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Local elections - anyone care to comment?   2
37 - Poland: Occupying protesters evicted from Electoral Commission HQ

News     InWroclawCrow - 04:46pm
English to Polish Translation - "Freckles loves Pumpkin".
21 - If you don't like "perfect" here, you may understand it as "normal". I wouldn't. If he is a...

Translation     GirlfriendZiemowit - 04:29pm
Good neighbourhood to live in with rental up to 2000/month? Modern apartment around Lublańska, Kraków, Poland
NEW - Hello forum, I may soon move to Krakow because of my new job. My future employer is located at Lublańska,...

Real Estate     OnTheMove -
Shifting to Poland - 6000PLN after tax good enough for Krakow?
6 - Merged: Is it Enough? Hello, I'll be moving to Krakow early next year. I would like to know...

Work     AKR0710CuriousToKnow - 03:58pm
How to find work in Warsaw "if u don't speak Polish" !
17 - Monitor lives in Munich, Germany, so he must have confounded "English" with "Englisch". But the use of "good" instead...

Work     still_wisherZiemowit - 03:37pm
What do you like about Poland?   2   3   4
102 - Have you noticed the checkout assistants opening packaging and looking inside? It isn't to ensure that you as a customer...

Life     Marynka11jon357 - 02:08pm
Is it going to be hard for me to find a part time Job in Warsaw?
26 - Yes - such a shame. I miss the buskers and colourful ads. The Warsaw Metro has such a sombre and...

Work     Klaudiaaajon357 - 01:17pm
Regular UK visitor to Krakow - How to meet people and make friends?   2   3
62 - Zach, the "Irish Mbassy" or "Bull Pub" are pretty good places to meet some people rather quickly. Particularly Irish Mbassy will...

Travel     MichelleCherryJollyRomek - 12:42pm
Are women from Poland scared of good looking guys?   2
46 - What a great conversation this is. Makes me wonder how low the self-esteem of some people must be, if they feel...

Love     Sven1985JollyRomek - 12:35pm
Is Aleska a Polish baby name ?   2
42 - I think that you can rule out Aleska as a Polish name. Even if you did find it in some...

Genealogy     jarek869Sparks11 - 12:11pm
First Remembrance Ceremony at Lidzbark Warminski
6 - In Malbork there is also one.

News     Treveksobieski - 11:26am
Where to buy British mature Cheddar Cheese and salted butter in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   10   11
311 - I've never known that to happen here with the cheese, or the frozen fish, or any of the lines I...

Food     welshguyinpolaInWroclaw - 11:22am
Study nursing in Poland, move to Uk?
5 - I am studying to become a nurse but in Spain. I am thinking of becoming a matron too. Study everything from...

Study     vikkiitoriacandycandy - 10:26am
Black Week instead of Black Friday - where?
NEW - Hi, i'm interested in polish books and i'm looking for some special sale or discount in bookstore (dot.com). So...

USA, Canada     mol_ksiazkowy11 -
Contemplating moving to Poland with the intention of buying a property out-right and living there
1 - From what I've heard, smaller cities, especially in north of England have very similar prices to Gdynia or Kraków....

Real Estate     MaximilianMonitor - 09:42am
Australian citizen - Inheriting studio apartment in Warsaw
1 - Why would tax outweigh the value of the property? It's possible only if your grandma has some debts and then you...

Real Estate     hedonisticyouMonitor - 09:21am
My experience in Poland 15 years ago as an American trying to live and work there.   2   3   4   5   6
157 - I lived in Poznan. I bought my first little place in 2001 for a song, but really got taken...

Life     michaelmansunSzczerbaty - 04:57am
English to Polish translation (different types of garbage/recycling bins)
5 - All the waste, maybe except these coming from industry, factories etc., are "odpady komunalne" or "bytowe". "Pozostałe odpady" is OK....

Translation     bw2894kpc21 - Yesterday
English speaking hairdresser in Katowice?
3 - thanks!!

Life     candycandycandycandy - Yesterday
Regarding Entering Poland
7 - It depends on the type of Visa. If it is a "Type D" visa, then yes, travel to other...

Work     shr711JollyRomek - Yesterday
Where Can I Find Young People For My Start-up Project? (web development)
1 - Freelancer.com guru.com

Work     projectWBMonitor - Yesterday
Is an US born physician able to practice medicine in Poland? Currently practicing in USA.
1 - You must speak Polish fluently. Perhaps your wife could practice in other EU contry where you dcould be allowed to work...

Work     artbasiaMonitor - Yesterday
Christmas Fair in Gdańsk - worth visiting?
6 - But out of all the ones you've seen, which would you say was the best, if someone wanted to visit...

Travel     sobieskiZiutek - Yesterday
Canadian Moving to Poznan - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child.
14 - You can buy transformers in Polish website: ... Mind that its maximum power must be larger than device which you want...

Life     MelisMonitor - Yesterday
Bike stolen today near Metro Służew in Warsaw
5 - 11/23 Update: Went though some old pictures and found a few of my bike. Linking to the album on Imgur:...

Life     AlternateUnivAlternateUniv - Yesterday
Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland?   2   3
60 - You are in denial.

Food     Polonius3Rand - Yesterday
Polish Migration to the UK - A moderate speaks!
29 - Wow!, such anglophobic bitterness in your saga Jan.

UK, Ireland     Idea_logicaltictactoe - Yesterday
Important etiquette question: bite of the herring first, then a shot, or shot first, then a herring?
13 - Thanks all, it was a huge hit! I didn't even bother with the bread. All my herring is gone, along with...

Culture     f stopf stop - Yesterday
2 - Which channel on skybox is ufc on

Sports     el_easymarkman - Yesterday
New Years in Chicago - College Aged Student (Sylwester w Chicago)
NEW - Hey all, Me and two friends are going to Chicago for New Years. Does anyone know any fun...

USA, Canada     ChicagoPL -

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