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Sexual diseases! Please tell me how I go about getting tested in Poland?   2   3   4
101 - If you would have my advice, I will give it to you in short: the number of iatrogenic diseases...

Love     countryboy60Borek Falecki - 08:34pm
Life in Poland for American who likes women, beer, hates Torries and is concerned about the weather
19 - Ale, man, ale's the stuff to drink For fellows whom it hurts to think.

Life     MovingabroadBorek Falecki - 08:26pm
If your ancestors were in the "Wehrmacht"...   2   3   4   ...   8   9
244 - Rigorous investigation, eyewitness accounts and a photographic record, that's how. Also, the German government have acknowledged the murders of Polish citizens...

Genealogy     Morsczi_Purtkjon357 - 08:19pm
How much would I have to earn before paying the tax office in Poland?
NEW - So with my son finally being firmly rooted in nursery I was thinking about offering my services as a native speaker...

Law     Schmiznurf -
Dacians in Poland
2 - This image is about main direction of Thracian migrations, along the Danube basin (only possible way of expansion). So,...

History     User666Crow - 06:57pm
Job offer from company in Warsaw, EU Logistics. Is this a scam?
16 - I also got contacted by STANLEY MARTIN today saying i was offered the job of local agent .... i believe is...

Work     Daishin131313 - 05:31pm
How are names in Polish " nicknamed "?
5 - Yes. They are both Irish variants of Katherine, with Kathleen being an anglicised phonetic spelling.Untill the Caitlin spelling started to...

Language     Piatekjon357 - 04:28pm
Helena Bineiwicz (Biniewicz) from Pomarzanki and family; Kulpinska
2 - Almost certainly Jan Biniewicz Spelt Kazimierz A tiny village. The records would be in the nearest larger town....

Genealogy     emesaserraojon357 - 04:19pm
English Speaking Vet in Warsaw?
6 - There's a good clinic on Częstochowska 20; (22) 824 29 46 -here's the map and GPS data It's...

Life     babsettaHedgeWitch - 04:19pm
Instrumental and byc
26 - Oh, I think that asking "why" is the whole fun of learning! And because many European languages come from the same...

Language     Sandiemd33 - 01:48pm
NIP 7 Polish tax registration form translated to English
5 - I remember a friend (well, 'acquaintance' would be more accurate) having his tax registration form rejected because he'd used non-Polish...

Work     MugsHarry - 11:04am
Do you think that Polish people are rude?   2   3   4   ...   29   30
880 - It doesn't help to confuse rudeness with formality. In shops, offices etc people in PL think they won't be taken...

Life     iwonajon357 - 10:40am
Polish Gypsy Seliga (Szeliga) and Bunk (Bak) ...Need opinions
28 - Michał ranks among Poland's most popular Christian names. At present some 350,000 use it. Re Szeliga, nearly 6,000 in Poland use...

Genealogy     scottyg354Polonius3 - 09:49am
Why Is Lipsk nad Biebrzą Called "Lisko Orliscko"?
16 - Maybe the person just didn't know - that name could sadly be long forgotten. A shame, because it's and interesting story...

History     Nickidewbearjon357 - 05:58am
Being a Jew in modern-day Poland; Israeli Jew who is of Polish descent   2   3   4   5   6
173 - Some people prefer that - it's their life. A friend in PL who's recently joined the Gmina Zydowska went to...

Life     Kartofeljon357 - 05:56am
Risks of renting a room without a contract in Poland?
6 - yes, landlord can give you zameldowanie in any case. you can get zameldowanie yourself if you have a copy of rent...

Real Estate     band_aUncleGoodAdvice - 03:14am
Graduate school in Poland (Poznan University)? Or I should choose Boston.
2 - If you don't speak Polish it may be hard for you to get a job here if that was your...

Study     LoneWolf1UncleGoodAdvice - 02:55am
Polish citizen returning to Poland after 26 years - Zameldowanie Question?
7 - If you don't visa to stay in Poland you don't need it but you may need it to sort out...

Law     marek125pUncleGoodAdvice - 02:51am
Thoughts on "Ida" (Polish movie)   2
32 - Best part of the film!

Life     ctvnBieganski - 02:42am
Transport in Stargard Szczecinski for wedding
4 - Hi, yes landing in SZZ. Thanks for your help, we will check the links. Anything else greatly appreciated....

Travel     KevinUKKevinUK - 12:10am
Legal limits of tuning a car in Poland
2 - Hi In Poland the law allows you to do mods on the cars. You can see plenty of them on...

Law     fatihyaUncleGoodAdvice - Yesterday
Do the Poles have a positive attitude towards the Danes and Denmark?
17 - I concur! Just learn enough of the language, and you should be fine:-) Forget about English mistakes. Your Polish interlocutor will...

Life     theDaneLyzko - Yesterday
Free higher education in Poland?
3 - For Polish citizens it's free, but only full-time and you have to pay when you fail some courses. Foreigners from out...

Study     Drasikkpc21 - Yesterday
Cooking kiszka   2   3
86 - From frozen state, cover the bottom of a pan with vegetable oil; bake 350F for 30-40 minutes. As the kiszka...

Food     sarevokDeb T - Yesterday
About tram tickets (Poznan)
22 - According to this: ... - yes, you can. To be clear - you have to buy a ticket,...

Travel     swissikpc21 - Yesterday
1920 Law - Certification/Registration. I am looking to obtain Polish citizenship.
3 - Thank you for the reply. I will review the advertisement. However, we are trying to do as much as we can...

Law     cjh234cjh234 - Yesterday
Public holidays in Poland and work. Days In Lieu - Sundays.
2 - That is almost correct. The actual rule is that when a public holiday falls on a Saturday, the employer of persons...

Work     Cardno85Harry - Yesterday
Shipping a car from USA to Poland   2   3
81 - Merged: Importing Car From USA So I am an American working here in Wroclaw. I would like to Import...

Law     fmaridnb22nu - Yesterday
English schools for children in Wroclaw? BIS/ WIS are too expensive.
NEW - Hi All, I just shifted to Wroclaw and i am looking for a English school, my daughter is 9 years...

Study     Viren -
Polish grammar, are these sentences correct? Najnowszy film kustariki ...
7 - Hey katiekustard28, let me not say anything about the first two sentences, because the verb "zawiódł" in this context is borderline...

Language     katiekustard28md33 - Yesterday

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