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Are Poles mentally more Eastern European or Western European?   2   3   4
94 - What's the point in using age as an argument in the discussion? Let's, for example, re-phrase this sentence into: Roger,...

Culture     slaviaSwiss guy - 12:40pm
Poland's apartment prices continue to fall   2   3   4   ...   65   66
1,961 - I agree completely. We're renting at the moment and getting good value. In that an interest (i.e. not even repaying...

Real Estate     peterweggosc112 - 11:53am
Cost of sending a package in Poland (from Warsaw to Lublin)? How to fill the Post printing?
4 - Hey Japan's princess, your Polish language is getting better each day 😃. Keep improving! Respect ya!

Life     ShizukaRespect - 11:22am
So I'm an Arab Muslim and freaking out! I'm about to meet my Polish girlfriend's parents
22 - No. It is not. In some point (most probably when you have kids) you will be pressured to convert. Or...

Love     abu3issaLevi_BR - 10:54am
Poland rescues its own from crisis in Ukraine
23 - I spent over 10 years in the USA and there is no such thing as American culture. There are tiny...

News     Bieganskithisis2015 - 10:44am
How to say "I'm yours" in Polish?
11 - Can't a boy say to his girlfriend that "he is her"? :)

Translation     helppleasekpc21 - 10:44am
Buying and legally using second hand car in Poland; I'm EU citizen
21 - Anything at that price is going to be junk. Cars are more expensive here for the reasons stated above. If...

Law     raymccoyRoger5 - 10:39am
Whats with going to sauna naked in Poland?
18 - I never saw that during my time in Turkey. Men kept a towel wrapped around their waist, even when being...

Culture     pigsyRoger5 - 10:25am
HELP! Where in Warsaw can I get a full set of a football team uniform with names and numbers?
1 - google "koszulki piłkarskie z nadrukiem"

Sports     AkimMonitor - 10:08am
Online kantory in Poland
14 - Then use walutomat.pl As long as you believe the company operating it won't go bankrupt, then you cannot loose money while...

Law     berni23Monitor - 10:07am
Brits on benefits in Poland?   2
34 - Quite. Really? Many if not most people do not want to be a 'household name'. Since you suggest Polish...

Life     jon357jon357 - 09:50am
Polish women are angel
29 - Thanks Levi. I was confused because some know both Russian and Polish and the former tend to be rude every time...

Love     anikmathwizard - 06:15am
Sculpture of Top Gear's " The Stig " on its way to Warsaw's Palace of Science and Culture
NEW - To mark the launch of a new global TV channel, BBC Brit, a 30 ft high giant sculpture of The Stig...

News     pam -
Searching for family members of Janek W Nurek 1903-1993
NEW - Janek W Nurek was a sergeant in the Polish army and lived in England from 1939 until his death in 1993...

Genealogy     pcs1968 -
Need English to Polish translation for Polish friend
1 - Byłem dobrym przyjacielem Twojej żony przez kilka lat i szanuję ją za jej życzliwość i ofiarność (what kind of generosity? -...

Translation     bhnotozLooker - Yesterday
Tattoos and Popular culture in Poland   2
44 - Merged: Polish Tattoo artists One of the coolest tattoo artists in the world One is in Wrocław: http://tattrx.com/artists/mariusz-trubisz...

Culture     kjerstif stop - Yesterday
Correct use of Co or Jak when asking a question
8 - Another twist is that sometimes the questions themselves are different in English and Polish. For example, in English, we ask "What...

Language     lubieczytacDominicB - Yesterday
Gifts from Poland (I'm returning to my country after a year in Poland)   2
32 - Old Maluch,or Lada.

Culture     LodzSApigsy - Yesterday
Polish supermodel Anja Rubik and her boyfriend Serbian model Sasha Knezevic in Warsaw   2   3
73 - she looks like a skeleton

Culture     Crowf stop - Yesterday
How to say "It Was Staged" in Polish
3 - wyreżyserowane - directed by

Language     kimerajamMagdalena - Yesterday
How to find work in Warsaw "if u don't speak Polish" !
20 - please let me know I need job very badly ....it really be appreciated.

Work     still_wisherPositive - Yesterday
Stanislaw (Jan) Czternastek & Bronislaw Wydrowski - searching info on Polish War Pilots
26 - CZTERNASTEK: the 14th; probably a nick for the 14th child born to a given family

Genealogy     Bernie2Polonius3 - Yesterday
Handball World Cup in Qatar - Does Poland stand a chance?
8 - Have fun :)

Sports     JollyRomekJollyRomek - Yesterday
Whats a good gift to send to someone in Poland for Christmas   2
31 - Vodka

Culture     Dziedzicmathwizard - Yesterday
About taxes ("Umowa o dzielo") and minimum wage in Poland   2
32 - I think it is more - its 1750 per month - divided by 168 hours that is 10.41. But maybe...

Work     klootcms - Yesterday
Any Polish muslim girls living in Poland?   2   3   4
97 - polish999, You should change your nickname... maybe to ninja999? I think you stop being Polish to the outside world when...

Love     PolishMuslimarandom1 - Yesterday
How much is the average living cost in Poland for foreign student?   2
37 - Is this true??

Work     waniYason - Yesterday
Shipping a car to Poland   2   3
77 - This is correct. In answer to the original question, a good auto shipping company will be able to answer those questions...

Law     fmariYason - Yesterday
A good 1 day trip from Warsaw
5 - Toruń is definitely do-able as a day-trip from Warsaw, but it would a long day. It is not far if...

Travel     Henshinrandom-1 - Jan 24, 2015
Cost of Living in Lodz   2
48 - how much is PLN rate versus EURO? I may want to buy an apartment in Lodz - what is the cost...

Life     NotKarenRobby - Jan 24, 2015

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