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THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   135   136
4,077 - CZACHORSKI: root-word czahar (stunted scrub vegetation); topo nick from the village of Czachory.

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 08:20am
Tusk eyes top EU post   2
33 - Great to see Tusk take up the post, he will make a positive contribution.

News     Polonius3PROEU - 04:07am
Warsaw travel - what to carry in my baggage?
NEW - Traveling to Warsaw in a week and no idea what to carry in mu baggage! I'll be there until February!...

Travel     anaB -
Polish schools and Polish educational system level in your eyes   2
45 - polish educational system is lower than it used to be imho I have seen nothing but less funding and...

Life     zetigrektruytr - 02:30am
Chances of Moscow becoming part of Poland again?   2
32 - Impossible. Times changed. Back in past, two factions of Slavdom/Sarmatia in wide sense (essentially it was Sarmats vs. Scythians) clashed...

History     NathanCrow - 02:07am
Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians?   2   3   4   ...   22   23
665 - Seriously, why would I need a deep understanding of the Russian soul or the inner workings of the country?...

Culture     MareGaeaTheOther - 12:20am
How can I understand when the instrumental or the accusative case should be used?
4 - 1) kładę is tricky 2)Duch unosi się - it's always over the Vistula, doesn't change 3) You are not going...

Language     gestMarysienka - 12:05am
Catalogue of expenditures not being tax-deductible costs
8 - And what if your house is your office as well? can I deduct my rent and utility costs from tax If...

Law     Jars777tighmahy - Yesterday
Birth Control in Poland (Microgestin availability)
NEW - Is Microgestin available in Poland?

Life     fcorbett21 -
Can anyone tell me how to say "walk with me" in polish.
18 - Thanks for help :)

Translation     The_oneThe_one - Yesterday
O co Putinowi chodzi?   2
44 - Bajka dla Poloniusza;

Po polsku     Polonius3wredotka - Yesterday
Are Poles mixed with Mongols, Turks, and Tatars?
17 - you are an idiot sir...when was Poland ever occupated by mongols? only 1 invasion few month short in 13...

Genealogy     weaverwarrior12gregy741 - Yesterday
Salary and cost of living information - Krakow   2   3   4
111 - No doubt that New York is the most expensive city to live in in the United States. If you...

Work     cat500johnny reb - Yesterday
Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland
22 - No, but if you stay for few (1?) more years in UK perhaps you can apply for permanent British residency....

Law     swissiMonitor - Yesterday
best / cheapest payg sim card for data and calls in poland?
11 - wvw.play.pl/uslugi/nielimitowany-internet/ its one of many tariffs if you have the year validity pay and go its 25pln a month for...

Life     kj99truytr - Aug 29, 2014
Anybody know of a decent, fairly priced wireless modem compatible with Orange/Neostrada in Poland?
8 - My wife still has a contract in her name in Poland which we need to upgrade for tenants.

Life     Wroclaw BoyWroclaw Boy - Aug 29, 2014
ALLEGRO Help - paying for an item I won
4 - what did you buy as if you know someone in poland you could send them a paypal payment and they can...

Life     turkdlittruytr - Aug 29, 2014
Registering a car with No Paperwork - How?
6 - then the current owner only needs to pay 80pln for replacement papers, but most of the time cars with no papers...

Life     Maluchtruytr - Aug 29, 2014
Hairdressers prices in Warsaw?
NEW - Hello! I would like to know the prices in a hairdresser' in Warsaw.. For example, if I need to dye my...

Life     gess25 -
Marriage between polish girl and pakistani guy - how can we do that?
18 - Yeah, I would agree with the rest of you. If you genuinely in love or genuinely what to pursue relationship with...

Love     sunny_star89drk - Aug 29, 2014
Co słuchacie w tej chwili?   2   3   4   5
123 - Here is a collaboration of the Ukrainian [Bakha Brakha] with Bielorussian Port Mone:

Po polsku     catsoldierf stop - Aug 29, 2014
Any one know anything of Koss?
9 - Yes, and the ones with Polish ancestry call themselves Germans now.

Genealogy     SpotTheOther - Aug 29, 2014
Easy way to find out which Polish coat of arm/Clan you belong to.   2
32 - The legend surrounding the emergence of the Szaława clan and heraldic device goes as follows. In around 988 AD, Vladimir the...

Genealogy     David_18Polonius3 - Aug 29, 2014
YELLOW TABLICA - Classic car registration
1 - Another good article: You may check this older post yet, but not sure if it help much:

Life     MaluchLooker - Aug 29, 2014
How can I get Canal+? Will I need a satellite dish?
1 - You need contract to watch premium channels - for 15 or 24 months (satellite) You have two options: The...

Life     pg123Looker - Aug 29, 2014
What is the best medical school in Poland?
6 - I know that's what I am asking about, and by the way i am taking AS level this year

Study     swamifezOmar 98 - Aug 29, 2014
Problem with renewal of Polish children's passports due to separation, advice needed.
1 - Where are the kids and did they get there legally? No, you can petition the family court to...

Law     KanciastoportyHarry - Aug 29, 2014
Phrases translations: *you are the love of my life; Polish quotes
14 - Merged: Polish love quotes. I would like to surprise my wife. She is polish and she always cheer up...

Translation     scarsonLaca - Aug 29, 2014
Searching Polish relatives of the Berezowki family, Tarnopol
2 - I found the baptismal entry online for Andrej (1893) and also his brother Michael (1890) These records...

Genealogy     teriberimaksym - Aug 29, 2014
Student residences (University of Warsaw) your opinion about the place?
13 - I think that you can ask for changing place. If somebody decides to leave you may get his place instead.

Study     beth5555Monitor - Aug 29, 2014

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