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Pepper Spray in Poland?   2
30 - Is that some kind of threat? And your point son?

Life     smurfpigsy - 01:44am
What connects Poland with Vlad Impaler or to say Vlad Tepes or simple Dracula   2
44 - At one Serbian site i founded more informations on Polish (Commonwealth, Baltic) nobility that took part in membership or sponsorship of...

History     CrowCrow - Yesterday
Meeting in Rzeszow
1 - You may ask someone from Polonus Centre in Rzeszow ...

Events     Jane DLooker - Yesterday
Dependent Visa for my wife
1 - According to the site you need a residence permit: ...

Law     bharat_460Looker - Yesterday
NYE in Krakow
1 - Nice event in Market Square in Krakow this year, check this thread ... Regarding the clubs.. Some of them...

Events     kubikLooker - Yesterday
37020 British expats in Poland
21 - Usually they are busy teaching english or lying drunk somewhere or even getting punched by the clubs security personnel:)

Life     InWroclawpigsy - Yesterday
Termination of permament work contract
5 - Yes, I suppose some more details would be helpful. However, it is every employees right to challenge the employer ,...

Law     Anna83JollyRomek - Yesterday
Black girls in Poland - websites, or places where I can find them?
9 - [Link / Image / Video]

Love     Camosobieski - Yesterday
Polish men like Latin girls? What do u find attractive in a girl physically & emotionally?   2
30 - yes, its famous Black Hole Melancia. Its known like that because of her capacities. One is finished when captured in...

Love     BigBrownEyesCrow - Yesterday
Cost of living in Katowice for a couple
26 - Hello to everybody, I'm very grateful for your kind answers guys... now, I have more doubts that I'd like...

Life     poland25fox_265 - Yesterday
Being ashamed of Polish ancestry?   2   3   4   5   6
157 - not funny. It was ugly joke You shouldn`t tell it to the boss. It was mistake. Its well...

Genealogy     slaviaCrow - Yesterday
Non-EU country citizen - could anyone help me with Karta Pobytu?   2   3
60 - Probably I haven't explained it properly. This quote says that a person needs to obtain visa to enter Poland, so...

Law     HjFcMNBCorel - Yesterday
Danish girl moving to Warsaw as an Erasmus-student - where should I live?   2
37 - My friends used this website for accommodation in Warsaw : easyrenting.pl They were satissfied, so If anyone will need it...

Study     natnatnatDonnaOna - Yesterday
Polish conscripts to German army   2   3   4
97 - For the German records you need to get in touch with Deutsche Dienststelle, they have records about persons who served...

History     jochemczykHarry - Yesterday
Are foreigners welcome in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
219 - I was very welcome in Poland. Polish people was one of the most welcoming that i met in all countries...

Life     red_devilLevi_BR - Yesterday
Incorrect data on Polish resident card
11 - I met with their representative and gave them the information. Since , it was three level of information sharing (me, agency,...

Law     ParitoshParitosh - Yesterday
USD shooting up so high for PLN
17 - i would personally change your money today at 3.48, don't think its likely to go much higher and i would be...

Life     pigsyWroclaw Boy - Yesterday
Buying a freehold house in Poland - legal contract? How does the deposit work - to Lawyer 'in trust' or?
3 - Before you hand any money over for a deposit MAKE SURE that this money is refundable. In many situations the money...

Real Estate     Maluchterri - Yesterday
Website Translation
1 - They doesn't seem to refill your cartridges and send them back to you, but rather to buy empty cartridges and then...

Translation     Mintykpc21 - Yesterday
Unable to repay bank loan in Poland. What are the consequences according to the law?
10 - Mie1988 if your employment contract runs out in June 2015, do you have other employment lined up in your home country...

Law     Mie1988gjene - Yesterday
Dorms in Wroclaw
4 - how is the university dorms are they bad or ?

Study     Mactucmactuc - Yesterday
How to find a job in Krakow? Fluent Hungarian, Romanian and English, just after Master degree in HR
5 - Hello Everyone, I am finishing my MBA this January and moving to Krakow. I will look for position as Personal...

Work     sagaxa-lesta - Dec 21, 2014
Mikulski and Makarewicz surnames
2 - Looking for relatives in poland father born in Krakow peter Paul Mikulski brother Frank and Paul contact me at ddaranderson@aol.com please...

Genealogy     mikulsddar - Dec 21, 2014
Help With Translation of possible name and address on Christmas card please.
6 - The name is most probably Ewa.

Translation     Scott1975szpada - Dec 21, 2014
Karta Pobytu - Is the plastic card only given to non-EU people?
7 - go to the urzad wojewodzki and ask for it.

Life     melanie22ivnp71 - Dec 21, 2014
Thread dedicated to Polish and other Slavic children   2
41 - suffering of Slavic children in our time 'The highest price': Over 1.7mn children affected by Ukrainian conflict, UN says...

Culture     CrowCrow - Dec 21, 2014
First hand experiences of the Mafia in Poland
19 - Jawohl.

Life     Jay24Dougpol1 - Dec 21, 2014
In what context should I take being told, "I like you very much"?
5 - Correction: They've openly liked for only an hour. I'd hate to deny you your due credit sir.

Love     Confusedchic93Panipolska187 - Dec 21, 2014
Looking for new friends in Melbourne
13 - Hey, are You still in Australia? Marc

Australia     MKMMarcmarc - Dec 21, 2014
ATM with dollar currency in Poland (limits / fees)
4 - Only way i have withdrawn $ is from american express counter in mariott but that was 12 years back when...

Travel     danzipigsy - Dec 21, 2014

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