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Polka Parade Television Show
30 - Good information about Dick Sinclair & Polka Parade. My father, Howard "Razzberry" Reynolds was with the show in the 50s &...

USA, Canada     beckskisreynolds77 - 01:08
Does democratic Poland guarantee it's LGBT citizens respect for human and civil rights?   2   3   4   ...   19   20
578 - A pervert is anyone who engages in perversion, and perversion is anything that goes against nature. The rectum was designed...

News     ziutaPolonius3 - Yesterday
Job prospects in Warsaw, Poland with top-10 MBA
23 - And to people who didn't bother to read the whole thread - a reminder. I don't have my head in the...

Work     PolishMBA1PolishMBA1 - Yesterday
Stanislaw (Jan) Czternastek & Bronislaw Wydrowski - searching info on Polish War Pilots   2
42 - Hi, Stanislaw Czternastek was a cousin of my grandmother. She died last year, but I have an uncle, who lives in...

Genealogy     Bernie2Guest - Yesterday
Polish kishka   2   3
62 - pulaskis meat products in linden nj sell their products out of state you can order kielbasa, kishka, babka, chruscik, pierogi, coldcuts...

Food     helen123polegirl - Yesterday
Looking for an apartment in Krakow
3 - and its not good that you want to start at the start of the academic year. Student accommodation...

Classifieds     faxmaxweeg - Yesterday
Slavs are descendants of Sarmatians?   2   3   4
116 - Jordanes wrote of the "Venethi", the "Sclavenes" and the "Antes", adding that all three ethnonyms referred to the one and same...

Genealogy     OgienSuevi/Venethi - Yesterday
What are the job opportunities in Poland for a young Italian with a law degree?   2   3
70 - Thanks so much:-) Looks almost like "legal counsel", no? I appreciated. It's often the specialty vocab.of which I'm uncertain.

Work     ChimismiLyzko - Yesterday
What is deducted from a salary in Poland apart from Income tax?   2
47 - Hi Dreamisland, which city in Poland? Living expenses (especially flats) vary a lot from place to place.

Work     preetfzrjon357 - Yesterday
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   5
127 - very thanks jon357 !

Language     Wiktoria17ahmedableich - Yesterday
What is the cheapest way to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw?   2   3
90 - Yes - 90zl from Warsaw and Suburbs. Very good value if you live in the south of the city:...

Travel     jumpyjon357 - Yesterday
Study Survey - Looking for Polish-British Bilinguals :)
4 - Almost unknown even. And for all speakers of two languages there's the 'jagged profile' thing - someone great at writing may...

Classifieds     notes007jon357 - Yesterday
Can you do online food shopping in Poland?
25 - Alma are definitely very pricey. I would shop there for 'treats' rather than regular weekly shopping but last time I was...

Food     pudddddinAtch - Yesterday
Ticket London STN - Warsaw (Modlin) 08.07.2015
2 - The STN-WMI flights are Ryanair. On top of the £40 you want, it costs £110 to change the name on a...

Classifieds     Konstantin03jon357 - Yesterday
Looking for 'reviews' of schools for expat kids in Poland
28 - well if your children have been offered a place at this temple of academia, what is the problem?

Study     Pani Arozumiemnic - Yesterday
Birthday gift idea for my Polish boyfriend
6 - jon358, Thank you, that was what I needed to know. The OP is Persian so I assume Muslim so kielbasa...

Love     persiangirlpersiangirl - Yesterday
Looking for a Polish song about a mother protecting her baby from bombs or war?
2 - Hello, in this song the mother isn't actually protecting her baby from bombs, but maybe it's this song: ;...

Life     RememberingMamanotes007 - Yesterday
Pakistani married to Polish Girl in Sweden   2
38 - @Pork Seller: very true when only way to get "informed" is tabloids and/or Fox News....

Other     luckykhanInPolska - Yesterday
Where to buy Polish food in New Jersey?   2   3   4   5   6
152 - Also if you go to north on wood ave in linden there are couple of polish delis who offer warm and...

USA, Canada     katushPork seller - Yesterday
Salary for Test Engineer in Krakow. 5500 gross - is this a normal salary for testers in Poland?
5 - War in the east and unstable economic situation make me think about leaving.

Work     TesterUkraineTesterUkraine - Yesterday
UK's 1471 number recall - equivalent in Poland
3 - I never answer if it says 'number 'withheld'. As Terri says, there isn't a 1471 for landlines

Life     Webkotjon357 - Yesterday
Polish people in Kentucky?
3 - Merged: Poles in Lexington KY Hello Dorota. I'm moving to Georgetown KY with my family it's near...

USA, Canada     Radek123Ania82 - Yesterday
Give Poland back it's lost land !
25 - I occasionally read RT, to watch Russian propaganda at work. A few months ago, when the crisis in ukraine was in...

History     szeligaJadowniki - Yesterday
Which cities in Poland are nice to visit   2   3
63 - The old university looked kind of pretty:-) Then again, Wroc³aw is just a knockout by comparison!

Travel     NedPolLyzko - Yesterday
Moving to Gdansk - Wrzeszcz area?
3 - PS: It is boring, but safe. I would recommend Gdansk Morena or Gdansk Orunia Gorne for families.

Real Estate     rioshernDougpol1 - Yesterday
Streaming sites like Spotify good for Polish groups?
NEW - Over at the Steve Hoffmann forums there is a chat going on about Al Di Meola's suggestion that streaming sites are...

Life     Dougpol1 -
Do I look Polish? (my picture)   2   3   4   5
131 - And why do you say this? I'm genuinely curious :)

Genealogy     TheJunglistKommunista - 30 Jun 2015
What are the hard aspects of Polish according to its learners? - home essay
17 - Have you also tried listening to news on the radio?

Language     hunspikeLyzko - 30 Jun 2015
Place to live in Krakow, Poland - please advise
3 - thank you for your answer. any suggestions about the areas where we should search?

Real Estate     FishermanPLFishermanPL - 30 Jun 2015
Advice to buy a 7-seat car in Warsaw (Peugeot 5008, Ford S-max, Ford Galaxy...)
6 - Thank you Bod. I finally changed my mind and bought a 5-seat Ford Mondeo Combi car, year 2011, at Ford Auto...

Life     fareasttigerfareasttiger - 30 Jun 2015

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