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When will Poland take on the EURO?
15 - that is the key for success for Poland attracting investment to poland and as you advocated, exports. But if...

News     STProp50%polish - 01:39
Looking for someone to assist with rubbish removal / price for new roof in Zgorzelec, Poland
NEW - Hi, I bought a house on the Polish border in Gorlitz and one of my friends advised me to post...

Classifieds     Edinburgh Guy -
Poland's President-Elect Duda leads in public trust - CBOS poll
19 - The Kukiz vote is falling away, as entirely expected. The other parties haven't even started to campaign yet, but I...

News     Polonius3delphiandomine - 00:44
Does democratic Poland guarantee it's LGBT citizens respect for human and civil rights?   2   3   4   ...   21   22
656 - Maybe but not by definition in the dictionary, Bible, by Christians, Muslims, or the majority of the world. Makes...

News     ziutajohnny reb - 00:22
Can I rent a studio in Wroclaw in range from 500 to 1000 PLN ?
8 - fabiand it depends how much you want to spend. 1-2KM is pl.Bema which has very nice apartments for ~2800-3200zł monthly,...

Real Estate     msam88frd - 00:13
Questions about living in Wroclaw, Poland
4 - 1. Yelp works in Poland just as anywhere else: ... For food there's polish language only website with...

Life     ewohlkenfrd - 00:04
What is deducted from a salary in Poland apart from Income tax?   2
58 - @ InPolska I appreciate your response here. I do want to only work in poland itself but if current poland...

Work     preetfzrPrahama - Yesterday
Why English do not like Polish?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
193 - I totally agree with you.You can even see that here on PF.Brits have attitudes and i think is inferiority complex,jealousy and...

UK, Ireland     mietek emigrantPork Seller - Yesterday
Polish women and foreign men   2   3
68 - I think love and compatibility has a little to do with culture, religion, and country of origin, but is mostly an...

Love     EM_WaveYash 1977 - Yesterday
Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland   2   3
88 - There are jobs, however a good command of Polish is needed.

Work     rajesh321jon357 - Yesterday
Electronic invoicing service in Poland for businesses? E-invoices (e-faktury)
8 - Dziekuje to both the recent posters above, I shall check those out :)

Work     eh?eh? - Yesterday
Do I have any Polish physical traits?
22 - Geneticists say it's a 'Dinaric' trait. That could also include people in Greece. The exact term is planoccipital. If you...

Genealogy     Mark Layheejon357 - Yesterday
Thoughts on chemical engineering education in Poland / Silesia University of Technology
4 - To Wulkan: I realize I would be very lucky if I get work in Poland or at least an internship or...

Study     RedoxoRedoxo - Yesterday
The Witcher 3 game - Poland's great success
6 - Finished the game last week and it is glorious. The glowing reviews, including a perfect 10/10 from the largest gaming site...

News     gregy741Player1 - Yesterday
Bribery and corruption 'fact of life' in Poland according to Ersnt and Young findings.   2   3   4
94 - Actually I am not politically affiliated and prefer to stay that way. I find both parties suck, but one sticks out...

Life     poland_Polsyr - Yesterday
Pack from Ireland to Poland via An Post
15 - Was his name Pat by any chance?

UK, Ireland     jimenezvianneyJollyRomek - Yesterday
Health system in Poland one of the worst in Europe: report   2
60 - ... Poland has gone down in the score and is now 31st in Europe for its healthcare.

Life     peterwegweeg - Yesterday
Bachelors in Civil / Mechanical Engineering in Poland.
27 - There are no jobs for foreign students, and is not easy to find job in mechanical engineering. If it was...

Work     searchroElRancho - Yesterday
House keeper full time required in UK Nottingham
2 - ...and you will pay 5 pounds an hour....? and ask her to work for 48 hours per week with no holiday...

Classifieds     Lucy Watsonterri - Yesterday
Apartment Painting in Poland
NEW - I am returning to Krakow in September and would like my apartment painted before I arrive. I want to have it...

Life     grspring -
Why Genitive instead of Accusative in Polish language?
8 - That's the case, although, I don't think in the past it was different. This is just a difference between the formal...

Language     Taneyevnotes007 - Yesterday
UK's 1471 number recall - equivalent in Poland
5 - For mobile phones such a service is not needed, you always can see the number of who is calling, unless this...

Life     Webkotkpc21 - Yesterday
Does Indian movie releases in Poland ?
2 - Kino Luna sometimes has them (though not all the time) as does the University and this site might be useful for...

Life     Newindianjon357 - Yesterday
Have a job in America ($100K a year) - should I move back to Poland?
9 - Remember that when Americans talk about how much they 'make', they usually quote the gross amount including any bonuses and...

Work     Amerykanskiiijon357 - Yesterday
Poland's Space Programme ;)
5 - Poland already has a space programme - it's part of the European Space Agency. Exactly. The same problem with...

News     NocyMrokjon357 - Yesterday
Poland or Philippines? Which is better for a vacation? (sex tourism)   2
36 - Poland is very nice place for sexturism. In Thailand girls or Philippines girls are used more (if You know what...

Travel     USA rocks!Rharr - Yesterday
What are the job opportunities in Poland for a young Italian with a law degree?   2   3
72 - Let us know if you find something:-) Again, set your sights OUTSIDE of Europe. If however your wealthy, testosterone-pumping economic powerhouse...

Work     ChimismiLyzko - 2 Jul 2015
Job offer from IT Giant in Katowice. Information on tax and rental costs needed.   2   3
63 - That's quite a low wage. Below the average for Katowice. Are you sure it's gross? Survivable though, if you're very...

Work     Ghillijon357 - 2 Jul 2015
Racism & study with part time jobs in Warsaw ?   2
46 - Even Polish students have difficulty finding jobs in Poland. You're a foreigner that doesn't speak Polish, so your chances of finding...

Work     RuffryderDominicB - 2 Jul 2015
H.F. Glade sailing from Bremmerhaven, Germany to Honolulu, HI 1897 & 1892 Galicians
7 - Ahoi Mr. Sagewitz, Ahoi mister legend joke, I think between your page 1 and page 2 a side with...

Genealogy     sagewizMateGlade - 2 Jul 2015

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