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Salary and cost of living information - Krakow   2   3   4   5
121 - The position's name is in English as it is a US company - Supervisor of Mutual Fund Services.

Work     cat500samirany - 06:55pm
Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
208 - those two never existed rest if were still possible to change (they are not, would be woth...

Law     gilmazchintMarysienka - 06:06pm
What salary can I expect to get in Wroclaw for 12 years of finance experience?
1 - I've mentioned these pdfs today already: http://tiny.cc/hays-pdf http://tiny.cc/outsourcing-pdf

Work     kalagareMonitor - 05:42pm
Photos, meeting, secretary, online - short phrases into Polish
8 - For 10: "How many times per week you have time (is it possible for you) to meet?" Kaja, I think...

Translation     AnneMarie2014Michael2934 - 05:17pm
Which sim card to buy in Poland?
26 - Play is good reception-wise in urban areas, once you get outside cities/towns it's by far the worst network. However, it's probably...

Life     hansiaczeksmurf - 04:11pm
East Prussia - German Poles who lived in pre-second world war in this area
2 - I doubt it very much. The article to which Szczecinianin points out explains it very well. Szczecinianin, is sz-n.com...

History     East PrussianZiemowit - 03:33pm
Where in Poland is the town of Laka?
23 - What is your Wilk ancestral connection to Laka or Lukawiec???? Many of my Wilk family originated in Laka or close...

Genealogy     EllieEMaloney - 03:33pm
Benefit entitlement in Poland for foreigners   2
37 - Man...this is Poland :) Average salary here is around 1200zl. And yes, the benefit system is ****** up...

Law     AussieSheilaufo973 - 01:21pm
Salary of a Procurement Junior Specialist in Warszawa?
2 - Thanks a lot!

Work     marso89marso89 - 12:50pm
Independent Scotland and the Poles   2   3   4   ...   10   11
315 - Russell Brand on Scotland

UK, Ireland     crochetbitch88Wroclaw Boy - 12:02pm
Getting in Australia? (working /holiday visa)
3 - Merged: WORK AND HOLIDAY VISA AUSTRALIA FOR POLISH CITIZEN Hello! I am Polish citizen and I would like...

Australia     chappie4Debora - 11:19am
Children's pocket money rate in Poland.
8 - There must be a proper amount if you want to teach your kids about money, my kids save some (for a...

Culture     RoystonvaseyPani A - 10:00am
Teaching English in Poland? I am American and I have the CELTA certification.   2
37 - You can contact schools online. Here are some adds: But you will have bigger chance writing from Poland. You will...

Work     TJDMonitor - 09:29am
Looking to connect with people with ties to Dobropole
4 - Hi, my great grandparents were from Poland with the last name czajkowski. My dad says that in Poland our family was...

Genealogy     kcarnleycorinn - 05:25am
TROCKI / TROCKA & Buczyńska families from Suwalki area
1 - TROCKI: toponymic nick from Torki in Lithuania, once the seat of the Karaim ethno-relgious group. BUCZYŃSKI: root-word buk (beech); toponymic...

Genealogy     DulciannaPolonius3 - 04:14am
Websites detailing marriage/birth records in Greater Poland ( 1880-1929 )?
6 - Depends. After the 1820 Act Regulating Passenger Lists, at least the immigrants' country of origin had to be listed....

Genealogy     sonofmaciekTheOther - 12:06am
'I hope you don't mind me contacting you'... into Polish please.
5 - Seems little bit out of context, but here you go: she picked her (a child) up, everything's fine Sweetheart, how's...

Translation     MagoLooker - Yesterday
Poland's apartment prices continue to fall   2   3   4   ...   63   64
1,892 - Looks like there's some new found optimism among some sellers. I heard last week that a friend of a friend lost...

Real Estate     peterwegInWroclaw - Yesterday
Cost of importing a car from Germany
4 - Yes Jon - I thought this thread was worth a bump to warn all the foreigners here who...

Law     AhamdDougpol1 - Yesterday
Secrets of Polish Freemasons at the National Museum, Warsaw
4 - Anyway, where did Paderewski keep his "baphomet statues"? On top of the piano?

Culture     cyrkieljon357 - Yesterday
Białka Tatrzańska- Activities to do over Christmas & New Year
2 - Yep we've gone for the family room, so that's good, the thermal pools are on the list and we'll look out...

Travel     vjmehravjmehra - Yesterday
Activation of purchased Orange mobile data?
2 - You won't lose it and their website has instructions to top up. The receipt should be self-explanatory though, even if it's...

Life     iamkjellejon357 - Yesterday
Seller won't answer, item hasn't arrived.. Could somebody help me sort out problems for allegro.pl?
5 - Message the seller, open a claim when you can't reach him. If he claims that he did send your item,...

Life     vintaheeLooker - Yesterday
Quick translation of " Do what you want with me " please
5 - Yes

Translation     Guestcinek - Yesterday
What is the reason for POLISH jokes ?   2   3   4   ...   16   17
493 - These jokes tend to be universal. One nationality always tells them about a neighbour or friend and they indicate more...

Culture     Wielgolewskijon357 - Yesterday
Indian or Mexican food in Warsaw.   2   3
65 - In a toss up about which is more 'tasty', pierogi leniwe, kopytki, ser bialy, schabowy and pyzy on on one...

Travel     Cali manjon357 - Yesterday
What is the Cheapest way to send money FROM POLAND to INDIA ?
20 - HI, I am from India as well. The best way till now I have found to send money to India...

Law     SatyanamSSCzes - Yesterday
Prostitution in Poland, is it legal?
12 - Merged: To which degree is prostitution legal or illegal in Poland? To which degree is prostitution legal or illegal...

Culture     businessmanAnneMarie2014 - Yesterday
Applying for a PIO card (Person Of Indian Origin) at the Indian Embassy in Warsaw
8 - Really Good Information.

Law     Satyanamsgsms - Yesterday
Oriental and Indian grocery in Ursynow, Warsaw
1 - That is great! Enjoy shopping!! :)

Travel     Serenesgsms - Yesterday

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