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Pictures of Polish Jews holding coins and lemons?
4 - A quick look on the internet says that the "Jew counting money" was traditionally thought to bring good luck and should...

History     Bialystoker555jon357 - 21:32
Germany provoke Poland using Silesian question. Poland's attitude ?   2   3   4   5
122 - Why would you say that? Germans have a close relationship with Silesians. And Poland does allow for that relationship to...

News     CrowJollyRomek - 21:27
Where can I get a good American Haircut in Poznan?
NEW - I'm new to Poznan and haven't had a haircut since I've arrived. It's time for a trim and can't find a...

Life     ongos2001 -
Moving to Cambridge - advice needed on Polish shops, church and community?
4 - In case this thread becomes relevant to anyone else, I just wanted to update it to say that there are plenty...

UK, Ireland     DannyFDannyF - 21:02
What is a good monthly salary for an English teacher in Poland?   2   3
87 - Yes. ALWAYS! And send again during the summer. They'll have your CV on their desk, will remember you when...

Work     dieterhansjon357 - 20:40
Władysław Bartoszewski died
6 - Indeed, though all discussed ad infinitum in his/their lifetime.

News     jon357jon357 - 19:30
Obtaining PESEL, ID Card and Passport in Poland   2
38 - Yes it is possible, and I know this because I went through the procedure for my own child who was...

Law     Max8240Polsyr - 19:22
US slaps Poland in the face (Comey Poland)   2
55 - I agree. Sadly, this still isn't the case. While visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau only a few months ago, a relative of mine who...

News     Polonius3Lyzko - 18:09
Polish nobility - what is the status of princes and aristocrats in modern Poland?
13 - Since 1921 (with a break between 1939 and 1945), yes. None are now szlachta in any sense and most...

History     frankdomjon357 - 17:32
Was the holocaust by Germans in Poland the worse genocide in history?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
225 - Look up/google search Jedwabne and Kielce, buddy! If you know how to read, you'll understand perfectly:-) Once again, you're entitled to...

History     cheesymacLyzko - 15:18
Tour agencies from Poland interested in Serbia
NEW - This is really good news. From time to time Polish touristic agencies organized trips from Poland to Serbia for the Poles...

Travel     Crow -
Where can I find a fax machine for public use in Poznan?
3 - If that's not what you need, try: or or Or Google 'popfax' for something similar in English....

Work     gotfax?jon357 - 12:58
French chopper - a good choice for Poland?
9 - Exactly. As part of at deal on that scale there is support by the supplier provided in situ.

News     Polonius3jon357 - 12:25
Salary for Business Internship Position in Poland?
16 - Hi agent2421, as I am also planning on moving to Poland I am wondering whether you are already there and...

Work     agent2421Poland_mover - 12:20
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2
52 - Hi i'm from Brazil and i really would like to learn polish with a native speaker. I love Poland and the...

Language     Karol Polismaelribeiro - 09:59
Need some help to buy Polish cars(s) Zuk pickup &/or Nysa van
14 - Anybody help I have a 1959 zuk pickup with canvas rear and I can't find the vin or chassis number where...

UK, Ireland     NigelBhusqyman - 09:52
Where to look on the internet for Polish Real Estate   2   3
87 - There is a new forum in Polish language regarding a property overseas. There is a lot of new Poles who...

Real Estate     eleanoroconnerDombezGranic - 07:14
Is the term 'Polak' derogatory??   2   3   4   ...   6   7
198 - Polak shouldn't be a derogatory term! After all it comes from the word Polanin the one who works in the field,...

Language     tornado2007Mr Grunwald - 05:51
Szcziglak - Siglock Help
17 - If you are still looking for more information please let me know. I have some information. My grandfather was George Szcziglak...

Genealogy     fr8rain2James Siglock - 03:24
Story & Puzzle: Can we identify this military leader based on family story about Poland's second partition?
NEW - I have a puzzle wrapped up in a story handed down through the family of my 94 year old friend, Paul....

History     Solostone -
Surname: Krowiorz from Trembatschau (Trebaczow) / Sikora (Schikora?)   2
33 - KROWIORZ: Silesian pronunciation/spelling of krowiarz (cowherd) SIKORA: titmouse (bird species).

Genealogy     mattkrowPolonius3 - Yesterday
Safety to live in Bialystok, Poland?
26 - There is one Nigerian in Białystok. He's been there since January and hasn't had any problems yet. Send me a private...

Life     weintomeRoger5 - Yesterday
Swiss mortgage, bankruptcy, jail, mental health etc
6 - Repossessions are extremely rare fortunately. A difficult one. Maybe the courts will be more sympathetic due to him being...

Law     InForAPennyjon357 - Yesterday
The winners of a Polish Radio essay competition in the 1970s - memories from the trips around the Poland
NEW - In the 1970s I was one of the winners of a Polish Radio essay competition. I joined a group of international...

Travel     frankdom -
Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen   2
42 - No. It's pretty much a lost cause. Scratch Poland off the list of countries you will visit in your lifetime. And...

Travel     evaEJDominicB - Yesterday
Would like to move back to Poland from New York after living in USA for 20 years.   2   3   4   5   6
156 - Thank you for your reply

USA, Canada     NannaAdrianJ3737 - Yesterday
Stronger zloty - potential driver for Poland's property market   2
42 - Technically, the CHF wasn't pegged. It was simply not allowed by the Swiss central bank to strengthen more than 1.20CHF to...

Real Estate     NorwegianDecisive Force - Yesterday
How come Poles like Russians but not Germans?   2   3   4   5   6
164 - We prefer Russians because they drink with Us, and We like the same girls.

History     gluehapfelUncleGoodAdvice - Yesterday
Żenić się czy wychodzić za mąż?
5 - Dzięki. Dobrze wiedzieć. Jak mówią, kto pyta nie błądzi!

Po polsku     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Living in Warsaw costs - will my earnings be enough to live on?
18 - Agree to your point to the core, But one can not get everything just by staying where you presently are....

Life     newguyintownMiramax - Yesterday

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