6 - No, you need 5 years of temporary residency plus 3 years of permanent residency. It's more or less...

Law     BasPKdelphiandomine - 28 Jul 2015

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