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Differences in How Polish People Raise a Child and How Americans Raise a Child   2   3   4   5
143 - Its both. Think of it as a multiplier of culture, personality, environment and 10 other things.

USA, Canada     ElmhurstTomMarsupial - 11:02am
Questions on documentation for working in Poland ( Visa/work permit/Insurance )
17 - Please any one can advise in my above questions , your fast response is appreciated.

Law     udarknessmonata - 10:47am
Zorniak, Cymbalko, Wienc, Matejko family history
4 - The downside of this is that no-one in Poland currnetly uses eiher the Stęczyca or Stęczycha surnames. That could mean that...

Genealogy     sblottPolonius3 - 10:38am
Is black tea disappearing from supermarkets in Poland?
16 - The difference if that black tea is essentially a natural product. The synthetically flavoured teas are lab produced by men in...

Food     Polonius3Polonius3 - 10:33am
Poles should emulate Jews?   2   3
81 - There are multiple variables. Luck plays a role as does timing. If something had occurred a year or even a month...

History     Polonius3Polonius3 - 10:19am
Airline website trick to see flights that go from Poland to the UK in the pound, rather than zloty's?
9 - This is not a trick. This is normal, and legal. Also clean the cache of your computer everytime you research...

Travel     WielkiPolakLevi_BR - 10:18am
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   134   135
4,032 - PICH: Several hundred Poles sign themselves Pich. It is traceable to different sources including pichacz, a a local term of contempt...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 10:12am
Poland to pay very high war compensations to Serbia because of NATO attack in 1999?
8 - The main war crimes were committed by Serbia which wished to deny the right of self-determination to other nations comprising the...

News     CrowPolonius3 - 09:57am
Funny Polish surnames   2

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 09:28am
Need help translating letter from Lodz archives.
2 - The key parts of this letter:

Language     SzybkowskiLooker - 09:27am
Dlaczego DZIAŁKA?
4 - Gdy ktoś mówi, że jedzie na działkę, to ma na myśli swój - najczęściej niewielki - teren za miastem wraz z...

Po polsku     Polonius3Ziemowit - 09:19am
Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
237 - I have about 20 different Banknotes from the 1920s,30s and 40s, are these worth anything today?

Law     gilmazchintSzybkowski - 08:13am
Is it safe to travel to Poland?   2   3   4   5   6
179 - Does every Polish wear sun glasses? Wow, I haven't been to Poland for 3 months, I didn't know it's changed...

Travel     AdamWulkan - 05:05am
Being a Jew in modern-day Poland; Israeli Jew who is of Polish descent   2   3   4   5   6
174 - It sounds like he's a ger (gentile convert), though, not a Yehudi yalid (Jew by birth).

Life     KartofelNickidewbear - 03:18am
Asian guy in love with Polish girl (any chance?)   2   3   4
117 - Merged: How an Asian guy can ask a Polish girl if he is sincere in marrying her? Hi,...

Love     osirionjimmyjames - 01:41am
Moving to Poland to work installing fire sprinkler systems
NEW - Hi my name is Daniel I m a dual citizen of Canada and Poland I speak, read and write...

Work     Dankaz -
A man from Poland stole Britain's secret nuclear submarine documents to sell to his government.
13 - 1. you're or you are, not "your" 2. ? and what else could the government do? those documents had nothing...

UK, Ireland     tttRubasznyRumcajs - Yesterday
Polish from UK want to get married in Poland. Can the paperwork be arranged from here? marriage preparation?
25 - You can, but the priest may require a larger than normal donation for non catholic person.

Love     mal1989DailySpam - Yesterday
Working in Poland without speaking Polish   2   3
61 - Yes of course there are lots of places in Poland where they only speak english and have english speaking bosses But...

Work     albyDailySpam - Yesterday
What is your favorite Polish Vodka?   2   3   4   ...   20   21
628 - I'm not much into vodka, but is Belvedere and Chopin really so much nicer than that old standby Wyborowa? Does it...

Food     howardPolonius3 - Yesterday
Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland   2
56 - If you want PLN 5000 saved every month a one-bedroom flat in a part of time where you probably won't...

Work     atul.noidaHarry - Yesterday
Would attending a Cosmetology school in Poland also allow me to work in the US?
9 - Well said as California has more debt then any other State in the Union, has run out of fresh water...

Study     Anna81johnny reb - Yesterday
Borscht - Zurek / Bialy barszcz recipe   2   3   4   5   6
151 - Merged: żurek or biały barzscz? In your family or (if you are non-Polish) amongst your Polish friends is żurek...

Food     JenCooper923Polonius3 - Yesterday
Can the Euro be used as currency in Poland or do they have to be exchanged into PLN?
3 - BTW - Although Poland is theoretically committed to joining the Euro, there is no timescale for this being done. Joining the...

Travel     hoopulinpolandFOARP - Yesterday
My permanent residence card is being cancelled due to divorcing within 2 years of receiving it
7 - Nope, I don't have kids. Yes, I do speak polish quite well. Even if they cancel the permanent card, they can...

Law     SiemaSiema - Yesterday
Profesor dr "rehabilitowany"?
2 - It basically means that this man, being a doctor, received the habilitation qualification. Then he became professor, but the title "dr...

Language     Polonius3Looker - Yesterday
Questions regarding pregnancy laws / maternity and paternity leave in Poland
5 - Could somebody reference me the proper Polish lawcodes concerning this so I can tell them to **** off and leave my...

Law     Soon-to-be Papacms - Yesterday
Physical therapy BA degree in Poland - how schooling here transfers over to the United States?
6 - I speak Polish fluently, but not native, so I could go to a Polish language program. I know, CA is...

Study     Anna81Anna81 - Yesterday
Getting from Krakow to Warsaw   2   3
75 - I have used Uni Bus a few times. Costs 14 zloty from Katowice to Krakow. Travel time around 1 hour...

Travel     BethEJJollyRomek - Yesterday
Looking for any and all information on Dabrowski/Dombrowski from Poland   2   3   4
94 - It's one of the most common names in Poland, used by hundreds of families that aren't at all related to each...

Genealogy     valpomikeDominicB - Yesterday

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