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POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country?   2   3   4   ...   32   33
979 - Use Russian, we all understand it. How come?

History     PolsonVlad1234 - 03:04
Presidential elections and debates 2015 Poland   2   3   4   ...   13   14
407 - didnt know that..but he didn't seem to be front line PIS trooper in the past.i hope he will cooperate with...

News     pawiangregy741 - 01:28
Polish people are the most ignorant people in the world!   2   3   4   ...   7   8
224 - Wow, you haven't said a word of truth. I suggest you educate yourself.

Life     WizardGodWhy - 01:18
Does democratic Poland guarantee it's LGBT citizens respect for human and civil rights?
17 - Ewww, I hope not!!!

News     ziutaGodWhy - 01:14
Why are Polish so conservative and religious?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
223 - Hopefully never.

Life     MikeUSAGodWhy - 00:54
Clark University in Warsaw Campus (Professional Communication)
2 - hi it is american university, same as other university in warsaw, language of study is English,they want English transcript and...

Study     Matt6team - 00:39
Slavic languages words similarities with Polish   2   3   4
117 - On the other hand, certain basic words such as Polish "tydzień" cf. "tyden" in Czech, "Dzień dobry" and "Dobry den" point...

Language     Vlad1234Vlad1234 - 00:19
Romanian manual labour workers in the UK making Poles look bad.
11 - Then, as a champagne conservative, I feel I must endorse Roger5's sentiments. My friends and family in the UK, confirm what...

UK, Ireland     Wroclaw BoyAvalon - Yesterday
Good enough for British - Joseph Conrad? Poland-born novelist.
21 - Reading "Lord Jim" and "Heart of Darkness" in highschool, never once did I even suspect that his first or only language...

History     Polonius3Lyzko - Yesterday
Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents   2
57 - Merged: I was adopted in Poland 26 years ago. Now I'm looking for my mum in Lodz - how to...

Genealogy     edward22dorotajanssen - Yesterday
Poland's Temporary residence card after marriage; I entered Europe without visa, the officials are stalking me
15 - Gosc!!! You just need to thinking positive.. Polsyr!! Thanks again for your positive and reallity basis advice.

Law     kashkash - Yesterday
Why English do not like Polish?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
191 - Do you know any English people? I think you'll find that's illegal. Also, you spelt 'prejudiced' incorrectly....

UK, Ireland     mietek emigrantMister H - Yesterday
'Two years of continuously stay in Poland prior application' - Interpretation of clause in Permanent Residence
NEW - Hi everyone.. Have a question which has been bothering me. I've been married to my Polish wife for almost 5years now....

Law     chukaz0306 -
Question on conversion of a Schengen visa to Polish Temporary Residence Card (TRC)
3 - any body knows the rules about Polish immigration i have a valid Schengen visa how can i apply for immigration in...

Travel     nesta12jony - Yesterday
Does Medicover insurance in Poland cover the cost for test done? (blood test or similar)
6 - @Ind: what do you want us to do? If it is a corporate policy, there is nothing you can do....

Life     Ind123Gosc123456 - Yesterday
Need help on my driving license (lost my national license in Poland)
9 - I'm not sure - why would they issue a new licence to you if they didn't issue the old licence? You...

Law     ddandan70eh? - Yesterday
My Love Story: my 'good' family vs her 'bad' family in Poland
24 - Well Thank you all about your opinions but the satiation have many circumstances that effect My relation with her, that I...

Love     Jaky007Jaky007 - Yesterday
What is the Rent for 1 Bed Room Flat in Wroclaw & what is the security Deposit?
4 - Merged: Accomodation/ room on rent in Wroclaw Hello friends, I am from India and i will be coming to...

Real Estate     Krishh2012sharma2387ba - Yesterday
Best location to open Polish shop in the UK
3 - Bit of a chore to find it, but it might be here somewhere ... though probably easier to find in...

UK, Ireland     AgnieszkaGeh? - Yesterday
What is the typical expat diet while living in Poland?   2
45 - My breakfasts are the Old Polish żur about 2 times a week (with hard-boiled egg and cubed twaróg in); other days...

Food     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Polonia shows the way - 4/5 of PolAms for Duda - the new President of Poland
6 - Democracy in form as it meant to ,works only within small communities,like village ,where people know each other,and base...

USA, Canada     Polonius3gregy741 - Yesterday
Ankieta - wybory prezydenckie w Polsce
20 - Senator PiS Jan Maria Jackowski: "Razem ze zwycięstwem Andrzeja Dudy Platforma Obywatelska traci pełnię władzy i zaczyna się nowy okres dla...

Po polsku     TorqPolonius3 - Yesterday
Flight from Katowice to Luton with Wizzair. Best way to book?
NEW - Hi there My sister is trying to buy a one way flight from Katowice to Luton, using Wizzair. The total...

Travel     WielkiPolak -
Taxis from Gdansk airport?   2
41 - Hi, if You looking for taxi from airport gdansk check this offer gdansk airport taxi, ask for specials offer and...

Travel     moondusttaxigdansk - Yesterday
Visiting Warsaw and some pointers on clubs, restaurants and decent nightlife for people 25-55 and transfer
8 - Merged: One Night In Warsaw Hi looking for some travel advice please! Me and a friend are due...

Travel     BOTLHunty87 - Yesterday
Kto wygrał debatę Komorowski-Duda?
11 - Czy po zwycięstwie Dudy czy odetchnęli¶cie z ulg± czy wręcz odwrotnie -- ze zgrzytaniem zębów? Dlaczego?

Po polsku     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Would Polish women mind dating someone from Mexico?
10 - "She doesn't see you, you don't see her. How she imagines you? That way:" Read that as many times, as...

Love     AnsmariVeles - Yesterday
Advice on Teaching English in Poland   2   3   4   ...   23   24
696 - From personal experience, I can second that. Although speaking Polish is an advantage, it is by no means a necessity....

Work     CzestochowaKosm - Yesterday
Salary expectations in Poland   2   3   4   ...   10   11
316 - Good Morning; I was wondering what is the salary for a technical position, for a recent graduate with no experience....

Work     norgean^.^ - Yesterday
Best, safe Polish dating sites?   2   3
69 - Polish dating uk is a con received a number of emails fro women but as soon as i paid so that...

Love     lavandulgymbrown - Yesterday

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