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THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   137   138
4,120 - CHOWAŃSKI: probably from verb chować (keep, hide, safeguard); ałsp possible topo nick from Russian localities such as Xoвaнь or Xoвaнcкoe...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 09:29am
LOT Polish Airlines - Baggage Change!
2 - From which source did you learn that? Got a link, please?

Travel     HappymealInWroclaw - 07:52am
Please help me with translation " O tym szczesciu pogadamy................"
NEW - o tym szczesciu pogadamy. CZasem popadamy w smutek, przygnebienie z jego braku, a po czasie okazac sie moze ze wychodzimy obronna...

Translation     TOM 5000 -
Students Clubs in Warsaw
1 - 20+ years ago there might have been something called 'student clubs' (ie. suggesting that this is a place for students only...

Study     webcrawlerNathans - 04:44am
Kacu¶ for hangovers?
1 - Anything that contains sauerkraut or dills/ogórki juice is considered good relief for hangover in Poland. Note, however, that Poles don't drink...

Food     poloniusNathans - 04:35am
looking for grandfather and prior: Laskowski, Ostroleka Poland 1850+
3 - Hi, My 2nd great-grandfather was Ksawery (sometimes called Sylvester) Laskowski. He immigrated from Poland to Shenandoah, PA around 1895. He...

Genealogy     ruth.momschowansky - 03:39am
Please suggest a good garage in Warsaw to fix Toyota Yaris!!!
1 - It could be a filter or sparkling plug. The best advice would be to go to the nearest Toyota dealer in...

Life     fareasttigerNathans - 02:11am
'na piersi hodujesz potwora..' - please translate this polish for me ?
3 - The setntence may refer to a child. Maybe You've been nicely growing a monster on your chest would be better.

Translation     viniaLooker - 12:04am
Finding Sielce tobacco factory 1850s (Poland)
3 - I dug deeper and found more detailed story. I won't quote here much more, the article is quite long. Regarding the...

Genealogy     lightalmaLooker - Yesterday
Translation of Polish rap verse- Ziomek - Sokol feat. DonGuralEsko, O.S.T.R
NEW - Hello! Now I'm sure most of you are not interested in rap music, and probably will not like the song, however...

Translation     DerChabo -
Life in Poland for American who likes women, beer, hates Torries and is concerned about the weather
9 - yeah especially cars hehe :) no big deal especially in February. You can't touch the steering...

Life     Movingabroadpeter_olsztyn - Yesterday
Help learning polish language in Wroclaw (any good language school)?
24 - Hi :) When you're in Poland you have polish language all around you, so it's not a big problem to find...

Study     slask new boymagsty - Yesterday
Management or Computer Science Engineering in Poland - your experience and suggestions
1 - I can tell you, there is not much employment prospects after management studies, go for computer science, hands-down choice for me....

Study     pioterLooker - Yesterday
Any Polish people living in Australia
25 - Hello. I am pure Polish mature woman. I am willing to answer all your questions. Contact me via email...

Australia     Aussie Kmilenka123 - Yesterday
A question about divorce - how to get it from my ex who left Poland to Germany?
4 - @label_rouge thank you so much for this detailed information you made it so clear but what if i have a property...

Law     ghostghost - Yesterday
Any Idea where I can get top soil near Gdansk?
1 - Contact the "Gravel" company located in Gdansk gravel.pl/en/kontakt/ They had in their offer the chernozem you needed: gravel.oferteo.pl/czarnoziem-siany/63781...

Life     gdj67Looker - Yesterday
Looking for Maria Kuczera from Poland, also looking for her family.
1 - You meant Polana - a town, or maybe it was a typo and it should be Poland? Anyway, place of...

Genealogy     ibalabanLooker - Yesterday
1 - You should focus on areas I presented below - I attached an example company (website) to each institution. urban laboratories...

Study     becsaatLooker - Yesterday
Anyone know about the larger Polish Flea Markets at all?
1 - Below is a decent list of major flea markets in Poland: Here's another site with Polish biggest Antique Fairs:...

Travel     DebjanesLooker - Yesterday
English primary school education in Gdansk (fees are rather high)
1 - Yes, the private English schools are still very expensive everywhere in Poland. If it isn't a option, you may bring...

Study     gordon bennettLooker - Yesterday
English primary schools for foreigners in Katowice
3 - the address is on the contact page, which is the norm for websites in Poland.

Study     newinkatowicesmurf - Yesterday
English rudeness   2   3
81 - Oh yeah! I have absolutely zero doubds that you would be the first one to pretend that you enjoy...

UK, Ireland     kondziorWulkan - Yesterday
Weed (Cannabis) prices in Zakopane/Krakow. (Difficulty to obtain)
5 - Dear Officer Gollaso, do you really think there is a 'lovely soul' here stupid enough to take your bait ?...

Life     DavidODwyerCheech & Chong - Yesterday
Curious about differences Polish people see with the British?   2   3   4
94 - It's very hard to imagine that happening in a shop in PL - you'd be more likely to hear the...

UK, Ireland     Annna1jon357 - Yesterday
Polish pet names
16 - Well - the very best of everything to you both mate - I really mean that. I hope all goes well...

Language     BMAN2000Dougpol1 - Oct 22, 2014
Artistic video made by medicine graduates from Wrocław.
1 - Great stuff, thanks for posting. Really enjoyed it.

Culture     MonitorInWroclaw - Oct 22, 2014
British/Polish medical team find cure for paralysis
7 - And this is the best bit. An amazing achievement too - it could be the next big breakthrough in medicine....

News     jon357jon357 - Oct 22, 2014
3 - You have right to absolutely nothing Your kid has right to alimony- the amount depends of possibilites of father, needs...

Law     sarah2014label_rouge - Oct 22, 2014
After 7 Weeks, why i loved Poland =)
21 - Merged: My love for Poland, Polish women, culture, food and general way of life Dzien Dobry! I was...

Travel     LeviDarekHasz - Oct 22, 2014
How do Polish universities compare with those of other Central/Eastern European countries?
8 - First of all avoid private Universities and part time studies (zaoczne, wieczorowe)! In Poland departments are pretty independent and...

Study     SirabunESN - Oct 22, 2014

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