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Are there social benefits for foreign families living in Poland?
3 - Oh, sorry, Sounds like it may not be in your budget at the moment to be able to complete...

Law     Luhanajohnny reb - 03:35am
My Grandfather was born in Poland and migrated abroad - Can I get a Polish Passport?   2
57 - Why would I pay and strive to be in my real homeland? Like I said, the US isn't as great as...

Genealogy     arkkasalLisaLisa - 02:47am
part time earning for student in Krakow?
NEW - hi I am student in krakow and have little savings, I do not want to spend time in job but wish...

Work     Luhana -
how would this translate to English? Rzeczpospolita przez setki...
4 - Translation:- The Republic by hundreds of years of the most stable border was from the side of Germany and the Czech...

Translation     PanGoreckishade - 12:48am
Closed: Do Polish people hate Muslims?   2   3   4   ...   10   11
303 - Merged: Ask your questions on Islam & Muslims Hello, I'm relatively new to Poland, but while browsing...

Culture     PolskiweedMarwan - 12:21am
Independent Scotland and the Poles   2   3   4   ...   13   14
404 - Absolutely gutted. Disbelief, anger. I'm not angry towards the No voters ( well not all of them ),...

UK, Ireland     crochetbitch88szkotja2007 - 12:11am
Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language.   2   3   4
101 - Very useful, this selection of links. Thanks for the effort !

Language     cjjcMarwan - 12:00am
Polish birth, death and marriage records in Russian scripts?
16 - I was wondering if anyone might know of how and where to find information using Russian gov't archives to obtain birth...

Genealogy     Patrycja19drk - Yesterday
Which is the best city in Poland to open a kebab shop?
12 - Not much money there - and as I remember a ton of competition. Warsaw is a better bet though the...

Law     BreakingBadjon357 - Yesterday
New PL law -- old car insurer obligated to continue insurance on a vehicle that is between renewals?
11 - This happened when we did it (the other way round) however you do need to check it's been done.

Law     InWroclawjon357 - Yesterday
How to make this syrup for Polish Ginger Beer?
7 - You can buy the ginger syrup for SodaStream in Warsaw (Makro usually have), however to put in beer, you should...

Food     extr444jon357 - Yesterday
Where to buy golf shoes in Warsaw?
2 - centrumgolf.pl/dojazd-9 golfhelp.pl/kontakt-f-1.html golf.bunkierstore.pl/kontakt,p1.html

Sports     fareasttigerLooker - Yesterday
What are Research Scientists earning in Poland?
2 - ok my friend! it means Poland is in crisis too. and what if I come to Poland for 2 or 3...

Work     shadeshade - Yesterday
Gdynia Meet-Up this Friday
13 - Hi, Thank you for the info. We will hopefully find the Donegal pub and give it a visit on Friday....

Events     weetzielynnportglasgow - Yesterday
Photos, meeting, secretary, online - short phrases into Polish
12 - 13. "Where can we meet?" 14. "Tell me all the details about how do you imagine our meetings" thank...

Translation     AnneMarie2014AnneMarie2014 - Yesterday
Children's pocket money rate in Poland.
9 - two ways come to my mind 1) 10z³ notes only. She won't swallow it. 2) 9z³ (coins only...

Culture     Roystonvaseypeter_olsztyn - Yesterday
Are polish women scared of good looking guys?
15 - Yes. One thing I've often thought about is how an actor or actress can appear either good looking or ugly...

Love     Sven1985jon357 - Yesterday
Which is the best university in Warsaw? (I want to study MSc.Bioinformatics)
NEW - hello friends! i want to study MSc.Bioinformatics in Warsaw so can anyone suggest me the best university and do they offer...

Study     shade -
Help learning polish language in Wroclaw (any good language school)?
23 - Merged: To learn Polish in Wroclaw Hello, I move from France to Wroclaw in two weeks for...

Study     slask new boyHoggar213 - Yesterday
Kopacz at the helm; forceful female leader
3 - So relatively normal for a politician in Poland then.

News     sylviojon357 - Yesterday
Where are the English Speaking Expats in Krakow ?
2 - I read somewhere that on Wednesday evenings, some meet up at the Budda Bar off the Main Square.

Events     superuser1999terri - Yesterday
Best Polish Food in Sydney?
24 - Same thing here went there the other week and it's gone ? Devastated!

Australia     pudddddinBern - Yesterday
How to get to Morskie Oko from Zakopane?
5 - 6 am is not that early, some kiosks will already be open in Zakopane, so check there for the maps. If...

Travel     Toninomilawi - Yesterday
Visa to Poland? Invitation by a Polish student?
3 - my brother(bangladesh) has a girl friend in poland.she wants to send him a visa invitation so that he can visit poland...

Work     abu3issasalman53 - Sep 19, 2014
Archaeologists uncover buried gas chambers at Sobibor, Poland death camp
4 - Learn grammar. He's referring to "Sobibor, Poland". Not making any comment about the builders of that camp. If he was, he'd...

News     InWroclawjon357 - Sep 19, 2014
New Shakespeare theatre in Gdańsk
2 - I don't know if the man himself was ever in Gdansk, however it looks likely he travelled. A few years...

Culture     jon357jon357 - Sep 19, 2014
Internet providers In Poznan?
5 - Da3bOur213 keep away from Vectra or you will be sorry.

Life     Da3bOur213peter_olsztyn - Sep 19, 2014
Not possible to find a Hardware/DIY store near Mokotów, Warszawa?
1 - Now I know that my destination is Belgium ;) In return we have a lot of boutiques, pharmacies...

Life     wmertenspeter_olsztyn - Sep 19, 2014
Do Polish People Really Hate Tusk?
7 - In pretty well every country (except perhaps North Korea) a significant number of people hate their political leader, especially after...

News     notpolishjon357 - Sep 19, 2014
Five Polish Students Died along the Somerset Coast in 1994 - what happened?
8 - If it happened, it certainly is. Local newspaper archives, especially pre-2000, are not always online.

UK, Ireland     nwsomersetjon357 - Sep 19, 2014

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