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Imperfective verb question
1 - You have this the wrong way round. The present tense is used with Imperfective verbs. Wypić is the perfective...

Language     Zooeypam - Yesterday
Poland win the Volleyball World Cup!
2 - Actually all games were broadcasted on payed Polsat channels, games were also streamed on the internet .

Sports     WielkiPolakskrud - Yesterday
Are polish women scared of good looking guys?
24 - This whole thread is a wind up. Nobody's naff enough to use a word like 'smash', and 'broads' hasn't been heard...

Love     Sven1985jon357 - Yesterday
Annex to Rental contract in Poland (I want to include my wife's name)
1 - Hi, your landlord have a right. You need to sign an annex in which you add your wife as a second...

Real Estate     ToKrakowargen - Yesterday
Why is the Polish language so difficult?   2   3   4
119 - Merged: I am so angry at the Poles For making their language so difficult, for getting angry at me...

Language     Rain33Zooey - Yesterday
Allegedly, Putin say if I wanted he could be in Warsaw within 48 hours
16 - There was a time when Poland could have taken Moscow, but Piłsudski didn't want to. He felt he'd made his point....

News     PC_ScepticWielkiPolak - Yesterday
Opinion about Rozanska - Wroclaw
NEW - Hello, Is there anyone from Wroclaw who knows Rozanska to advise me about it. I am moving...

Life     Hoggar213 -
Spelling changes in different cases - Is it possible to teach yourself and learn the correct changes?
2 - At the moment I'm just learning the rules, don't care if there are exceptions and I get them wrong. I'm sure...

Language     ch124learningpolish - Yesterday
Not possible to find a Hardware/DIY store near Mokotów, Warszawa?
9 - Looks like I'll have to go reconnoitre Al. Krakówksa :)

Life     wmertenswmertens - Yesterday
Independent Scotland and the Poles   2   3   4   ...   14   15
431 - Probably more English are, but don't let that trouble you. Not really relevant to anything, is it?

UK, Ireland     crochetbitch88jon357 - Yesterday
Poland to withdraw from Visegrad defence radar project
9 - At this moment circumstances puts Serbs and Russians on the same side (we faces same threat). That gives pretty clear...

News     jon357Crow - Yesterday
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   136   137
4,099 - OLSZAK: patronymic for the son of someone nicknamed Olsza (alderwood). EWASZKO: possibly a Ruthenian metronymic for Ewa's bastard son....

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
My Grandfather was born in Poland and migrated abroad - Can I get a Polish Passport?   2   3
69 - lisa it is you who has been brainwashed with racial hatred - just get a cop on to yourself/ if you...

Genealogy     arkkasalrozumiemnic - Yesterday
Can dependent Visa holders take up employment in Poland?
9 - I am travelling to poland on WP . I also want to take my spouse with me. Is there anything like...

Law     binithbYaman - Yesterday
Photos, meeting, secretary, online - short phrases into Polish
13 - 13. Gdzie możemy się spotkać? 14. Opowiedz mi (szczegółowo) jak wyobrażasz sobie nasze spotkania. Opowiedz mi o wszystkich szczegółach jak...

Translation     AnneMarie2014Kaja - Yesterday
Busha and JaJa   2   3
86 - Stannon caled her Busha because the surname of his great grandpa was probably Bush. Who knows? - maybe Stannon's...

Language     cassandraZiemowit - Yesterday
Polish conscripts to German army   2   3
80 - Was he captured by the Americans 1 November 1944 to the end of the war? Northern France to Stuttgart Germany?...

History     jochemczykMike69 - Yesterday
Where to buy golf shoes in Warsaw?
3 - Thanks Looker. Have a nice day.

Sports     fareasttigerfareasttiger - Yesterday
Getting back to Poland on an old ID.
14 - Maybe. You'll need to book an appointment through the passport service at your nearest office (google their address and phone...

Travel     donlou31jon357 - Yesterday
I think my son's Mum is trying to get a passport for our son. Can she do this without my permission
3 - First of all you need to provide some more info about your divorce / separation or your current relationship to...

Law     manali23skrud - Yesterday
Roman Dmowski-Patriot, Nationalist, Anti-Semite?   2   3
70 - No.On the base of nationality.If you knew anything about the subject you would know that Jews in Poland were basically...

History     PennBoyIhatechicago - Yesterday
Polish and European Social Meetings in Richmond, Virginia
18 - A search online found there is a Polish folk dance troupe in the American state of Virginia:

USA, Canada     KarinkataBieganski - Sep 21, 2014
IT salaries in Bydgoszcz Poland
6 - It's because all the Indian IT people working here have much higher qualification which those IT companies need, and...

Work     Nalacsryoh - Sep 21, 2014
Poles in Hampton Roads, Virginia USA
14 - I am moving to Norfolk in October and I want to meet Poles or Polish-Americans in the area. I can be...

USA, Canada     krauzbandwsharek - Sep 21, 2014
What are Research Scientists earning in Poland?
3 - Politechnika Poznańska and Uniwersytet Gdański have bioinformatics. Aim at pharmaceutical companies. http://careers.roche.com/poland/en/

Work     shadepeter_olsztyn - Sep 21, 2014
Can anyone help me in getting my Polish Passport?
1 - You already asked about this in another thread and some people provided you some starting points. There are plenty of other...

USA, Canada     LisaLisaBieganski - Sep 21, 2014
Brazilian moving to Gdansk and need some help with finding a flat to rent and also a good school for daughters
26 - Try Wrzeszcz, easy to get to the old centre on the SKM and fairly pleasant. The main online real...

Life     anaprjon357 - Sep 21, 2014
Are there social benefits for foreign families living in Poland?
6 - Not for new arrivals from outside the EU, except in the most exceptional cases. If children are involved, the attention...

Law     Luhanajon357 - Sep 21, 2014
Baby and mum groups in Krakow- English speaking?
7 - Some people clearly have to much TIME that they spend only to post negative comments on forums?

Events     monkey25Pani A - Sep 21, 2014
Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)   2   3   4   ...   8   9
253 - Merged: Who knew Jan Rycek serving in the 1st armoured Polish Division of Gen. Mazcek. Dear all,...

Genealogy     PeterPjotr Rycek - Sep 21, 2014

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