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Culture and Customs of Poland
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Opinion about West Pomeranian Business School in Szczecin? Is it a good school?
5 - This gives a clue. Szczecin is so far down it isn't in the main list: ... Remember though that rankings...

Study     Joeyjon357 - 14:59
US slaps Poland in the face
13 - Most were deeply demoralized after defeat in 1918, the revolution of 1919 and the years of poverty, hunger and instability...

News     Polonius3jon357 - 14:51
Studying Computer science, Wroclaw University of Technology or Warsaw University of Technology?
2 - As a prospective student, surely, you have the ability to search on the internet for your answers. Why should someone...

Study     Kobayakawaterri - 14:14
Moving to Lublin from the UK
25 - yes or I believe there are some kind of voucher system to use the food banks but I have not...

Work     Hari108rozumiemnic - 13:58
How come Poles like Russians but not Germans?   2   3   4   5   6
152 - No one in my family likes russians thats why we left not because of germans. I have been to germany 14...

History     gluehapfelMarsupial - 13:30
Surname: Krowiorz from Trembatschau (Trebaczow) / Sikora (Schikora?)   2
32 - An interesting historical side note for you may be that many of the villages mentioned in this thread are situated in...

Genealogy     mattkrowZiemowit - 10:33
Where can I find a nice area to rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment in or near Katowice?   2
43 - @msam I will work as workforce analyst, may be in June.

Real Estate     ahmed2014wyousif - 09:27
Advice needed on why my Poland National Visa D has been refused?
18 - Calm down my friend :) Simply you can make appeal within 14 days of your visa refusal date!

Law     HELPMEIMLOST88wyousif - 08:35
Was the holocaust by Germans in Poland the worse genocide in history?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
206 - He did blame the Polish Jews for the Holocaust, thats the insult, he blamed the victims. Apportioning guilt/victimhood based...

History     cheesymacweeg2 - 07:55
Living in Warsaw - is 3400zł NET enough for me?
13 - Life's journey. Not by European standards. And indeed my replies focused on that, plus life in wawa.

Life     newguyintownjon357 - 07:42
My Krakow Trip - Including Blackmarket, 2nd handstores, Drugs?
18 - In nice places in Krakow, perhaps around the Rynek, yes. 23zl for a mojito in my favourite one. A bit...

Travel     LoveTheMaryJanejon357 - 07:40
POLISH RECIPES!   2   3   4   ...   8   9
241 - It's never declined when I'm around. Best served warm with vanilla ice cream and good coffee. We mustn't forget the...

Food     serbandpolishRoger5 - 07:38
Getting records from Poland (are records of Poles moved from churches to the archives)?
21 - Hello, I would like to obtain a certified copy of the original death document of my second-great-grandmother, Thekla...

Genealogy     USAsir_erwin - 07:34
What would be a better city to study in being Muslim Indian - Krakow or Warsaw?
3 - Warsaw is the most cosmopolitan city in Poland and really the only place with a big city feel - there are...

Study     Aceofspades786jon357 - 07:20
Surnames: Borders & Causin
9 - @TheOther: if IN POLAND unlikely there were Hughenots ;). Protestants who fled catholic (at the time) France as they were...

Genealogy     archiwumGosc123456 - 07:12
What is PIT? and how does it affect online donations?
4 - Merged: The free PIT (Personal Income Tax) calculation programs forcing the 1% donation I wondered why these programs were...

Law     GuesstrophicInWroclaw - 02:40
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   120   121
3,630 - @ao88 The surname Bumber is originally Croatian (Sibenik), and there are not many of us left. Now...

Genealogy     Polonius3missb - 00:25
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2
51 - polish for english I have 24 y o and I want to lern english. I live in Lublin....

Language     Karol PolPannaWanna - 00:06
Monuments, statues, memorials of Poland
20 - Merged: Bronze statues all over Poland I am trying to add content to a website of mine showcasing attractions...

Travel     pawianspiritus - Yesterday
Krótkie tłumaczenia z polskiego na angielski i z angielskiego na polski
6 - Dzięki Wam! To musi być stare polskie przysłowia:-)

Po polsku     LyzkoLyzko - Yesterday
Only 1 in 3 firms in Poland pays income taxes
14 - If they cant pay taxes they cant do business or shall we say are out of business they should move on...

News     gumishutatao - Yesterday
E36 from Germany to Poland - possibly the worst stretch of tarmac in the World?
7 - When i first started coming to Poland in 2004 that road in was a normal single lane road, I would say...

Travel     Morriseyinthe128 - Yesterday
Recommendations for places to stay in Zakopane
3 - Hi I run a small a tour and accommodation company in Zakopane. Check out our website Email me from...

Travel     artbasiaKaraZakopane - Yesterday
What is deducted from a salary in Poland apart from Income tax?   2
42 - Well i did not gave to link, excuse me;) Here u r

Work     preetfzrMichalPolska - Yesterday
Moving to Poland with Family - cost of living and salary?
28 - sorry, 4,000 ;)

Work     ArunamanivannanGosc123456 - Yesterday
9 - Yes, he is considered the best looking model in the world by many.

Other     phdthomasWulkan - 19 Apr 2015
Polish Post delays restructuring plans
8 - lol,,,, see what you mean

News     Harryrozumiemnic - 19 Apr 2015
Are Polish men chauvinistic?   2
36 - Mancun, while doing your homework I would like to offer you a BASIC 'pattern' to watch for in a future...

Love     manchunjohnny reb - 19 Apr 2015
How to find a person in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   10   11
304 - Hello there, Its Apu from Bangladesh. Last year in September, I was in Tibet on a tour and in my group...

Genealogy     BeataApu_BD - 19 Apr 2015
Vintage Photos of Polish ancestors   2   3   4   5
132 - Any help is appreciated. Kurpiewski (Kazimierz, Josef, Frank, Ignatius) from Maly Plock, GenofvaTrembczyk or Trembczyk...

Genealogy     Patrycja19Tcouz4 - 19 Apr 2015

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