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Independent Scotland and the Poles   2   3   4   ...   11   12
357 - Enough incidents at polling stations - a phenomenon which otherwise is not very common for a vote in the UK. The...

UK, Ireland     crochetbitch88Crnogorac3 - 11:26pm
Are polish women scared of good looking guys?
4 - Because this is Poland, and Polish Girls/Women are not *************, go back to your western countries with ************* in mind. Cheers!...

Love     Sven1985POCOCI - 10:57pm
Is it even possible to get a house with meldunek as a student?
11 - No it doesn't, but this is how it is. According to Wikipedia it is.

Real Estate     SeigardMonitor - 10:23pm
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   136   137
4,096 - Wojtowich? ?

Genealogy     Polonius3twitch2217 - 09:43pm
Poland's apartment prices continue to fall   2   3   4   ...   63   64
1,893 - Although am still seeing ads declaring 'new' (ie lower) prices on some flats and possibly houses, recently there are some very...

Real Estate     peterwegInWroclaw - 09:36pm
Archaeologists uncover buried gas chambers at Sobibor, Poland death camp
NEW - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

News     InWroclaw -
City, County etc. structure of Poland?
NEW - Could someone explain to me the city county province... structure of Poland please? Here in the USA, our structure is...

Culture     P_Larson -
how would this translate to English? Rzeczpospolita przez setki...
NEW - Rzeczpospolita przez setki lat istnienia najbardziej stabilną granicę miała od strony Niemiec i Czech nie tocząc z tymi państwami wojen o...

Translation     PanGorecki -
Secrets of Polish Freemasons at the National Museum, Warsaw
5 - There's also a similar but much smaller exhibition running in Poznan at the moment.

Culture     cyrkieljon357 - 08:18pm
Will ISIC give me any discounts on transport like buses and trains?
1 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Travel     AlexPilkMonitor - 07:38pm
Is Cybert polonised from the surname Sebert?
3 - Considering all the forces affecting Polish surnames over the centuries -- including widepsread illiteracy, linguistic licence and the partitiond -- any...

Genealogy     BabsbsnPolonius3 - 07:26pm
Hardware/DIY store near Mokotów, Warszawa
NEW - Hi all, I'm trying to find a DIY store within biking distance from Mokotów and so far the closest seems...

Life     wmertens -
Birthday Greeting or Quote Needed for Elderly
NEW - Birthday greeting for 85 yr old woman... Have never met or spoken with her but am friendly with her children....

Translation     Roberta56 -
Moving to Gdansk
8 - As for where expats meet I don't know if there is enough of them to have regular meetings, but you can...

Life     KosmonautsMonitor - 04:02pm
Photos, meeting, secretary, online - short phrases into Polish
11 - Exactly :)

Translation     AnneMarie2014Kaja - 03:37pm
Giving notice that you are recording someone - Do they have this in Poland?
15 - But you realize that according to what I wrote, as a private person, you don't have to tell them about...

Law     archiwumMonitor - 03:09pm
Internet providers In Poznan?
4 - ask about Vectra, I got 30MBs fiberoptic connection on a monthly rolling contract of 45zl/month + 100zl installation fee. They give...

Life     Da3bOur213Gaucho - 01:21pm
UK connected flights and Karta Pobytu (non-EU country)
3 - Yes, Karta Pobytu is only for POLAND. Not even for the other Schengen countries, though they rarely ask for anything as...

Travel     CanguderGaucho - 01:18pm
East Prussia - German Poles who lived in pre-second world war in this area
3 - Mazurians aren't Poles. The Mazurians in East Prussia were Slavs and, at the same time, staunch Prussians who voted for conservative...

History     East PrussianPalivec - 01:13pm
Polish girls are so nice
8 - Well that depends how big or international you think. Of course that English, German, nordic and slavic languages are more important...

Love     FedericoGaucho - 01:09pm
Does pronunciation in Polish get easier with time?
5 - Try courses that make you repeat after a native speaker like Rosetta Stone. I started with that and many have praised...

Language     learningpolishGaucho - 11:52am
Which sim card to buy in Poland?
27 - Prepaid T-Mobile Fryii tariff put 50zl and is good for 6 months and you get free one of: Internet(first 50MB per...

Life     hansiaczekGaucho - 11:49am
Travelling to Wroclaw from Bratislava ( safety advice needed )
11 - When travelling from or to Wroclaw i reccomend: www.airportwroclawtransfer.com Comfortable, nice and profesional service!

Travel     mony483airmaro - 11:31am
Gdynia Meet-Up this Friday
8 - Hi Yvonne (and Allan and Anita and the rest) I'm English and have been here for 5 years. I don't...

Events     weetzielynnGdyniaguy14 - 11:24am
Selling Laptop in Warsaw
1 - Online - http://allegro.pl the best.

Life     StevensonMonitor - 10:53am
Which is the BEST, EASIEST to learn & most helpful"POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS"course?
29 - Tak zagadzem sie, Ja kupilem Polski Bez Problemu, przez SuperMemo dla cudzoziemcow, wydanie I, 2,3 okolo 2 lata temu i te...

Language     Marina1993holmofrur - 09:21am
HELP! Australian wanted to apply for Polish Passport via ancestory   2
52 - Saw this thread while scouring the web for info before i applied for my Polish passport so i thought I'd join...

Australia     travelbugzpawelaustralia - 05:50am
Salary and cost of living information - Krakow   2   3   4   5
122 - So I think that I cannot help you. In independent accountant earns median 5000 pln gross in 2011. Maximum for...

Work     cat500Monitor - Yesterday
Looking for Polish players to join our football team (Trowbridge and bath area, UK.)
NEW - Are you interested in playing local Sunday football for a good friendly team in the southwest of England, Trowbridge and bath...

UK, Ireland     Ali-ali -
Prostitution in Poland, is it legal?
13 - Prostitution is legal piping isn't Its as simple as that Paying for sex is also legal

Culture     businessmanMrMleczko - Yesterday

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