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Chances of working in Poland as an IT System / Server Administrator? ( I have 3 years experience )
1 - I might be wrong, but I don't recall that skill being in that much advertised demand here. However, there's nothing to...

Work     jupiteralappatInWroclaw - Yesterday
How to obtain Polish Nationality, and register residency
1 - 3 months? Not so fast. In order to obtain Permanent Residency card - you need to be in marriage with Polish...

Law     MarkCLooker - Yesterday
Polish card game - goła
9 - Well I'll vouch that the game exists. Played it with my dad and aunt when I was young. I unfortunately have...

Culture     balrog_99dadoo - Yesterday
Where to develop Kodak Tri-X film in Krakow ?
1 - Go to photo studio at Mogilska. I don't know which, there are two such places there - Mogilska 27 and Mogilska...

Travel     MoonlightingLooker - Yesterday
Internet (in excess of 100GB pm) without contract in Gdansk?
2 - Thanks, Looker! Would this be the only one we could consider? I searched on the internet but didn't find any feedback,...

Life     newbiesnewbies - Yesterday
Training for Teaching Assistants in Warsaw
1 - If it is enough practical knowledge, skills included, for example first steps for searching a job in UK, starting new...

Study     NCiPLooker - Yesterday
Stanislaw Lem - which were his very best short stories?
2 - I read everything what Lem had on the cover. Although it was long time ago, and I liked everything what he...

Culture     ra pageLooker - Yesterday
Penalty points on driving licences in Poland
11 - How does one get 24 points here? That really would take some doing. I have 6 points outstanding...

Law     TrevekDougpol1 - Yesterday
Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents   2
39 - I would be able to help you to find your biological parents in Poland. It might take some time, but...

Genealogy     edward22Slawek36 - Yesterday
Stanislaw (Jan) Czternastek & Bronislaw Wydrowski - searching info on Polish War Pilots
24 - ANDRZEJEWSKI: topo nick from Andrzejewo (Andrewsville).

Genealogy     Bernie2Polonius3 - Yesterday
What is the penalty for driving a car without the annual technical inspection?
16 - I very much suspect it is like in other countries and based on the concept of proportionality. If the...

Life     chudclawSnowmuncher - Yesterday
Nursery song starting " Puk puk puk puk panienchka? "
4 - Thank you I can recall some of the lines.. What is it about? I guess my mother remember only part of...

Culture     Lost songLost song - Yesterday
Gay Poles of Chicago   2   3
71 - Assuming of course that the writer of that letter to the Corinthians was right...

USA, Canada     Polishmanlvrjon357 - Yesterday
Fikus (Childrens book) by Wanda Mycielska. do your kids like it?
1 - It got very good opinions as I see. It's a shame though, that most Polish children didn't read it. It has...

Culture     Tim BucknallLooker - Yesterday
Annual wspolnota (owners committee) meeting-prejudicial treatment of foreigners in Poland?
3 - Yes, pretty quick! I can confirm that what Looker says is correct and many administrations and similar treat...

Real Estate     SnowmuncherInWroclaw - Yesterday
Foreign investors in the Poland property market?
1 - I have found some reports, check the Report of the Minister of Internal Affairs on the implementation in 2013 of Act...

Real Estate     NorwegianLooker - Yesterday
Large Bank Deposits - Bank reports it to government due to anti-terrorism laws?
1 - You can make any deposits, as long as you can prove where the money originated from. For example, bank statement, payslips,...

Law     Maluchterri - Yesterday
Looking for missing person (Arkadiusz Sobota / Marzena Helena Sobota)   2   3
79 - Hello everyone !! Is there any news regarding where the Arek " Arkadiusz Sobota" are hiding. I have also...

Genealogy     sanysealHagar - Yesterday
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   137   138
4,115 - POCIAN: Poznań University onomastician Ewa Szczodruch beleives this name was derived from the German name Potz. But in some cases it...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Is there a cinema/theatre named "Ivanovo" in Lodz?
2 - I've quickly checked google and yes, there was a cinema called Iwanowo in Łódź, it doesn't exist anymore. Iwanowo is one...

Culture     johnSamilinmilawi - Yesterday
Please suggest a good garage in Warsaw to fix Toyota Yaris!!!
2 - Thanks Nathans. I made appointment with Toyota Czerniakowska to check the car on Monday. I will post results soon.

Life     fareasttigerfareasttiger - Yesterday
Mietek Szczesniak, Polish superstar is coming to America!
3 - Mietek may be a star singer/performer in Poland, but come on, not a 'super-star' ;)

USA, Canada     yodNathans - Yesterday
PIT (Poland tax) instructions in English
1 - Here is the English version of the national tax office in Poland: http://finanse.mf.gov.pl/en/ (look up the English flag in the top-right...

Law     BLSNathans - Yesterday
UK and Polish university - is it legal to study at both?
1 - It surely is legal. But I suggest not to do it; you'd drop one of them within a couple of semesters...

Study     matt777Nathans - Yesterday
Tomasz Zenon Sliwka, Walbrzych
2 - ŚLIWKA: Polish word for plum; the names of foods, crops, livestock, wildlife, tools and housheold objects often served as nicknames...

Genealogy     Anne-MariePolonius3 - Yesterday
Anybody here share my last name....Wojtaś ?
2 - WOJTAŚ: One of many nicknames-turned-surnames derived from the fitrst name Wojciech, specifically its hypocoristic (pet) form Wojtek.

Genealogy     OnlyWojtasPolonius3 - Yesterday
Polish pet names
21 - no problem....

Language     BMAN2000TOM 5000 - Yesterday
Home economics courses for adults in Kraków and Warsaw?
1 - All of these in just single course? I doubt you can find it in Krakow, Warsaw or any other city...

Study     abu3issaLooker - Oct 24, 2014
1 - It seems this neighborhood is not Polish anymore; there are more Hispanic people living there. A lot of Poles moved...

USA, Canada     elizabethkernNathans - Oct 24, 2014
Please help me with translation " O tym szczesciu pogadamy................"
4 - Thank you looker... Now it makes much more sense... Kleic was the word that was confusing me... Glue did not make...

Translation     TOM 5000TOM 5000 - Oct 24, 2014

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