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POLES vs BULGARIANS   2   3   4
103 - After 12 years living in Poland , i now live in Bulgaria . . . In Poland it was impossible...

Culture     rychlikwildrover - Yesterday
Best places to visit in Sopot in December
8 - I live in Gdynia, i'm more or less in your age :P And Sopot is perfect , especial for crazy nights...

Travel     KrakowkhanSnowflake - Yesterday
Hi, I need someone to understand this song if it's Polish and maybe the title
1 - The title of the song is A.B.C by O.S.T.R You can listen to the song here: youtube.com/watch?v=h6A6vlv0mU4 And the...

Culture     polo09iu87noname111 - Yesterday
Internships in Warsaw for non-Polish speakers?
6 - If that's the case, you are off to a rather late start. Best put your holiday plans on hold...

Work     Matthew19DominicB - Yesterday
Racism & Part time jobs in Warsaw ?
29 - Education does not start at third level education. It starts from a very early age when children learn a...

Work     RuffryderJollyRomek - Yesterday
How many Polish girls are married to foreigners? / How many Polish boys to foreign girls?   2   3   4
100 - ... I'll give translated more important things from this site. In 2010 there were 3 732 marriages between Poles...

Love     rankaleeVeles - Yesterday
Surnames Anglicized?   2
39 - Grzych/Grish is my mother's maiden name.

Genealogy     karturnkasia1121 - Yesterday
UK to send tanks to Poland.
23 - would take a small mind to be infected by any of his utter shyatt

News     jon357Wroclaw Boy - Yesterday
New Years in Chicago - College Aged Student (Sylwester w Chicago)
1 - Not much is going on in Chicago, especially for young people. Polonia becomes weak here. Look at this site, it's...

USA, Canada     ChicagoPLLooker - Yesterday
First Remembrance Ceremony at Lidzbark Warminski
20 - When they had the rededication ceremony earlier this year, they managed to find some of the family of one of the...

News     TrevekTrevek - Yesterday
Polish Gypsy Roots & Roma ancestors in their families   2   3   4   5   6
163 - My grandad was a roman gypsy and my grandma was fully polish. I personally don't count myself as a gypsy, even...

Genealogy     GuestAnge_l - Yesterday
I'm interested in Polish books and I'm looking for sale - Black Week instead of Black Friday - where?
1 - Check yet Barnes&Noble special offer: ... 30% Off One Item or Buy 1 get 1 50% Off They also...

USA, Canada     mol_ksiazkowy11Looker - Yesterday
Poland's Work permit questions - visiting European countries; working in the EU / switching job; dependants   2   3
76 - Am I missing something here? Since when do companies issue work permits???? Either someone is seriously taking the **** here or...

Law     manishg_82JollyRomek - Yesterday
Recommendations/Suggestions for Movers in Gdansk
1 - Try DTS Przeprowadzki: gdansk.przeprowadzki.pl Another firms which performs similar services you'll find here: ... good luck

Life     Newbie1Looker - Yesterday
The Kulers of Miechˇw and Glinica
1 - Since you are not registered user, you don't have any possibility to be notified when a reply arrives on your thread....

Genealogy     AnderidLooker - Yesterday
Mechanical Engineering Universities in Poland
19 - The last place you should be looking is in countries like Poland. There is extremely little in the way...

Study     clifborder4fmDominicB - Yesterday
Canadian Moving to Poznan - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child.
17 - Thank you Moniq for your very informative and detailed response!! I appreciate you taking your time. I will definitely be calling...

Life     MelisMelis - Yesterday
Which nations do Poles like the most?   2   3   4   5
135 - I can't believe Spain is so low on the list considering how good considered we are here!

Culture     General Italiacandycandy - Yesterday
Where to buy British mature Cheddar Cheese and salted butter in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   10   11
313 - As does Auchan now, although they didn't a couple of weeks ago. Although some things are cheaper in Tesco...

Food     welshguyinpolaInWroclaw - Yesterday
Journalist in Warsaw - where to find a job related to communication?
1 - Edited.. Please note, the language of this forum is English, thanks. I am spanish too and an erasmus this...

Work     EU journalistcandycandy - Yesterday
My opinion on why Poles & English dislike each other
22 - First of all Slavs invaded and conquer Greece in early middle ages, then Greek people were migrating to Poland through ages....

UK, Ireland     Batesy298Milooo - Yesterday
Unmetered landline internet in Poland (bez limitu)
4 - Maybe somebody will be interested. Currently the cheapest landline on telephone cable for people who don't need telephone landline for making...

Life     InWroclawMonitor - Yesterday
Polish archaeologists unearth 'vampire grave'
18 - An update on the Polish 'vampires': ...

History     jon357jon357 - Yesterday
How to look for a job in Poland   2   3   4   5   6
179 - John12345, perhaps I have to apologize. I only took my own preferences into consideration. Of course, it solely depends...

Work     LukaszJollyRomek - Yesterday
Observations and experiences so far about Polish women   2   3
88 - [Link / Image / Video]

Love     UndecidedTheOther - Yesterday
Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland   2
48 - Hi. I am looking for a good dentist/dental office in Krakow for extended dental work: Roth canal treatment, crowns, implants....

Life     Yinglimargo65 - Yesterday
What you think about Arabs-Polish relationships ?   2
53 - I don't care about what people think , and what they will think , we all humans and humans are different...

Love     GX200GX200 - Yesterday
Ethnic backround of suffixes of Polish surnames
7 - I have a question I think goes here. I know a woman who is called by a matronymic, not a patronymic...

Language     PaulinaAnderid - Nov 26, 2014
Agricultural subsidy in Poland and European Union (investments in livestock)
8 - what are the the EU subsidies per 1 ha in Poland?

Law     GTOmaya.ganelina - Nov 26, 2014
Learning Polish but not focusing on the grammar, good idea?   2
30 - Grammars are mere collections of idiosyncrasies added to the internal language of thought to produce Polish, Engish or any...

Language     learningpolishBorek Falecki - Nov 26, 2014

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