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Why are Polish so conservative and religious?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
221 - Poland is in the EU to give it the economic and political power to defend itself against you Russians.

Life     MikeUSAweeg - 11:00
Would Polish women mind dating someone from Mexico?
9 - @ Veles You should show real people from the streets, instead of show guys from telenovela (Spanish soap opera)...

Love     Ansmariel_easy - 10:52
Poland's Temporary residence card after marriage; I entered Europe without visa, the officials are stalking me
11 - @Polsyr: I do not believe the woman's health shall be taken into consideration in this matter. The person's file shall...

Law     kashGosc123456 - 10:42
Presidential elections and debates 2015 Poland   2   3   4   ...   12   13
361 - @eh? : same for me, I'm in PO city and nothing has changed, I've seen some of my clients early this...

News     pawianGosc123456 - 10:38
Slavic languages words similarities with Polish   2   3   4
111 - It is a wery well known fact in linguistics. Polish and Czech belong to the same west slavic group of...

Language     Vlad1234RUR - 08:58
Salary expectations in Poland   2   3   4   ...   10   11
316 - Good Morning; I was wondering what is the salary for a technical position, for a recent graduate with no experience....

Work     norgean^.^ - 05:11
Advice on Teaching English in Poland   2   3   4   ...   23   24
694 - I stand by what I said. If you disagree, fine by me.

Work     CzestochowaDominicB - 02:59
Best, safe Polish dating sites?   2   3
69 - Polish dating uk is a con received a number of emails fro women but as soon as i paid so that...

Love     lavandulgymbrown - 02:27
POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country?   2   3   4   ...   32   33
977 - Why? Duda is a conservator?

History     PolsonVlad1234 - 00:40
Polish military uniforms - collar markings
13 - Hello, I have been searching for information on my grandfather's military service in Poland during WWII and have mostly come up...

History     Ozi DanCJH234 - Yesterday
Polish people are the most ignorant people in the world!   2   3   4   ...   7   8
223 - i don`t think that are Poles ignorant. i rather sense deep confusion in Poles.

Life     WizardCrow - Yesterday
Anyone know if any college in Poland offers programs for Liberal Arts in English?
5 - It is good question...But i can't find it in Warsaw University and Jagiellonian University in English...

Study     spatoleburak - Yesterday
Is it possible to work with the same work permit on a different jobs in Poland?
13 - Charles, I will let you know by this week if we require any French speaker.

Law     Charles1local_fela - Yesterday
Foreigners in Poland: migrants, immigrants and expats
14 - Migrants move around and this is transient and limited. They also do not enjoy the same rights to work and...

Life     HarryBieganski - Yesterday
Does democratic Poland guarantee it's LGBT citizens respect for human and civil rights?
14 - who do they provide help to ,harry,homeless? children?poor?? OR themselves

News     ziutagregy741 - Yesterday
What is the typical expat diet while living in Poland?   2
44 - OK straightforward: what I had for breakfast....a big bowl of Nestle Cornflakes, my wife sometimes has a couple of boiled...

Food     Polonius3Kamaz - Yesterday
Searching for Kazimierz Wojcik
NEW - Looking for Kazimierz Wojcik, DOB 27/07/30. He is my Dad's wife's father. Married Mavis Gersbach in Orange in 1951, they...

Genealogy     sarahparish -
Information on teaching English in Poland - Bielsko-Biała, Slaskie region. What are the possibilities here?
6 - @FredMart: As an American, you will require a real full-time work contract to be able to get permission to stay in...

Work     FredMartDominicB - Yesterday
Do Polish men date black women??   2
53 - Yes they do,I'm from African Canadian and I am dating a Polish guy,he went back to Poland,but we still dating,I'm going...

Love     adamski81AfricanCanadian - Yesterday
Good enough for British - Joseph Conrad? Poland-born novelist.
14 - While his written English might well have been indistinguishable from a native Brit, his spoken English was said to have retained...

History     Polonius3Lyzko - Yesterday
Ankieta - wybory prezydenckie w Polsce
19 - Merged: Na kogo (nie) głosować? Wybory Prezydenckie w Polsce 2015. Dzielę się tą garstką argumentów, które nieznana mi...

Po polsku     TorqPolonius3 - 23 May 2015
Royal Family still in Poland?
28 - to jon354 LadyMelinda ,Waladyslaw'Safian was inquiring if there was a royla family name michael or Walter .Waladyslaw'Safian...

History     RileySmelinda - 23 May 2015
GCSE Polish experience.   2
51 - Hey Otomcio, the following textbooks are all recommended learning material from AQA. · Ewa Lipińska, Z polskim na ty, Universitas,...

Language     ChrzaszczSzenk88HTAFC - 23 May 2015
Polish people humiliated in the latest episode of Family Guy   2
46 - Ok I think we've got off topic too far let's go back to the original question in a different way:...

News     polockDWYS - 23 May 2015
Krótkie tłumaczenia z polskiego na angielski i z angielskiego na polski
7 - Merged: Przetłumaczenie krótkiego zdania z angielskiego na polski... "Parents, if the following finding doesn't make you sit up and...

Po polsku     LyzkoCzarek81 - 23 May 2015
Polish-American Polka Music in Poland   2   3
61 - Merged: Typical Polish-American extravaganza Polka music is a broad term which covers not only the polka but also obereks,...

Life     polishmusicfanPolonius3 - 23 May 2015
My Słowianie (music video mocks stereotypes)   2
35 - Though I like the general meaning of the song I have to admit that performance on the scene was a bit...

Life     peterwegVlad1234 - 23 May 2015
Angela Merkel is partially Polish. Her family name could be Kaźmierczak
4 - Well,it's Crow man. Only he understands what is he talking about. German nation doesn't exist, the poles are his brothers...

Genealogy     Vlad1234nope - 23 May 2015
How to carry your groceries if you travel by tram in Poland?
13 - If you do not drive, then you shop more often. I think that is the same in most countries.......

Life     MonaMexicojestesidiotka - 23 May 2015
Got a Job Offer in Poland but a 3 month Visa and Probation Period concerns me
11 - Yes they can and in fact, they should!

Work     BladeJollyRomek - 23 May 2015

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