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Working in Poland without speaking Polish   2   3
75 - On another note, when I first had any dealings with Polish people, I couldn't speak a syllable of the language either,...

Work     albyLyzko - 04:48pm
Poland to pay very high war compensations to Serbia because of NATO attack in 1999?
27 - Harry talking reality? No. No way, man i don`t know why he bothers and you are...

News     CrowCrow - 04:26pm
Looking for 'reviews' of schools for expat kids in Poland
18 - you didn't answer my question, do you have kids at WIS? Many people on this particular forum have a...

Work     Pani APani A - 03:34pm
A man from Poland stole Britain's secret nuclear submarine documents to sell to his government.
15 - Why was this guy taking restricted documents home and keeping them so insecure he did even know they were missing?...

UK, Ireland     tttweeg - 03:11pm
Moving to Poland to work installing fire sprinkler systems
6 - That would depend entirely where he invested the money. A bank give you 1% as you say, but there is a...

Work     Dankazweeg - 11:42am
what does "ya zha smadia" mean in English?
4 - Jezus Maria. No doubt about it.

Language     katie1234Roger5 - 11:23am
What are your experiences of care for your loved ones in hospitals here?
14 - I hear from my wife that out here in the back of beyond (deep in the Podkarpacie) it is a story...

Life     Dougpol1Kamaz - 10:34am
"Play" Internet contracts for international students without PESEL code.
7 - in most cases your passport number is enough! i'm an international student as well. i've had internet from play. they have...

Life     Archiebond - 09:58am
Poles should emulate Jews?   2   3
88 - Poland should emulate the things from other.cultures that are winning recipies to be used with.our own ideas. Whatever they may be....

History     Polonius3Marsupial - 08:27am
Night Switch (Nocna Zmiana) - what are your opinions and knowledge about this in Poland?
5 - change 'night switch' to 'night shift' in the title. night switch means 'włącznik światła, który używa się w nocy'

History     king_kraksgg - 06:45am
Differences in How Polish People Raise a Child and How Americans Raise a Child   2   3   4   5
144 - I have encountered people like you and your mother-in-law both in the USA and Poland. Some Poles and Americans are close...

USA, Canada     ElmhurstTomPolonius3 - 12:44am
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   134   135
4,035 - ŚPIEWAK: This is the Polish spelling of the surname which means singer. It was often used by Polish Jews whose Yiddish...

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - 12:37am
Getting from Krakow to Warsaw   2   3
77 - The cheapest way to get there is using Modlinbus company. Their buses are timed to Ryanair flights and take about an...

Travel     BethEJpam - Yesterday
Asian guy in love with Polish girl (any chance?)   2   3   4
118 - write her a brief letter?

Love     osirionwhynot? - Yesterday
Do I need to be Confirmed in order to get married in the Catholic church in Poland?   2
41 - Have you thought about having the actual sacramental marriage done in the UK, perhaps in private, followed up by a...

Love     paul23234DominicB - Yesterday
Airline website trick to see flights that go from Poland to the UK in the pound, rather than zloty's?
14 - Oh wow, well done on that find. I suppose I'll try to use my own method then.

Travel     WielkiPolakWielkiPolak - Yesterday
English teacher - Language schools in Warsaw - any advice?
11 - Sorry, i thought the thread was about "British School", the language school franchise in Poland. Thanks for clarifying.

Work     szenoa_dJollyRomek - Yesterday
What is your favorite Polish Vodka?   2   3   4   ...   20   21
630 - It is not too bad. Personally i prefer Ukrainian or Russian vodka but if i had to choose Polish vodka...

Food     howardJollyRomek - Yesterday
Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland   2
57 - Not likely that you will earn anything near enough to make monthly payments of that size. Harry's estimate of at...

Work     atul.noidaDominicB - Yesterday
How to register a new business in Poland   2   3   4   5
129 - Merged: what the best way to register company for foreigner ? Hi, I just graduate from a polish...

Law     bgulbinowiczMOD - Yesterday
Poland Heraldry and Nobility in names/families   2
58 - Merged: Genealogy and heraldry: closely linked.... Hi there! Thanks for accepting me into this forum. Considering how many people...

Genealogy     genecpsDisgruntled - Yesterday
Funny/strange/deviant words in the Polish language   2
32 - But Graeco-Roman compound commonly used in American for motorcar -- automobile -- means roughly the same as samochód: auto (self) mobile...

Language     tomekcatkinsPolonius3 - Yesterday
Questions on documentation for working in Poland ( Visa/work permit/Insurance )
17 - Please any one can advise in my above questions , your fast response is appreciated.

Law     udarknessmonata - Yesterday
Zorniak, Cymbalko, Wienc, Matejko family history
4 - The downside of this is that no-one in Poland currently uses either the Stęczyca or Stęczycha surnames. That could mean that...

Genealogy     sblottPolonius3 - Yesterday
Is black tea disappearing from supermarkets in Poland?
16 - The difference if that black tea is essentially a natural product. The synthetically flavoured teas are lab produced by men in...

Food     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Funny Polish surnames   2

Genealogy     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Need help translating letter from Lodz archives.
2 - The key parts of this letter:

Language     SzybkowskiLooker - Yesterday
Dlaczego DZIAŁKA?
4 - Gdy ktoś mówi, że jedzie na działkę, to ma na myśli swój - najczęściej niewielki - teren za miastem wraz z...

Po polsku     Polonius3Ziemowit - Yesterday
Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
237 - I have about 20 different Banknotes from the 1920s,30s and 40s, are these worth anything today?

Law     gilmazchintSzybkowski - Yesterday
Is it safe to travel to Poland?   2   3   4   5   6
179 - Does every Polish wear sun glasses? Wow, I haven't been to Poland for 3 months, I didn't know it's changed...

Travel     AdamWulkan - Yesterday

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