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Polish language classes in Baltimore area??
1 - One possibility: Polska Szkoła im. Kardynała A. Hlonda w parafii Matki Bożej Różańcowej - Polish Language School in Baltimore MD...

USA, Canada     Patrycja89Nathans - 04:56am
How does this membership system work at the swimming pool? (Warszawa)
1 - 1 karnet = 1 entry (permission). So Karnet 60 probably means you can take 60 swimming pool entries ;). It's cheaper...

Sports     LomiaNathans - 04:46am
Contract to pay professional football in Poland. Work permit required?
1 - It's surely required; being a soccer player is a regular job (even in some lower/local football leagues). If he doesn't have...

Law     semivia22Nathans - 04:22am
Marriage of hidden reason - Why don't girls from Poland marry 'Nicaraguans'?
1 - Good points. In recent years marriage have been devaluated by corrupt politicians and different kinds of social movements (especially 'one world...

Love     Polonius3Nathans - 04:19am
Vandalism in Poland: Has it always been this way?
1 - Unfortunately, some Poles have associated freedom with vandalism. It is a social pathology and these days the youth have the iPhone/iDontCare...

Culture     rybnikNathans - 04:13am
(SOUNDS like N O A S O D) - Help with a Polish surname please
1 - How about: NASAD or NASÓD. These could be Polish, especially the first one ;)

Genealogy     lmcbwNathans - 04:10am
IVF Clinics and Women in Poland?
1 - Many of such clinics, what city? As for a mid-wife, it's possible too but risk and cost associated is hard to...

Life     RichardxxNathans - 04:02am
Old Currency of Poland - historical value?
1 - Why don't you post a picture and we'll give our estimates here ;)

History     BaaconNathans - 04:00am
What is the scope of computer programing in Poland (job related)
1 - Most computer programmers in Poland, maybe except corporate workers,work off-site (yes, some of them are located in Pakistan or India too)....

Study     coolzeroNathans - 03:59am
The cheapest phone operators in Poland - Play is not worth it
1 - By definition.. cheap is cheap. You cannot expect the best for cheap, even in Poland ;) You could complain if you...

Life     Dougpol1Nathans - 03:57am
Do Polish girls lose their virginity later than most
1 - Who were the people are do they also watch TV garbage like the jerry springer show?

Love     hjb1694Nathans - 03:55am
Gay vs God - Church in Poland "will not turn its back on homosexuals" - Archbishop Kowalczyk   2   3   4   5   6
165 - TheOther It shows........... jon357 Don't try to take all the credit jon, "homosexual" and "gay" refer to both...

Culture     delphiandominejohnny reb - 03:37am
What part time job opportunities are available to me as a foreign student in Warsaw?
8 - Do you suggest me to hav any kindof training , courses like hairdressing , cooking, cofee making, like anythng now so...

Work     sandy lijasmine - 02:00am
3 reasons why you hate Poland.   2   3   4   ...   33   34
1,010 - I Hate Poland because: 1. I haven't been able to travel there (yet). 2. Polish girls are beautiful,...

Culture     DekameronSpirit - 12:44am
Double-decker trains in Poland?
14 - I am not sure, but it seems the Pendolinos will be operating on some routes from 14 December. I hope Wrocław...

Travel     InWroclawInWroclaw - 12:15am
History behind Poland and Turkey's Relationship   2   3   4
92 - I hope so... for the good of the mankind. He is an extremist lunatic in charge of a 70...

History     beyaz turkLevi_BR - Yesterday
Closed: Polish girls - why they choose muslim boys, especially Pakistani and not Indian?
7 - another islam hater after crow oh man. well I am turk and I also hanged out with polish girls the reason...

Love     prakash38Blanketsniffer - Yesterday
Powolny / wolny - Free or slow?
2 - Wolny means both free (meaning not taken, not busy; in the context of money - free of charge - it's not...

Language     EmmaT2008kpc21 - Yesterday
Slavs populated Europe from around Vistula, Dnieper or from the Balkan along the Danube?   2   3   4   5
147 - let us just deal with historical data that could be considered as trustworthy and, we can manage to prove interesting...

History     CrowCrow - Yesterday
Polish Language Exchange Thread
10 - Merged: We can learn each other! Hi, I'm Polish high school student which want to improve his english skills....

Language     Karol PolRoger - Yesterday
Is it safe for Indians living here in Poland? Any Temple / Gurudwara in Wroclaw?
6 - Talking about extremism, wow. This guy is a monster. Worst then any Muslims that have posted on this forum...

Life     dixitsacSzalawa - Yesterday
POLAŃSKI ARRESTED IN SWITZERLAND   2   3   4   ...   12   13
367 - A cultural treasure etc, French laissez-faire attitudes, his personal history (WW2 as well as the Manson murders) and a hefty dose...

News     Polonius3jon357 - Yesterday
Questions about Polish names Pola, Gracja, and Grażyna
12 - Yes. I've only come across very elderly people with that name - maybe time for a revival?

Culture     NoaSewjon357 - Yesterday
Free Polish TV in USA and Canada   2   3   4   5   6
163 - check this page: facebook.com/polishtvcanada or polishtvcanada.blogspot.com You will find a lot of interesting information (in Polish) how to get cheap...

USA, Canada     jayjay11kotlet - Yesterday
Ethnic, lingual and cultural relations between Poles and Lithuanians before WW1?
2 - Some of the Lithuanian gentry who did not speak Lithuanian decided to learn it later on since they ragarded themselves...

History     ZiemniaczekZiemowit - Yesterday
How a foreigner can make friends in Warsaw?
2 - Check meetings organized by Couchsurfing:

Life     ShizukaMonitor - Yesterday
How the Poland property market became a HUGE bubble   2
37 - The forgot to mention that it's a price for 1 floor.

Real Estate     Wroclaw BoyMonitor - Yesterday
"going to dinner with my sis..." - approaching a Polish girl, help needed
23 - Is this what the world has come to? Yeah, get off of the internet, put on a nice...

Love     OfficemasterSparks11 - Yesterday
Looking for missing person (Arkadiusz Sobota / Marzena Helena Sobota)   2   3

Genealogy     sanysealtemporary - Yesterday
Permanent resident in both US and Poland
4 - Justin is right. Unless the benefit is income based (i.e. means tested) there isn't any issue.

Law     Detroit1jon357 - Yesterday

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