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please give me a favor
NEW - hey all i came here again,one year passed,i already used to and like this lovely country:) but something still mess in...

Study     anthony12345 -
poland or czech republic for studies?
NEW - I am planning to study in Europe either in Czech or Poland. I wanna know which country is better in terms...

Study     mapplesirup -
Where can I get a good American Haircut in Poznan?
12 - None of these are 100% what I mean, but they should give a clue as to the way barbers in Poznan...

Life     ongos2001jon357 - 08:05
US slaps Poland in the face (Comey Poland)   2   3
71 - And not all Jews were innocent victims. They're like anyonelelse -- good. bad and in between. The problem is that the...

News     Polonius3Polonius3 - 07:50
46 - Thanks. I've tasted sarnina (venison) and don't mind the gamey flavour. A good marinade keeps it in check.

Food     Polonius3Polonius3 - 07:34
Władysław Bartoszewski died
17 - For those in Warsaw the book of condolences for Minister Bartoszewski at the Kancelaria Premiera is available for signing until 8pm...

News     jon357jon357 - 06:59
Getting from Krakow to Warsaw   2   3   4
91 - Good advice from KPC but remember if you board the train without a ticket and want to buy one from the...

Travel     BethEJjon357 - 06:41
Going to Poland for holiday in a hijab - Polish people and Islam   2
53 - That's excellent advice, Anna. A lot of people in Poland have visited Egypt and for everyone who's sniffy about someone...

Life     lazycat12345jon357 - 06:34
Was the holocaust by Germans in Poland the worse genocide in history?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
241 - No, you provided British media sources (notorious for their anti-Polish sentiment) which only made reference but provided no proof. If...

History     cheesymacBieganski - 01:15
What Was Happening in Poland around 1905?   2
60 - ... my great grandfather came from poland in 1905 to ellis island to liszewski

History     literaturecatbyron wessell - 00:37
Why Polish aren't white??   2   3   4   ...   6   7
204 - Yep, welcome to Polishforums ;-)

Genealogy     PennBoyWulkan - 00:08
Germany provoke Poland using Silesian question. Poland's attitude ?   2   3   4   5
124 - See you didn't like the pun. Oh, well.... By the way however, apropos of the Polish-German dilemma, the late Guenter...

News     CrowLyzko - Yesterday
Politics of Poland in past, present and future; your opinion
10 - I wasn't aware that the SLD was a national minority party. Could you go into more detail about that? My...

History     CrowHarry - Yesterday
PLN to GBP - how to get the best possible rate for over 100K zloty?
24 - I certainly wouldn't change up too much at the moment. Wait for the GBP to weaken or the PLN...

UK, Ireland     ZimmieWroclaw Boy - Yesterday
Girlfriend Re-entering Canada! CBSA issues - how long does she have to leave the country before re-entry?
3 - you can call them directly

USA, Canada     ZabawkaCanda - Yesterday
Received confirmation citizenship was approved from Polish Embassy. What's next?
6 - Hopefully the process is complete for my wife. She had to go to New York (again) for a PESEL number and...

Law     grspringgrspring - Yesterday
Swiss mortgage, bankruptcy, jail, mental health etc
23 - Some people certainly struck lucky in those days. In the Polish CHF mortgage craze (which the Financial Times called "an...

Law     InForAPennyjon357 - Yesterday
One advantage of living in Poland: less commerpop nonsense
8 - The commercial commerpop crap with its carpe diem hedonism is merely accelerating the Muslim takeover. The West has long been in...

Life     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Story & Puzzle: Can we identify this military leader based on family story about Poland's second partition?
2 - If the time frame I calculated is right, then this military commander fought during so called November Uprising or...

History     SolostoneLooker - Yesterday
Family name: Mucha
18 - Merged: Mucha surname. Searching for family in Poland I would be very interested if anyone could point me in...

Genealogy     russedaisy54 - Yesterday
Tour agencies from Poland interested in Serbia
8 - I am visiting Belgrade in the summer Crow have you got any tips or useful phrases please?

Travel     Crowrozumiemnic - Yesterday
What is a good monthly salary for an English teacher in Poland?   2   3
89 - I think you should just do it because the schools that will employ you without it will not be great anyway....

Work     dieterhansrozumiemnic - Yesterday
Hewlett-Packard salary expectation in Lodz
NEW - Hi everybody, I would apply for an HP position in Lodz ... but I didn't found salary informations on glassdoor....

Work     italian -
Options for dealing with dishonest landlord in Poland   2
33 - [Link / Image / Video]

Real Estate     motylekRoger5 - Yesterday
Going to learn the Polish Genitive Case
27 - Tego is masculine, tej is feminine.

Language     indy912Canadian2222 - Yesterday
How do you say 'the previous page' in Polish?
2 - Poprzednia strona. Na poprzedniej stronie.

Language     jęzka PolskiegoPLSK - Yesterday
Salary for IT roles in Poland?
9 - Min 5000 a month in poor regions. Warsaw 10000 the ones who get 2500 are the small places like mobile...

Work     slainteCrazyInvestor - Yesterday
Are Polish men cold ?
20 - Oh please? After almost three years of the ongoing relationship you are asking whether his aloofness in bed has anything...

Love     triedandtestedVox - Yesterday
Budapest or Warsaw - which would be a better place for a designer life?
5 - Do you plan on learning Hungarian? It's far more difficult to pick up than Polish though the women might be a...

Life     erenercanIgen - 26 Apr 2015
Pictures of Polish Jews holding coins and lemons?
8 - Thanks Pol3 I now know more about my name! it sort of explains how as a young medical student in London...

History     Bialystoker555Bialystoker555 - 26 Apr 2015

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