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Future of Kaliningrad Oblast - is it possible to annex by Poland or will it become an independent country?   2   3
73 - I'm not sure you can blame the Italians, the Vichy French etc for the fate of Kaliningrad. Indeed,...

History     Czarnkow1940jon357 - 07:37
Single mothers in Poland   2   3
78 - And this is the key to it: pressure. It leads to people choosing or staying with the wrong person and...

Life     InPolskajon357 - 07:28
Norwegian lad wishing to get a car driver's license in Poland but it's expensive
14 - PS: Delph, don't you think, it must be possible to take tests in ALL EU languages? Probably they have tests...

Law     FlexxxyInPolska - 07:01
The lost literary languages of Poland   2
38 - @Lyszko: same for me! (

Language     delphiandomineInPolska - 06:47
Have PO (Platforma) operatives in Poland fallen into a panic?   2   3   4   5
146 - Witam! I seriously doubt that 50% of Poles shall bother to vote in September and hence waste of public money...

News     Polonius3InPolska - 06:35
Poland residency for an Australian citizen without marriage?
NEW - hi guys, I am an Australian citizen. My partner is polish, we have been together 8 years and legal partners in...

Australia     danewood -
Pimsleur v Rosetta stone
27 - Merged: Best method to learning Polish? I'm trying to learn Polish, and what I know so far is from...

Language     byronicobh95 - 04:13
Italian lawyer - what are the possibilities to work in Poland?
13 - Do you in fact intend to learn Polish, should you work in Poland in the near future? :-) Sorry, mods....

Work     DariolawLyzko - 01:45
Mobile internet for tourists in Poland?
28 - orange will give you 6gb for 6zl during summer months (it's a promotion). google it. just buy an orange sim card...

Travel     enricgroovyg - 00:35
Polish - Pakistani relationship. How it works in reality? Are Pakistanis a good men?   2
35 - I am a Pakistani and i will give you sincere advice, don't do it if he is from interior punjab. Lahore...

Love     M_SBasPK - 00:28
Polish Business Immigration and TRP/TRC
NEW - Hi, i am a Pakistani national who is running a successful IT business (Web Development and Smart Apps along with an...

Law     BasPK -
2nd Polish Corps Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross - can numbers be attributed?
4 - Hello, How can I find the details of the Polish soldier who received the Monte Cassino Cross, numbered 49034. Thank in...

History     greek2meedwardo - Yesterday
Studying in University of lower Silesia (Wroclaw)
NEW - I consider studying 3d animation and visual effects in Wroclaw hence the cost of studying and living seems quite cheap. Any...

Study     potatopie -
Jobs in the field of electronics in Poland? I have an engineering degree.
4 - There's actually some electronics in Poland. What sort of electronics are you after? What are your qualifications & experience?

Work     Sunnyday21Niko - Yesterday
Poland's indecent junk capitalism?   2   3
61 - This is because of the idiocy of the NFZ not paying for hospital stays less than 3 days. It's absurd,...

News     Polonius3delphiandomine - Yesterday
Poland's backs Montenegro's NATO aspirations   2
33 - I would be careful there - Montenegro has a pro-Western, but unbelievably corrupt government. Milo Đukanović is about as corrupt...

News     Polonius3delphiandomine - Yesterday
How much money should I save to move to Poland?
12 - sure, it's not good quality but I heard that in Poland it's the number 1 store for furniture. I often...

Life     Davey000004InPolska - Yesterday
Wojtczak family from Poland - Need translation genealogy docs please
3 - It's good. After this is the word 'pełnoletnie' = 'of legal age' and declared that the day before......

Genealogy     HelenaWojtczakLooker - Yesterday
Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language   2   3   4
110 - I recommend: Polish in 4 Weeks - Level 1: An intensive course in basic Polish (Kowalska) Colloquial Polish by...

Language     cjjcSzwedwPolsce - Yesterday
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   123   124
3,701 - Merged: Czyż surname My Polish g-g-mother's surname was Czyż. I read that this is a Lithuanian name, is that...

Genealogy     Polonius3HelenaWojtczak - Yesterday
Polish women and foreign men   2   3
69 - Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free? Poly moly are cheap, czech too, put 500$ and enjoy...

Love     EM_WaveMan9 - Yesterday
History of European and Poland's anti-semitism   2   3   4   ...   6   7
193 - I should have been clearer, that happened at a different place but for similar reasons. Feel free to write to...

History     PoznanPolsyr - Yesterday
New social security rules for Polish-Americans?
8 - Slightly off topic, but on the same theme, my grandfather applied for Veteran allowance in 1964. Since the CAW is unable...

USA, Canada     f stopgjene - Yesterday
Polish and other Slavic nobility in our time   2   3
61 - Interstingly his family crest was Ślepowron (which sounds like "blind crow" in Polish), and that was not lost on the...

History     CrowPolonius3 - Yesterday
If Poland were in the Eurozone...   2
34 - Precisely, and therefore it's not a level playing field. After all, without the "little guy" to be "taken", there would be...

News     bullfrogLyzko - Yesterday
Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations.   2   3   4   ...   8   9
264 - Hello Guys, Somebody please help me out,Which bank is good for(ATM.TRANSFER MONEY AND SERVICES) in lodz for the foreign students.I...

Law     gdj67XHOI - Yesterday
Average earnings and cost of living in Warsaw?   2
35 - @Krzechu: "there are Indians and Ukrainians...." so it means "some" and "some" does not mean "all" or even "most of" ;)....

Work     valpomikeInPolska - Yesterday
Trying to find information on my great grandfather (Antoni)
5 - The research I have done suggest with a couple variations it is a common type of name. Even though at...

Genealogy     HRVHRV - Yesterday
Polish citizens- Lech Poznan fans attacked in Bosnia; seven Poles injured   2
54 - yes. They are practically a firm. But not only them. In general, all football fans are involved in politics and...

News     CrowCrow - Yesterday
The quality of study in Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska) / Polish in one year
20 - @Polsyr: Hi! If he's going to study in Polish, unless he is a genius, he'll need much more than a...

Study     Gr4KInPolska - Yesterday

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