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"Polska" means "Poland" in Polish!
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Archbishop from Poland accused of child abuse   2   3   4
109 - Was he a public figure? No, so don't make yourself look stupid and at the same time trivialise clerical abuse...

News     jon357jon357 - 01:41pm
Some suggestions for Polish soft consonants and difficult word pronunciations
14 - The reason for that might be that you try to pronounce them separetly, while you should try to pronounce them...

Language     ZooeyZiemowit - 12:46pm
Are there any jobs for Americans in Poland?
8 - if I were you I would start learning Polish

Work     Chicabonita92rozumiemnic - 12:20pm
Turkish girl & Polish guy marriage. Will his parents ever accept me as a non christian female?
23 - Welcome to the club, I also know what Islam mins I thank Big-Bang that I'm here, And I...

Love     PT2014PC_Sceptic - 12:01pm
Weed (Cannabis) prices in Zakopane/Krakow. (Difficulty to obtain)
4 - go to the furthest darkest corner of the stary rynek and you will find a bloke called Janek. He will...

Life     DavidODwyerrozumiemnic - 12:01pm
Allegedly, Putin say if I wanted he could be in Warsaw within 48 hours   2
33 - There was once a dude in the history, that he was going steadily more insane, as he was losing more...

News     PC_ScepticPC_Sceptic - 11:27am
My husband is in Poland - I desperately need help translating a voice recording!
2 - Does part of it (the last part) say something like 'komorka jest wyłączona lub poza zasięgu' (pronounced a bit like komorka...

Translation     Brittaneylynnjon357 - 08:36am
Can someone with a student visa get evicted/deported for assaulting a Polish citizen?
3 - Yes. No. Not really. I think you mean deportation, which is rare and in any case now follows Schengen...

Law     phil73jon357 - 08:30am
The proper behavior an American should show when visiting Poland   2   3
84 - I'm not so sure a visitor needs to worry, at least not in major cities. They can just simply chill and...

USA, Canada     chattynettieInWroclaw - 08:18am
Is there a family crest for my surname of "Rukat"
11 - No coat of arms for Rukat!

Genealogy     Jerome_buffaloPolonius3 - 07:10am
Polish slang phrases - most popular.   2   3   4   ...   19   20
575 - No, that means to result want

Language     nykaDouble 'Nn" - 04:51am
Getting in Australia? (working /holiday visa)
4 - Work and holiday visa agreement has been signed on March 28, of this year, so I am thinking it will take...

Australia     chappie4drk - 02:52am
Galetka, Martin - married to an Elizabeth; I believe Klil - last name not sure of
11 - Funny you should ask. My maternal grandmother was Maria Geletka who married Paul Griglak in Lapse Wyzne, Poland. They were both...

Genealogy     crazyhorseWIUSginjak - 01:47am
Polish Migration to the UK - A moderate speaks!
27 - I suppose it is all the fault of the johnny foreigner. I hope you are a holder of the...

UK, Ireland     Idea_logicalL777 - Yesterday
London Strip Clubs? What's it like for women working there?
29 - I suppose there are some British men who just prefer foreign women. Usually rejected by a lot of women in their...

UK, Ireland     patrycja85Annna1 - Yesterday
So I am told Polish men are a chivalrous bunch?
14 - I have to disagree with you, I am nowhere near that nor are the Polish men I know....

Love     TouristgirlWulkan - Yesterday
Polish learning material, is Colloquial Polish better than Michael Thomas?
2 - Cool, thank you!

Language     learningpolishlearningpolish - Yesterday
Poland's apartment prices continue to fall   2   3   4   ...   63   64
1,905 - I was shown around a quite smart flat today, and was almost tempted to make an offer and perhaps buy it...

Real Estate     peterwegInWroclaw - Yesterday
Rowing clubs in Warsaw?
NEW - Cześć! I was wondering if there are any rowing clubs here in Warsaw ? Is it possible to compete here...

Sports     TH1234 -
Poland Spirytus recipes   2
30 - Darius, I got a ton of walnuts that have dropped. The outer husk is still hard and green. Is it...

Food     ukpolskaFiregrip - Yesterday
Katyn/Starobielsk family survivors in Oz?
12 - I had some time after I left the previous message to experiment in order to see if there was a way...

Genealogy     Tatianagjene - Yesterday
HCL Krakow job offer, is 3700 PLN net enough to live on?
8 - Thanks a lot guys for your help :)

Work     Marius27Marius27 - Yesterday
All Future Polish Genealogy Researchers ***** Please Read before you start a thread   2
38 - What's the grandfather's name?

Genealogy     Patrycja19Polonius3 - Yesterday
"Poles" or "Polish people" - which is better to use?   2   3   4
117 - I think you've got it backwards. If I remember correctly, on that poster is a professional model hired specifically...

Language     FrankJardinero - Yesterday
Advice needed on rent debt in Poland? A government flat shared with other person.
6 - Thanks, Jon357 - I really appreciate it. That's a really helpful and detailed answer. Thank you for your time and help!...

Real Estate     JohnSJohnS - Yesterday
Warsaw (PL) Tabletop Role Playing Game Group for Expats Only. D&D Fortnightly   2   3   4
117 - Now here's something you'll all enjoy! as Rocket J. Squirrel used to say.

Events     The ShadowThe Shadow - Sep 28, 2014
Recommended for learners: Michel Thomas Method Polish Audiobook   2   3
61 - Merged: Course of self-study after completing all Michel Thomas CDs? I have greatly enjoyed the Michel Thomas CDs (finally...

Language     cjjcLGAORD - Sep 28, 2014
20 years old moving to Poland from Canada, is it hard for me to get a job in Poland?
14 - Basically, none. Your best bet would be to get a high paying management or administrative position with a Western company, and...

Work     VIXCanadaDominicB - Sep 28, 2014
Babula Family
1 - BABULA: root-word baba which can mean woman in general, grandmother and prefaced by the adjective stara -- an old hag....

Genealogy     Jenn831Polonius3 - Sep 28, 2014
Polish genome - are you familiar with it   2
53 - I'm not sure some of you are referencing history far back enough. Poland is western Slavic and Northern European. Yes...

Genealogy     MoniaAnastazja83 - Sep 28, 2014

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