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Should Chicago (Illinois) become Slavic autonomous province within USA? Polish and general opinion
7 - It already has........been there lately ? Then they better learn how to use a gun because sticks and stones...

News     Crowjohnny reb - 11:22pm
Czas honoru (Time of honoru) TV serial   2
36 - The reason I ask if Czas Honoru [Time of Honor] season eight is in the works is because season six leaves...

Culture     poloniusRadomCat - 10:29pm
Maintenance for child born between irish/polish parents.   2
56 - I am Polish...had child with Irish guy living in UK. My ex walk away when I was pregnant, but I have...

Love     inka622malta - 09:56pm
Questions regarding providing a paper proving place of stay in Poland for work permit process
3 - You need to register your stay in the City Hall. Prepare the following documents: - completed and signed application form...

Law     bug080Looker - 08:04pm
What are possible price ranges for studio and 1 bedroom apartments in Krakow?
5 - Yes, it looks like that. Thank you so much for the comments, especially that article was very useful.

Real Estate     Zlotyistannbullu34 - 08:02pm
Importance of awareness of Poland's heritage and culture among Polish children abroad
24 - If I have to close this thread again due to off topic and abusive posts, then I will be testing out...

Culture     peterlik543pam - 07:20pm
First vacation in Poland
13 - With Ryanair plane - 1:10h + time for transfer between city centre and airport. But the plane is only twice...

Travel     Little Mickkpc21 - 06:43pm
Finding a place to stay in Krakow for a month! Couch surfing.
10 - Book through this portal. Do it at least 1 month in advance and from a person with good comments: ...

Travel     zombiequinnMonitor - 06:26pm
Working in EU countries and in UK with Poland's Residence Card (Karta Pobytu)?   2
31 - Previously you said something else.

Law     jworlledgeMonitor - 06:23pm
Filipino guy with a Polish girl..   2
54 - I know dozens of Filipino Polish couples, but usually is Filipina Girl and Polish guy. (Maybe the more introspective...

Love     I like Pierogi!!Levi_BR - 06:17pm
Handball World Cup in Qatar - Does Poland stand a chance?
16 - It is true. They also offered free tickets for everyone that went to cheer for Qatar.

Sports     JollyRomekLevi_BR - 05:47pm
Brits on benefits in Poland?   2
36 - Are we not going to get those named case studies?

Life     jon357Harry - 05:14pm
Advice on Moving to Zakopane   2
33 - The first problem is that the OP very simply won't get a job in Zakopane without speaking Polish (and whatever jobs...

Life     jwmanchesterHarry - 05:01pm
Polish mathematicians who solved the Enigma machine   2
34 - Probably the best easily available publication describing the history of breaking the Enigma is History of the Cryptanalytic Bombe by...

History     Princeslawekk - 03:39pm
First post, not sure how to translate "to" in a sentence, or which case to use following it.
12 - Thank you! I have loads to learn, but I love the language so I will keep learning! Your English is very...

Language     MeganKMeganK - 01:52pm
Permanent Residence in Polska: procedures, list of documents, etc.   2
44 - Merged: How to get documents after marriage in poland hallo respected peoples.. Last month i was married with...

Law     Buggsykash - 12:34pm
Suggestions for companies in Warsaw which carry out interior apartment fittings?
3 - I'd recommend following the Polish lead here and getting a complete fit out and design package- turn-key package. I'd always try...

Real Estate     raul7xgosc112 - 11:15am
Are Poles mentally more Eastern European or Western European?   2   3   4   5
121 - "Polsko! (...) Pawiem narodów była¶ i papug±" (Poland! (...) You were the peacock and the parrot of nations) *Juliusz...

Culture     slaviaPaulina - 07:51am
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   140   141
4,213 - When an émigré has a Polish surname no longer used in Poland, that suggests that: 1) all its bearers have either...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 07:49am
Looking for a polish love song   2   3
65 - I don't know of such old songs, maybe some folk songs? My mum sang to me "Głęboka studzienka" (deep little...

Love     wfkegelPaulina - 02:46am
Stanislaw (Jan) Czternastek & Bronislaw Wydrowski - searching info on Polish War Pilots   2
45 - Haha, that's a great comment for someone interested in astronomy and astrophysics, like myself :)) And you're welcome :)

Genealogy     Bernie2Paulina - 01:47am
Polish people in Wales - some questions about living in the UK
15 - Yes, I already have possibilities to see pros and cons living in Wales. I said we enjoy more living in Wales...

UK, Ireland     walesboypplpl - 12:24am
St. John Cantius Parish a Polish Parish in Detroit has been closed.
1 - Closing churches is now a serious problem in the US. As the most common reason for such decision are given financial...

USA, Canada     Gtillthen56Looker - Yesterday
Are there any grey markets in Poland where you can convert currency for a better rate?
3 - Basically, no. Those days are long, long gone. Legitimate exchanges operating on the free market insure that rates are as...

Life     Ind123DominicB - Yesterday
Czego, Czemu, Co, Kto, Jak, Dlaczego?   2   3
68 - Thanks Ziutek, I think I may just never understand the difference between kto and kogo and stuff like that, but maybe...

Language     vndunneMeganK - Yesterday
Planning to relocate to Wroclaw, Poland
16 - But you can buy permanent residency of other EU country in order to be able staying in Poland: ... ...

Life     genx09Monitor - Yesterday
Poland Genealogy Resources   2   3   4   5
123 - Merged: Polish births/deaths/marriage records? I'm curious to know when my two aunties died. They probably died in the 1990s....

Genealogy     Patrycja19HelenaWojtczak - Yesterday
Being Transgender and visiting Wroclaw
14 - I'm not sure haven't checked. Have been there only once mid-day for a cup of coffee. The lgbt crowd gathers mostly...

Travel     UKPapzfrd - Yesterday
Polish - Scottish history - which part of Krakow did Scots settle?
3 - It turns out the author of this book works at the university in my city :) - here's his contact...

History     dtaylor5632Paulina - Yesterday
How to find a burial site / records in Poland...   2
31 - Thank you, though I don't think that that's it. I remember that you could search for names, graves in kinds...

Genealogy     JEENickidewbear - Yesterday

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