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I need to find a person from Poland (Kamila)
1 - I would be interested in the legal implications "private" searches for particular people on the Internet can have in Poland. I...

Genealogy     SalvadoRPG23JollyRomek - 06:25am
Family name Morwitch (Anglicised)
8 - Some details for Sophia LAZARUS who married Henry MORWITCH 1864 in New Zealand : 1841 Household Members: Name Age...

Genealogy     Cpt. MoonlightJocelyn - 06:17am
Polish sayings   2   3   4   ...   11   12
349 - W miĘdzyzeczu Wisly i Dniepru

Language     scouserjudith67 - 05:45am
Difference between że and iż ?
3 - "Iż" actually is being used a lot in modern polish. Since we shouldn't repeat words in one sentence we use both...

Language     XnietzscheNocyMrok - 05:07am
Buying and legally using second hand car in Poland; I'm EU citizen
26 - Doug. I bought a 5-year-old Renault from a dealer for 12k. Three years later I can say I've had no problems....

Law     raymccoyRoger5 - 05:05am
Being Transgender and visiting Wroclaw
1 - So she is going to run around Wroclaw with tits and dyck exposed ?If yes then get ready for some dupa...

Travel     UKPapzskrud - 04:30am
Whats with going to sauna naked in Poland?
21 - pigsy "BTW dont the bare feet lead to spread of disease like fungus and bacteria" Yes possible ,but very unlikely...

Culture     pigsyskrud - 04:04am
I want to learn Polish. Where to start?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
185 - Hi, i can teach you polish. Is anyone ready ? ;) just give me a sign here!

Language     JennyEllen12345helli - 02:32am
Employment contract question - part-time teacher in a language school in Poland
3 - Discrimination? On what grounds?

Law     pudddddinShaman - 02:22am
Repopulating Poland with Ukrainians?   2   3
81 - My son was born when I was 24. All money I could earn that time was not enough for costs of...

News     poloniusRafal - 02:16am
Are Western Ukrainians mixed with Poles?
3 - And Polish are mixed with German, Russians, Ukrainans, Jews etc... Germans are mixed with Polish and French

Genealogy     EnvymeRafal - 01:55am
Stanislaw (Jan) Czternastek & Bronislaw Wydrowski - searching info on Polish War Pilots
27 - Oh wow, that's great :D No, I saw it only after you wrote about it here on PF,...

Genealogy     Bernie2Paulina - 01:46am
Law on 2 consecutive work contracts in Poland
NEW - Please: Which workplace contracts are covered by the law that says an employer must give a permanent contract if it...

Work     Baz1 -
How to look for a job in Poland   2   3   4   ...   6   7
182 - To be a teacher at school you need to know perfect Polish and have necessary teaching courses done. To work as...

Work     LukaszMonitor - 12:09am
Searching for family members of Janek W Nurek 1903-1993
1 - NUREK: diver or grebe (bird speiceis); possible topo nick for an inhabitant of Nur or Nurczyn.

Genealogy     pcs1968Polonius3 - Yesterday
How to say "I'm yours" in Polish?
13 - Hm... Right :)

Translation     helppleasekpc21 - Yesterday
Polish history is 100% glorious   2   3   4   ...   9   10
293 - Merged: Polish History If you're half polish, it's not a reason to be shamed! It's reason to be proud!...

History     HarrypolishAn - Yesterday
Suggestions for companies in Warsaw which carry out interior apartment fittings?
1 - Hola Design in Warsaw should do everything you need. They design, make the project and offer possibility of cooperating with decent...

Real Estate     raul7xLooker - Yesterday
116 - Merged: IBM will lay-off their employees ...

Work     YANNICKchesnakas - Yesterday
Cafes suitable for internet based working in Krakow?
3 - Hard Rock cafe in old town,the high speed internet is free and so are soda refills,I always loved the free soda...

Work     Lermontovpigsy - Yesterday
Poland's apartment prices continue to fall   2   3   4   ...   65   66
1,965 - The prices might start to to move a bit I hope.

Real Estate     peterwegpigsy - Yesterday
Turkiewicz Ancestors from Poland
4 - Merged: turkiewicz We have located family from Grodek-Jagiellonskim, Lviv, Przemysl. We have many but many remain missing and we...

Genealogy     JTessmturk - Yesterday
How to say "It Was Staged" in Polish
9 - and colloquially speaking - to wideo/zdjęcie zostało/jest 'ustawione'

Language     kimerajammilawi - Yesterday
Recommendations for which parts of Project Riese underground complex in Poland are worth seeing?
1 - Without a doubt you must see: Podziemne Miasto Osówka (The Underground Town Osowka) - lying in a mysterious Triangle: Głuszyca,...

Travel     MorriseyLooker - Yesterday
Cost of sending a package in Poland (from Warsaw to Lublin)? How to fill the Post printing?
5 - To Respect I am trying to,Thanks anyway :) Respect ya!

Life     ShizukaShizuka - Yesterday
Lionbridge company in Warsaw, negative reviews?
3 - Thank you very much guys. I've been using a lot of the job sites but now targeting specific companies. I'm an...

Work     Quinn83Quinn83 - Yesterday
Registering residence without renting or owning?
5 - Thank you for your help! Related to the konkubin process, can you tell me exactly where this is processed? Urzad Miasto?...

Law     DFTDFT - Yesterday
Turkish Lady and Polish Guy relationship (He is married ) :( I'm muslim he is christian..   2
31 - To Nyx1986: I read Your comment and I think You have wrong overwiew about My Butterfly. Your first sentence is...

Love     Butterfly BB Boyfriend - Yesterday
HELP! Where in Warsaw can I get a full set of a football team uniform with names and numbers?
1 - google "koszulki piłkarskie z nadrukiem"

Sports     AkimMonitor - Yesterday
Online kantory in Poland
14 - Then use walutomat.pl As long as you believe the company operating it won't go bankrupt, then you cannot loose money while...

Law     berni23Monitor - Yesterday

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