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Polish men like Latin girls? What do u find attractive in a girl physically & emotionally?
27 - Not just Mexican. And not just Boys. Most Latin Americans (Boys AND Girls) think on that stupid and...

Love     BigBrownEyesLevi_BR - 07:12am
Black girls in Poland - websites, or places where I can find them?
6 - First time that i agree with pigsy.

Love     CamoLevi_BR - 07:04am
Pepper Spray in Poland?
23 - Most likely you will not have that moment but good luck. Let me know how it works out for you....

Life     smurfjohnny reb - 03:35am
Non-EU country citizen - could anyone help me with Karta Pobytu?   2
52 - Sorry didnt read properly I cant tell you anything as I didnt understand the valid decision letter part.

Law     HjFcMNBpigsy - 03:03am
USD shooting up so high for PLN
16 - I would hate to give you wrong advise. China is showing a very weak performance right now however. I know...

Life     pigsyjohnny reb - 02:56am
Website Translation
1 - They doesn't seem to refill your cartridges and send them back to you, but rather to buy empty cartridges and then...

Translation     Mintykpc21 - 01:07am
Unable to repay bank loan in Poland. What are the consequences according to the law?
10 - Mie1988 if your employment contract runs out in June 2015, do you have other employment lined up in your home country...

Law     Mie1988gjene - 12:44am
Dorms in Wroclaw
4 - how is the university dorms are they bad or ?

Study     Mactucmactuc - 12:09am
NYE in Krakow
NEW - Hello, me and my friends are going to Krakow to celebrate NYE. Can you recommend us some clubs in Krakow where...

Events     kubik -
How to find a job in Krakow? Fluent Hungarian, Romanian and English, just after Master degree in HR
5 - Hello Everyone, I am finishing my MBA this January and moving to Krakow. I will look for position as Personal...

Work     sagaxa-lesta - Yesterday
Mikulski and Makarewicz surnames
2 - Looking for relatives in poland father born in Krakow peter Paul Mikulski brother Frank and Paul contact me at ddaranderson@aol.com please...

Genealogy     mikulsddar - Yesterday
Help With Translation of possible name and address on Christmas card please.
6 - The name is most probably Ewa.

Translation     Scott1975szpada - Yesterday
Polish conscripts to German army   2   3
83 - I have a few vague details of my grandad and am looking to gain more information. He was in a forced...

History     jochemczykHughey - Yesterday
Karta Pobytu - Is the plastic card only given to non-EU people?
7 - go to the urzad wojewodzki and ask for it.

Life     melanie22ivnp71 - Yesterday
Thread dedicated to Polish and other Slavic children   2
41 - suffering of Slavic children in our time 'The highest price': Over 1.7mn children affected by Ukrainian conflict, UN says...

Culture     CrowCrow - Yesterday
First hand experiences of the Mafia in Poland
19 - Jawohl.

Life     Jay24Dougpol1 - Yesterday
In what context should I take being told, "I like you very much"?
5 - Correction: They've openly liked for only an hour. I'd hate to deny you your due credit sir.

Love     Confusedchic93Panipolska187 - Yesterday
Looking for new friends in Melbourne
13 - Hey, are You still in Australia? Marc

Australia     MKMMarcmarc - Yesterday
ATM with dollar currency in Poland (limits / fees)
4 - Only way i have withdrawn $ is from american express counter in mariott but that was 12 years back when...

Travel     danzipigsy - Yesterday
Could Poland become an immigrant country?   2
41 - There are plenty of immigrants I know are doing well in Poland than in western block.they are in business and...

Culture     Vlad1234pigsy - Yesterday
Polish honey liquor called something like "vitatass"?   2
37 - Maybe Sobieski can help my memory out here if anyone. Going back about forty years ago we bought it in a...

Food     edgejohnny reb - Yesterday
History of European and Poland's anti-semitism   2   3   4   5   6
164 - surviving the Holocaust, of course

History     PoznanPaulina - Yesterday
259 - Totally in this case obviously doesn't mean 100% but means like "Extremelly". Of course there are few black woman...

UK, Ireland     ashLevi_BR - Dec 20, 2014
Koch, Kostbar, Kormann surnames from Paproc - Can someone tell me where this is Poprotz, Poland?
14 - There are two neighbouring villages in NE Poland's Podlasie region called Paproć Duża and Paproć Mała.

Genealogy     WinnipegPolonius3 - Dec 20, 2014
My grandmother's last name was Krolik, is this name Jewish?   2   3
64 - I think it is...there are variations..the jewish people adopted this name......even the goldsmith family etc...A good friend of mine has a...

Genealogy     Marina1989kit - Dec 20, 2014
Tony Racilla - born in Slobdka Poland around 1871, married to Julia Zawadska, lived in Johnston City IL.
3 - RACIŁŁA: It looks like his could be a Polish name, possibly a Polonised version of an orignally Lithuanian one; there are...

Genealogy     pamjohnbennettPolonius3 - Dec 20, 2014
Taxis from Gdansk airport?   2
30 - @Harry Next time, you can simply make reservation for transfer through the website gdanskshuttle.info As you can see the prices...

Travel     moondustradek1981 - Dec 20, 2014
Move to Poland or UK? (Advice needed)   2
49 - Have you thought about Estonia; very homogeneous population, reasonable economy. I doubt you'd like Britain.

Life     Thurnemankaz200972 - Dec 20, 2014
Polish surname Gil. My ancestors were from the town of Widelka.   2   3
66 - GIL: This is the Polish word for bullfinch, a brightly coloured songbird (in Spanish camachuelo) and it is laso a common...

Genealogy     lecountPolonius3 - Dec 20, 2014
Do Polish people in general dislike Russia or Germany more?   2   3   4
95 - The russian holigan exemplifies why Poland and other countries what to be closer to the EU and Germany; and as fas...

History     samsungkoreaweg03 - Dec 20, 2014

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