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Should I forgive my cheating Polish girlfriend?   2   3
70 - she found someone better than you. it is normal female behaviour. So try to improve your looks and social status...

Love     SMPs1985 - 09:08
Why English do not like Polish?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
213 - If Brits don't like you, probably you are doing something right. Just look how screwed their country is becoming....

UK, Ireland     mietek emigrantMarkAnthony - 08:59
An international student in Poland wants to stay here permanently and get Polish citizenship
17 - "How many years it will take to get Polish citizenship ? I" You will not have Polish citizenship in 4...

Law     redhatLevi - 08:42
Opening English and Business College in Poland
14 - @Wulkan: 100% agreed. If the guy was serious, he would seek Professional advice and he could start for instance with comercial...

Law     dublinmedia7InPolska - 07:41
Trying to Figure Out a Polish Logo (STO...?)
17 - The white would be above the red if that were the case. It's just some garment with irrelevant writing on.

Language     Ozonerjon357 - 06:21
Looking for a private Dorm in Warsaw!
4 - Mountains, no. But there is a series of hilly parks with good trails from Częstochowa to Kraków, and also the...

Classifieds     alldayweedDominicB - Yesterday
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   5
130 - The meaning of this song is very simple: a girl called here a 'slut' cheated on a guy, who is mad...

Language     Wiktoria17Looker - Yesterday
Does democratic Poland guarantee it's LGBT citizens respect for human and civil rights?   2   3   4   ...   23   24
707 - Yes, and only the framework which means pervs won't be marrying hereabouts anytime soon. And after IV RP is fully...

News     ziutaPolonius3 - Yesterday
Question on verification of documents for a job Interview in Poland
14 - I've also sent my documents to HR for verification last Monday wish me good luck :) Greetings from Egypt

Work     lealnatomanwar - Yesterday
Blue eyes of Gavrilo Princip for the independance of Poland. Was it worth?   2
38 - delphe, listen. Just come to eastern (Serbian) Sarajevo municipality and ask for Gavrilo Princip`s city park. Best is to ask...

History     CrowCrow - Yesterday
Winter in Poland?   2   3   4   5   6
160 - Lately Polish winters have been mild. Global warming I guess.

Life     AnonymousWater Princess - Yesterday
Poland Sports News
3 - Merged: "Magic" speedway champion of Poland 2015!!! Maciej Janowski has won the title of Individual Speedway Champion of Poland...

News     JollyRomekNocyMrok - Yesterday
Just got my permanent resident permit to live in Poland :)
19 - It is not necessary that one prove to have a job,sufficient resources, health insurance and so on under the law.

Law     Moonlightingivnp71 - Yesterday
Polish Nazi's humiliated in London - anti-Jewish demonstration
15 - Breaking news? :-)))

UK, Ireland     weegWulkan - Yesterday
I NEED HELP FOR A TATTOO ( Family based Polish quotes please )
8 - Not to mention say bye bye to corporate world,where tatoos are still a taboo

Language     Czarnecki24Pork Seller - Yesterday
Russian criticism of Poland - Soviet war memorial removal
30 - Oh dear, you seem to have completely overlooked the small but crucial fact that that law was struck down in...

News     Polonius3Harry - Yesterday
Apartment Painting in Poland
4 - Thanks.

Life     grspringgrspring - Yesterday
When will Poland take on the EURO?   2
47 - We all remember how Iraq switched to selling oil in Euro... that's why the bombs drop for the bankers, the other...

News     STProp50%polish - Yesterday
Crest and the meaning of last name Sumski
16 - SUMSKI: probably a surname of toponymic origin from several localities called Sumy (catfish), now in Ukraine and Belarus. No coat of...

Genealogy     tlckrsumPolonius3 - Yesterday
Poland's President-Elect Duda leads in public trust - CBOS poll   2
45 - The EU subsidies are the very thing that is dragging our ecconomy down. It forces us to waste resources on...

News     Polonius3Artem - Yesterday
Driving in Poland, are there any rules at all?   2   3   4   5
134 - Basic rules of driving in the UK: 1. Forget Your car has indicators (when possible unfit those switches),...

Travel     Patrick35NocyMrok - Yesterday
President-Elect Duda rescues Eucharist
23 - @jon357 Old man K is certainly twisted, but not stupid. Although he does look more and more like a boiler going...

News     Polonius3Polsyr - Yesterday
Questions about living in Wroclaw, Poland
7 - Oh a fellow coder. nice. For squash/table tennis/badminton I could definitely recommend hastalavista: Bear in mind it requires...

Life     ewohlkenfrd - Yesterday
Can I rent a studio in Wroclaw in range from 500 to 1000 PLN ?
10 - I would use on of the websites such as ( you can enter the city and then switch to map...

Real Estate     msam88frd - Yesterday
Urgently require Polish beer - a supplier in UK is needed (at a competitive price)
NEW - Hello, if anyone can help me, I would be most grateful. We are in urgent need for a supplier of polish...

Classifieds     monimj -
Are there any Polish people in Florida?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
263 - Am thinking to move from Chicago to Florida for my business and I would like to meet polish people and friends...

USA, Canada     nbzkNikaviki - Yesterday
Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)   2   3   4   ...   8   9
246 - Photos of my father based in Scotland. Sadly no longer with us. Served under Maczek.

Genealogy     PeterSue1926 - Yesterday
My Poland born father served in a foreign army - Polish citizenship questions
11 - My file has been issued for a year and a half now. I know that it's now at the Wojewoda Mazowiecki....

Law     AndydrAndydr - 4 Jul 2015
Polish restaurants in Sydney
9 - There used to be a decent one in Surry Hills on Crown St, Alchemy Cafe. Probably still there.

Australia     newintownNiko - 4 Jul 2015
The Witcher 3 game - Poland's great success
7 - The best rpg there is......

News     gregy741Lolek222 - 4 Jul 2015

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