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Putin's Speech in the UN: The Leopard Cannot Change His Spots
NEW - September 2015. The Russian Federation is going through a systemic crisis caused by the well-known foreign policy course of the Kremlin, which...

Newsmoris21 -
Poland Parliamentary elections 2015   2   3   4   ...   15   16
474 - Seems that you can't count, because... Pretty clear that it isn't 50/50. More to the point, as Polonius...

Newspawiandelphiandomine - 08:54
Speedup the temporary residence card request
NEW - I have been married to polish girl 2 months back in India only. Now, I would like to apply for temporary residence...

LawIndianguy -
Polish people's criticism of European Union   2   3
67 - You mean, the U.S., Canada, Mexico...........all it's close neighbor's. Greed and it was working very well until Merkel's greed...

Newspawianjohnny reb - 08:42
Recruitement Process / Interview with an IT company in Poland
13 - They ask, if course. It does, after all, give them an enormous advantage in negotiations, and I can't blame them for...

WorkDoablDominicB - Yesterday
Trick or treat in Poland
24 - LOL SWEETIES? Its Called Candy!...

LifehythornPolishHater - Yesterday
US air base to be in Poland   2   3   4   5
137 - Nice to know the Russians want Poland to disarm so they can enslave us again. Never going to happen....

NewsPiast Polandpweeg3 - Yesterday
Fell in love with a Polish girl, but find it difficult to approach her   2   3   4   ...   20   21
620 - Indeed. Sorry, Stubbs, but you sound a bit feeble-minded....

LoveKen NoddyDominicB - Yesterday
Pierwsze weto prezydenta Dudy
27 - Popłoch w Prawie i Sprawiedliwości (PiS). Antoni Macierewicz "uwolnił się" ze swojej piwnicy i dotarł aż do Chicago. To co tam naopowiadał...

Po polskuPolonius3Ziemowit - Yesterday
Your favorite Chopin piece / Chopin Competition in Poland
13 - Don't want to sound condescending but coming from a family of musicians I would say that her teacher is the best...

LiferybnikAtch - Yesterday
Help, I need advice about long distance relationship with Polish guy in Poland
6 - Hey MissP, I'm a black man dating a Polish woman. It's long distance aswell and it's working for us, the hasn't been...

LoveMiss PGuęst - Yesterday
Have PO (Platforma) operatives in Poland fallen into a panic?   2   3   4   ...   11   12
331 - It seems to me to be a very clear attempt to try and take the pressure off Duda and nothing more....

NewsPolonius3delphiandomine - Yesterday
We just got married in the UK! (can we change her Polish surname on her Polish passport?)
11 - To maseaudio She's got to get down here, mate. You are less than 3 hours away by plane. Forget the embassy. When...

UK, IrelandmaseaudioBuggsy - Yesterday
Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland   2   3   4
107 - No. There are very, very few jobs for foreign students in Poland. Practically none. If you need to work to...

Workrajesh321DominicB - Yesterday
Mobile internet for tourists in Poland?
30 - Okay, thank you!...

TravelenricMarline - Yesterday
Buying a laptop in Poland - where/whats a good deal?   2
32 - That's true, but still the descriptions on the keys are a problem. Having a laptop with an American vel Polish keyboard,...

LifeWroclaw Boykpc21 - Yesterday
Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen, invitation letter.   2
49 - The person was asking about visa information not about relationship advice....

TravelevaEJbellajam - Yesterday
Pierogi Festivals across the States
17 - Merged: Oct. 7th was National Pierogi Day in America National Pierogi Day was celebrated in the USA on 7th October....

USA, CanadagrzybamiPolonius3 - Yesterday
Is it possible to get an MOT on a RHD car in Poland? If so, where in Wroclaw can you recommend?
24 - I have just got my RHD car registered in Poland. It is a complicated process involving different government offices. You need to...

Lifewetherallc-max owner - Yesterday
Should I expect racism as a 'black' woman in Poland
25 - I'm a Polish/Caribbean Canadian girl This post reeks of racial/class/masculine (not sure which cap you fall under) privilege! If you must know,...

StudyracismSameDAMNConcern - Yesterday
Seeking Business jobs in Poland for a soon to be University Grad!!
6 - ...... if i want to go back to the U.S all i know is i want to go back to Poland. My...

Classifiedsmochadot18mochadot18 - Yesterday
Need the best Poland data sim card provider for use in personal unlocked wifi device (mifi).
16 - I also think it works so - the first month after the end of validity you can receive calls, then it gets...

Lifejackrosenbkpc21 - Yesterday
Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees   2   3   4   ...   77   78
2,329 - Some may benefit from reading personal stories, so "those people" are not just inconvenient numbers:

NewsLevif stop - 7 Oct 2015
Working in Warsaw as a Oracle DBA / IT manager - what's the best salary that I can get?   2
31 - That may be true, and I myself did take a massive cut in savings potential when I lived in Poland for...

Workc2k01DominicB - 7 Oct 2015
What to do in Katowice? (short journey)
9 - Merged: Visit Katowice Hello everyone :) Me and mine friend gonna visit Katowice on 19/10/15 till 23/10/15 Can someone...

TravelmtthDirck - 7 Oct 2015
Indian community in Wroclaw
11 - There's quite a few Indian workers in Nokia and Credit-Suisse. I meet them daily at work and I meet them quite often...

Lifekbjan26temporarylogin - 7 Oct 2015
Apostille stamp in Warsaw
23 - @love_sunil80 you stated: "I went to this office and the lady was really nice, I told her I came from far...

Lawlove_sunil80Katonki - 7 Oct 2015
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   ...   7   8
226 - Thank you Also "If you have seen him, please contact"...

LanguageWiktoria17Pamela F - 7 Oct 2015
Can dependent Visa holders take up employment in Poland?
11 - i just want to know how many days it takes to get a dependent visa for poland...

Lawbinithbsneha - 7 Oct 2015
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2   3
89 - Hello! I have made a Polish language/culture skype group partially based out of Reddit. message me on Skype at Vininn126 if you...

LanguageKarol PolVininn126 - 7 Oct 2015

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