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Possible variants of Polish surname Switzijnck
NEW - I have an acquaintance whose forefather emigrated to Belgium from Gdańsk in 1870. Her family name is as I wrote, and...

Life     sobieski -
Why do Polish men have so much anger towards women and why do they call women ******
4 - No im not talking about the men ive been with. Ive only been with one man. Im talking about what I...

Love     cipkathcheetahcipkathcheetah - 02:50pm
Questions regarding pregnancy laws / maternity and paternity leave in Poland
6 - Hi ! I am a lawyer based in Poland and would be able to help you with your...

Law     Soon-to-be PapaPolish lawyer - 02:49pm
Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents   2
57 - I am a lawyer based in Poland and would be able to help you with all the adoption inquiries and cases,...

Genealogy     edward22Polish lawyer - 02:38pm
How to find work in Warsaw "if u don't speak Polish" !   2
42 - JollyRomek, I somehow doubt that if English were your first language you would've missunderstood my prior post(s):-)

Work     still_wisherLyzko - 01:45pm
applying PESEL for NON EU without resident permit
2 - As far as I know, anyone that stays in Poland longer than a certain number of days (I am not sure...

Law     abhishekjain118Polsyr - 01:09pm
Poland: A Successful case of low criminality in Europe?
15 - it is because they export the crims

News     Levi_BRrozumiemnic - 12:58pm
Terrible past for the Jews in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   15   16
460 - Israel is a very very open and multi-cultural society. You clearly don't know anything about Israel beyond what you read...

History     wolfyehudi - 11:03am
Is it strict condition to get the visa national for work reason or its preferable and do not cause refusal??
2 - i wouldn't mess around if i were you. Make sure you follow the rules, especially for work.

Travel     AwesomeZSHrvatwithapolak - 07:15am
Any ideas what this is? Solidarnosc medal?
3 - whoa thats cool. any interest in selling that? my (soon to be) fiancee's parents are from there and i would love...

History     curioscHrvatwithapolak - 07:12am
Can I stay in Poland without renewing residence card until marriage problems are sorted out?
7 - in the fairy tale world he lives in

Law     mezoWulkan - 04:18am
Hookah (shisha ) equipment and products in Poland
18 - Merged: Bong/shisha/tobacco shops in Warsaw Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a few things - bong, a shisha set,...

Life     dany_moussallizer0_r00t - 03:27am
Poles should emulate Jews?   2   3   4
94 - Makes sense in a way, but we shouldn't forget that the 41% are on top of the millions that left...

History     Polonius3TheOther - 12:41am
Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash   2   3   4   ...   19   20
585 - There was only one man guilty of causing that crash. And only Poland would have been so stupid as to bury...

News     pawianDougpol1 - 12:14am
Tragedia jezykowa, czyli "stay on topic" LOL.   2   3
72 - "You look like a misfortune and a half!" Nie słyszałem, by ktoś tak po angielsku powiedział, ale jak na moje najtyw-spikerskie...

Po polsku     BorrkaPolonius3 - Yesterday
Moving to Poland to work installing fire sprinkler systems
8 - There are unions, but not specific to this trade as far as I know. If you are looking to be...

Work     DankazPolsyr - Yesterday
Help finding a family in Warsaw.
NEW - Bit of a long shot but........Met a lovely family with two boys (I think) in Gran Canaria at the water park...

Genealogy     JonW -
Polish Migration to the UK - A moderate speaks!   2
33 - Well MR, whatever you do don't have children in this country, if you have children or want them take them back...

UK, Ireland     Idea_logicaltictactoe - Yesterday
Your favourite Polish Patriotic films
17 - My favourite was "Hubal", esp. that I saw it in communist Poland. The scene of Hubal and his freedom-fighters marching up...

History     king_krakPolonius3 - Yesterday
Borysewicz (Borysiewicz?) family in Derewna, Osadnik?
6 - BORYSEWICZ/BORYSIEWICZ: This is a surname of clear-cut patronymic origin which originally meant "Boris' son".

Genealogy     GraziaUSAPolonius3 - Yesterday
Polish & Prussian/German town name cross-reference.
12 - Prussians are German? Not at all. There were many nationalities living in Prussia. Western Prussia areas were inhabited by Slavs. In...

Genealogy     KentYuri Andropov - Yesterday
How to register a new business in Poland   2   3   4   5
128 - my concerns that not every company you do it here it will give u a stay visa for it, so I...

Law     bgulbinowiczMOD - Yesterday
Which is the most trustworthy taxi company in Warsaw?
7 - I (work for the company and pretend to be a real user) and ride in a taxi GROSIK corporations in Warsaw....

Travel     synapticcheapesttaxi - Yesterday
What is the cheapest way to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw?   2   3
87 - If you have any questions about how to operate a taxi in Poland, what are the rules will be happy to...

Travel     jumpycheapesttaxi - Yesterday
Acquiring Polish citizenship by naturalisation   2
43 - Hello Everyone Any new update for from those that made application for Polish citizenship via President?

Law     ryohJoeDa - Yesterday
Male and female gossip in Poland
3 - This is normal when there has been a lot of heavy drinking going on. The next time this happens just punch...

Life     KRA_Limanjohnny reb - Yesterday
Poland to pay very high war compensations to Serbia because of NATO attack in 1999?   2
32 - Greater Albania? What about Greater Serbia? You don't seem to object to the latter. The difference between patriotism and chauvinism is...

News     CrowPolonius3 - Yesterday
I'm retired teacher, age 69 - I want to teach English in Poland voluntarily, in return for Polish language
14 - Eugene, ignore Crow (most people do). He doesn't know anything about Poland except what he gets from his fevered imagination. Good...

Work     Eugene1Roger5 - Yesterday
Dlaczego DZIAŁKA?
7 - Chociaz chlopak (Anglik) raczej powie the garden, ja tam articles nie kapuje i tyle. Natomiast jak jedziemy do brata...

Po polsku     Polonius3wredotka - Yesterday
Motorcycle Culture in Poland.
26 - Morning need some info on Poland and the clubs and maybe some contact numbers, might be moving there for a year...

Life     genecpsFu-Man - Yesterday

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