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Duda invited to march in Poland's Independence Day parade
8 - The public display of any controversial symbol -- a swastika, hammer & sickle, the portrayal of a man beating his dog,...

NewsPolonius3Polonius3 - 09:05
Poland Parliamentary elections 2015   2   3   4   ...   17   18
534 - What do self-proclaimed non-Stalinists like yourself propose to do about corruption, informal hand-washes-hand arrangements (układy), backroom scams and other such issues?...

NewspawianPolonius3 - 08:56
I'm so bored in Poland!
18 - I'm not entirely clear if you are in Poland on vacation or you're living there but nevertheless....... Boredom is a...

Travelcarlyjamspiritus - 08:06
Wizz Air to start new routes between the UK and Poland
7 - Agreed. The headline price may appear attractive but once you start adding luggage and taxes then I nearly always pay around £...

TravelChemikiemspiritus - 08:02
Kruszynski, Krusinski, Krasinski, Etc.: Variants of Surnames, or Differences?
8 - Thank you!...

GenealogyNickidewbearNickidewbear - 03:59
4,008 - Merged: Try Keilis (Kejles) a matronymic family name in Siemiatycze Keilis (Kejles) a matronymic...

GenealogyPolonius3keyn-gudl - 03:17
I woke up in Poland's Hilton of Drunks after the Juvenalia party. Must I pay the 300zl fine?   2
33 - Pweeg is right here. The system of arbitrary drunk tanks to which admission is based on alcohol level rather than actual behaviour...

LifeChrisACDjon357 - 00:08
Supermarket or small corner shop for grocery shopping in Poland?
12 - Polish tesco online site. In English. See what you plan on buying and you'll know:

FoodPolonius3Medwawagrad - Yesterday
What is the best medical school in Poland?
24 - "You seem to have signed up to the 'cult of the profession'..." His interests are law and business. I have a...

StudyswamifezMedwawagrad - Yesterday
Cheap car rental (pick up Poland drop off Belgium)
3 - ...though we only ship clothes. I'm not sure how safe a TV would be......

Travelgreg50Medwawagrad - Yesterday
How to transfer money from a prepaid simcard (PLAY) to another prepaid simcard
8 - Thanks kpc. I once heard about such service in Plus but I thought they abandoned this already. But the amount of...

LifefareasttigerLooker - Yesterday
Where can I buy a bed frame (as in the picture) in Poland?
3 - The shops called Jysk may have something what you want: If you are looking for the most affordable option check...

LifedavidedanteLooker - Yesterday
I'm retired teacher, age 69 - I want to teach English in Poland voluntarily, in return for Polish language
15 - Eugene1 be my teacher. I live in Piaseczno city. I'm looking for a teacher for myself and my husband who is Chinese....

WorkEugene1ewel - Yesterday
Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language   2   3   4
114 - Hello, I was cleaning out my attic yesterday,and I came across my old Grammaticus. (see pic) I used it in school...

LanguagecjjcYantina - Yesterday
Immigrating to Canada as a Polish
2 - It doesn't change anything in terms of applying for immigration, because CIC follows a point based system, and there are no...

USA, CanadaRaniPolsyr - Yesterday
£20 to take part in research about your experiences at work
2 - Merged: £20 for an interview about employment in the UK If you have worked in any of the following jobs...

ClassifiedsKate SpiegKate Spieg - Yesterday
Do I still have to pay ZUS if I am married to a Polish citizen?
3 - If they are hiring you as a salaried employee = they have to pay If hiring you as a contractor = you...

LawAttaPolsyr - Yesterday
Great Grandfather - Leon Kulikowski - was shot by Bolsheviks in 1919
6 - Some questions from PM (no confidential information there so I decided to publish it here - might be useful for others) ...

GenealogyGuestLooker - Yesterday
Study nursing in Poland, move to Uk?
8 - Acqua Dolce could help you! There are some fabulous opportunities available to you but there is also the risk of getting...

StudyvikkiitoriaGraceOB - Yesterday
Portugese erasmus student moving To Poznan. Job, rent, language?
9 - You have no chance of getting a job if you don't have an EU passport or a very specialised skill to...

StudyterereHarry - Yesterday
Is it illegal in Poland / Schengen zone to transport refugees inside?
20 - The OP is Lebanese. Now it all makes sense....

Lawgreg50White Europe - Yesterday
Getting from Wrocław to Lubin
15 - Enter in E-podróżnik: A - Wrocław B - Lubin Date - ignore date (select such an option instead of the time that...

TravelPinkLucykpc21 - Yesterday
Buying a USED CAR in Poland, my personal experiences and TRAPS to avoid !!   2
59 - I bought my diesel renault for 15k 1 year ago and also happy with that. of course I have checked in...

LawSatyanamistannbullu34 - Yesterday
Car Insurance in Poland (A/C)
26 - Thanks looker, correct, for my car it comes from 500 to 1000 pln just for OC and I am surprised to...

Lawsmurfistannbullu34 - Yesterday
Visiting Warsaw and some pointers on clubs, restaurants and decent nightlife for people 25-55 and transfer
12 - Thanks, i will check it ;) I heard about it, that taxi drivers are getting paid sometimes, to take you to the...

TravelBOTLCharles99 - Yesterday
Prices of apartment in central Krakow
2 - Depends on your definition of close - if within 2 minutes from Rynek prices start at 12,000pln and go up to 15,000pln...

Real Estatetrue blueterri - Yesterday
Best Restaurant in Warsaw
21 - Haven't been there yet but I definitely plan to visit. Some time after 25th October....

FoodediwardiPolonius3 - Yesterday
Caught on photo radar on Poland's road - how long for a speeding ticket to arrive? How to pay?
4 - Do you have a proof that you mailed it back to the provided address (ie. a tracking code / proof of delivery)?...

TravelDont gag me yoNathans - Yesterday
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   ...   7   8
233 - Hi, Thanks for the translation. I had thought about that translation but seemed a bit weird on my FB page. That...

LanguageWiktoria17kaz200972 - 11 Oct 2015
Czesc/pa vs. no czesc/no pa
17 - By the way, it's jadę, not jade. Two completely different letters :)...

LanguageBrokenOwldelphiandomine - 11 Oct 2015

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