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PiS to impose blanket retail tax in Poland   2   3   4   ...   9   10
295 - Have PO made a proposal for a blanket retail tax? Or are you simply yet again trying to drive a thread...

NewsdelphiandomineHarry - 21:52
Demonstrations in Poland in defence of democracy.   2   3   4   ...   53   54
1,607 - The creepy people led by head creep Kijowski were out in force today outside the presidential palace today making fools of...

NewsdelphiandominePolonius3 - 21:40
Poles in America: How do you pronounce your Polish surname?   2   3
68 - Right, haha my appologies, my cell phone autocorrected to 'hi'...

USA, CanadaPolonius3WarszawaWilf - 21:40
Valentines Day & Polish men   2   3
71 - Yes, and now commerpop is the opium of the people. Best way to keep them downdumbed into docile consumers. They are...

LovepamPolonius3 - 21:35
If UK votes to leave the EU - what repercussions for British people living in Poland?
10 - Funny how you say Britain wouldn't want to lose low paid workers that quickly, but Spain wouldn't be bothered about solvent...

Lifeukpolska3Tictactoe - 21:17
Business in Poland and Polish reality, How are you doing in Poland?
28 - Crowdfunding at that level is passive investing. I have no control over my investment and I lose a slice of my return...

LawLuke84polishinvestor - 20:39
Tacky commerpop and the slob chic in Poland?
NEW - Other than draining people's pockets and making a fortune for its animators by exploiting gullible wannabees, does today's cheap, tacky, tawdry and...

LifePolonius3 -
WŁODZIMIERZ MĘDRZECKI - academic credentials - Warsaw University
3 - Thank you. I had a problem finding that information. He has done great work writing about Ukraine and the East....

StudyLwow EagleLwow Eagle - 17:50
Products from Poland and other Slavic countries that would you suggest to global market ?
25 - Thats about 80% of Polands GDP at the time. I never heard of the concept of communist countries with successful banks,...

NewsCrowweeg - 17:40
Do Polish People Litter their own country (just like they do in the UK)?   2   3
80 - Huge graffiti too - but yes, people do litter. They don't think about much at all unless it's...

UK, Irelandhotdogjon357 - 17:36
Wierzbicka, Wierzbicki family search in Poland
5 - To Kalafior I know him...

Genealogyagnieszka77tomato - 15:09
What's the best Polish restaurant in London?
26 - Merged: Has anyone suggestions for few nice Polish restaurants in London? Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could...

UK, IrelandJonathan BattyAndreas123 - 14:48
Good place (a bar or a pub) in North London to meet Polish people?
6 - That was fast. Thank you :) I cant edit the post for some reason tho. But at least we have the full...

UK, IrelandPapaDragonAndreas123 - 14:45
Real Estate current condition in Sopot area (checking the market)
11 - Do they? The fish I had up there tasted pretty fresh....

Real EstateGuzman GroupRoger5 - 14:44
Foreigner Driving Polish registered Car in Poland - is it Legal?!
11 - That's too bad, Andreas, but it was worth a try. In the city where I work the Straż Miejska are keen as...

LawAndreas123Roger5 - 14:34
Small Personal Experience in Poland
3 - Comparing to other EU countries Poland has low salaries. But still you can earn lots of money because it depends on you...

Lifeglpswtglpswt - 14:09
What would be a good salary for an MBA graduate in Poland?
26 - Hi KatowiceRelocat, 12K PLN per month is not much, that is around 8.5K PLN per month, as a single person you would...

WorkKatowiceRelocatLuke84 - 13:18
Superstitions in Poland   2
42 - Absolutely, Kaczor! Almost all "superstititons" in Poland can be found almost everywhere in Europe. I have noticed that old sayings...

LifeKamila BInPolska - 11:02
Labor condition in a typical restaurant in Poland
2 - Go in and ask. No one can tell you what a particular restaurant. fast food bar/ eatery may or may not agree....

WorkShizukaterri - 10:30
What do Polish people think of the Asia and Asian?
22 - @ali000 That one sentence you wrote is not about your experience more like a blank accusation, a sure sign of racism...

LifeJeongShortHairThug - 03:42
A Polish Town in Turkey. Who Knew?
9 - it is not an active thread in this forum but for those still interested there is a webpage of Polonezkoy.

Historyjasondmzkmerogluj1 - Yesterday
Want to find a person in Poland   2   3   4   ...   14   15
430 - Hi my name is jozef am looking for marzena she was with me in Amoudara in kreta ,in summer 2004.she teach english...

GenealogyBeatajozef belaribi - Yesterday
Germans: Geh raus of Poland's business!   2   3
63 - I repeat, Crow! If a fellow Yank utters said epithet, no problem. If some snot-nosed Euro-Yuppie follows suit, there's a problem:-) If...

NewsKtosLyzko - Yesterday
LISIA GORA - village in Poland
13 - So you might be also interested in this thread:

Genealogycaprice49Looker - Yesterday
DNA Testing in Poland. Is it popular?   2   3
71 - I am very interested in this subject so I am adding comments to it in order to subscribe to this thread. ...

GenealogyEsotericForestsingingfalls - Yesterday
Jasło and Osiek... Catholic churches
5 - Trying to locate Polish ancestors named Ropczynski/Rapczynski in area of Ropczyce during late 1800's....

GenealogySemsemRapchinski - Yesterday
KUKULA ancestry
16 - Once again indebted to your expertise Polonius3. Thanks....

Genealogyvictorialynnesingingfalls - Yesterday
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   ...   12   13
378 - maybe it was some kind of private joke between them?...

LanguageWiktoria17rozumiemnic - Yesterday
Recommendations for live wedding bands in different cities in Poland.
23 - Nowy Wi¶nicz is near Kraków (Cracow) so you should have no problem finding a wedding band, photographers and especially translators...

Lovetchurtongumishu - Yesterday
4,112 - Thank you Polonius3 for the answer & clearification!...

GenealogyPolonius3imie - Yesterday