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Do Polish people in general dislike Russia or Germany more?   2   3   4
90 - The distinction between individuals and a country should be made. You can dislike a country and meet people from there and...

History     samsungkoreaMarsupial - 02:28am
256 - That's because Barrack is 1/2 white 1/4th Arab and 1/8 Asian and 1/8th black. He is also a racist by...

UK, Ireland     ashjohnny reb - 01:15am
Moving from India to Wroclaw
13 - How much can I expect for 6 yrs experience in telecom field in Wroclaw ?

Life     chintan982Vijaykarthik - 01:11am
Do trains in Poland arrive on time?   2
38 - Pendolino - probably not at all for a long time yet. But they are buing 40 new EMUs now: 20...

Travel     Monika812kpc21 - Yesterday
Polish music charts
1 - Different people listen to different radio stations, check the charts of the most popular radios in Poland, the results differ, but...

Culture     blackcathlLooker - Yesterday
37020 British expats in Poland
17 - I read it wrong what you said, I thought you said there are North Koreans in Poland and that's wrong....

Life     InWroclawWulkan - Yesterday
ATM with dollar currency in Poland (limits / fees)
3 - In 19 years here I have never seen one. You used to be able to pay dollars in at some...

Travel     danziHarry - Yesterday
$ shooting up so high for PLN
3 - I think that charts tell you probability that something will happen again if conditions will not change dramatically. All other...

Life     pigsyMonitor - Yesterday
Which is the best credit card to get in Poland?
5 - My current account with Millennium is completely free of charge, even withdrawls abroad are free of charge, as long as...

Life     SheppyJollyRomek - Yesterday
New Years Eve ball tickets required in Gdansk old town
1 - Forget about it. New Year's Eve is amateurs' night, just ask anybody in the bar/club/restaurant game. Everywhere is over-priced; everywhere is...

Events     Dougpol1Harry - Yesterday
Cost of living in Katowice for a couple
25 - Orange wouldn't give me a contract until I had been living here 3 months, the same with UPC. It's...

Work     poland25smurf - Yesterday
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   138   139
4,161 - STEFAŃSKI: This could have originated as a toponymic tag to indicate an inhabitant of such places as Stefanów, Stefamowo, Stefanówek, Strefania,...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Could you recommend a good property management company in Warsaw   2
36 - Bravia, you could try contacting Hamilton May. I know that they recently opened an office in Warsaw and they offer this...

Real Estate     owenomahonyrobwat - Yesterday
Katarzyna / Anna / Ewa Niwelińska - can you help me?
8 - happy birthday anna ewa, my sweet little sister

Genealogy     katarzina annakatarzina anna - Yesterday
Mother died in Poland, children are US citizens. Real Estate Inheritence in Poland?
4 - Sienna1 Another option to decide who will represent or if all go. The option is...

Real Estate     Sienna1gjene - Yesterday
Polish Residency Cards. Is there a Permanent ID card for Foreigners?   2
34 - hi! Application form for the issue of the document certifying the permanent residence right for eu citizens on page 3 E...

Work     Richfilthivnp71 - Yesterday
The most popular job advertising sites in Poland?
17 - According to google position: ...

Work     InvictusMonitor - Yesterday
Help finding translation activities?
1 - Hi, if you are interested, a friend of mine is looking for a translator from Polish to English for her...

Language     M3rshJollyRomek - Yesterday
TV+Internet providers in Katowice?
5 - I have satellite TV. I'm sure it is, but you may well need a VPN to give you...

Life     fox_265Harry - Dec 17, 2014
A few name questions - Mietek, Mieciu, Mieczysław
7 - Yes. My Great-Grandmother, from Krakow, used the same diminutive for me.

Genealogy     balrog_99asas - Dec 17, 2014
100,000 PLN (per year) in Krakow - Is it enough for a couple to survive on?
14 - Looking at is as 5500PLN per month after tax, I can relate, my wife and I are taking in about that...

Work     Kilg0reCardno85 - Dec 17, 2014
Dorms in Wroclaw
3 - Good question. I tough that there aren't any, but google says that 2 years ago the first private was opened: rezerwacja.nazwa.pl/akademik/ceny.html...

Study     MactucMonitor - Dec 17, 2014
Life of Foreigners in Warsaw (I am from India) - salary (supply chain specialist; logistics), monthly expenses
11 - I think it depends what you're going to do there. Do you think that they may need you just for 3...

Work     VarunMonitor - Dec 17, 2014
Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)   2   3   4   ...   8   9
261 - To summer168 APC Polish Enquiries Ministry of Defence Building 28 B RAF Northolt Westend Rd. Ruislip HA4 6NG Middlesex England...

Genealogy     Petergilles lapers - Dec 17, 2014
Dowgiałłow or Dowgiało / Zadora crest
1 - Zadora was one of five clans to which the well-born Dowgiałłos belonged. The others were Abdank, Dzialosza, Leliwa and an own-name...

Genealogy     fas81780Polonius3 - Dec 17, 2014
Cost of living in Wroclaw (rent price too)   2   3
89 - Hi DominicB, Thanks for your reply, Am covered with medical insurance so i guess i shouldn't be worried...

Work     amir01Wishwah - Dec 17, 2014
Good suburb in warsaw for house
22 - @OP consider saska kempa its getting very pretty and yuppy neighbourhood and easily accesable by means of public transportation from centrum....

Real Estate     gs_spigsy - Dec 17, 2014
Wroclaw....good parts? Any "affluent, quaint European, suburb" areas here?
13 - Where did you get that impression? Switzerland isn't a low tax country in the slightest. More to the point, it's...

Real Estate     Tonydwishtothenight - Dec 17, 2014
I got a EU permanent residence permit and it is a flimsy piece of paper
14 - Yes, it has changed as of the 1st of May. It took a while for cards to start being issued, but...

Law     sobieskiwishtothenight - Dec 17, 2014
Trying to find a friend in Poland - Robert Wierzbicki
2 - WIERZBICKI: root-word wierzba (willow); toponymci tag from one of several localities in Poland called Wierzbica and a few named Wierzbice (Willowton,...

Genealogy     kalafiorPolonius3 - Dec 17, 2014

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