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Researching " FURDAL" Family Tree
2 - Hi My name is Judy Furdal from Canada and noticed you wanting information about my grandfather Peter Furdal. Windsor Ontario Canada...

Genealogy     Spencer333tidycatwomen - 06:30am
How can I find out if my parents still hold their Polish Citizenship?
2 - Hi Looker, all joined now ;) Thanks for the application but I already have filled this out. All I really need...

Law     monskimonski - 04:17am
How do Polish universities compare with those of other Central/Eastern European countries?
5 - It seems that also many students from west europe even US choose to study medicine in Poland, do these Medical Courses...

Study     SirabunSirabun - 03:43am
Hello, I would be grateful to get ideas how to invest sum of 500,000ZL in warsaw - real estate is recommended?
8 - exactly this article from the blog: jakoszczedzacpieniadze.pl/zarabianie-na-wynajmie

Real Estate     AvivMonitor - 12:18am
Polish pet names
9 - And my uncles (sorry, I forgot about them lol).

Language     BMAN2000Paulina - Yesterday
Stanislaw (Jan) Czternastek & Bronislaw Wydrowski - searching info on Polish War Pilots
23 - What about Zenon Andrzejewski, the author of "Przemyskie Orlęta 1939 r."? Because that's the only feedback I got from that...

Genealogy     Bernie2Paulina - Yesterday
Car hire Przemysl
10 - If anyone is looking for car hire in Przemyśl the best option would be to hire a car from Rzeszów. There...

Travel     escapee3Krzysztof125 - Yesterday
Curious about differences Polish people see with the British?   2   3
80 - Rather stuffy place I would have to say ole chap. Why the bur up the backside ? I always get...

UK, Ireland     Annna1johnny reb - Yesterday
Buying a property in Poland to rent out from the UK   2   3
79 - Actually, in some cases the numbers are only good for UK landlords if the British government keep supporting the market...

Real Estate     paulkaczmarInWroclaw - Yesterday
British/Polish medical team find cure for paralysis
2 - On BBC News the British professor said it was a Polish surgeon who brought the idea to them and...

News     jon357InWroclaw - Yesterday
A question about divorce - how to get it from my ex who left Poland to Germany?
1 - Go and see a good lawyer and not ask people (on a public forum) who are not lawyers.

Law     ghostterri - Yesterday
Need translation from Polish to English on a recording - It's about a girl-guy situation
4 - I tried to help, but i can't hear any word clearly.

Translation     Nice91Insomnia - Yesterday
Any Pole with predominant Black or African ancestry?
1 - 34 million poles, maybe there are some. Maybe not. Why skin color matters so much? If we were talking...

Genealogy     dajdhakfgaVFGUALevi_BR - Yesterday
In what context should I take being told, "I like you very much"?
3 - I would argue the contrary - I recently slept with a Polish girl about an hour after she said "bardzo cie...

Love     Confusedchic93Wulasa - Yesterday
Are Polish men handsome to you?   2   3   4
102 - Actually the British came third from the bottom. Poles and Russian were the worst looking. Only 9% applicants from Poland were...

Love     zetigrekGrzegorz2013 - Yesterday
Do people in Poland live "better" than here in the UK?   2   3   4   5   6
154 - I wasn't suggesting it was.

UK, Ireland     spiritusspiritus - Yesterday
How do the Polish girls view the Chinese guys?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
263 - Hi, I'm Polish and my bf is Chinese.. I never thought of dating someone Asian, until I met him...

Love     K9999InlovewithAsian - Yesterday
NIP REGON database - business start date is shown - but is that a good idea?
8 - Hi Alex, Where can I find this company? I also would like to start a business. If this office also...

Law     InWroclawkenan2708 - Yesterday
Mobile PAYG - ringing from Poland to the UK.
3 - Thanks to all. I will check with a uk stockist as if i order a PL sim, It probably wont...

Life     bizw0zbizw0z - Yesterday
What requirements are needed to set up a street trading business in Poland
4 - Merged: What documents are needed to work as a street vendor e.g mobile bagel cart in Poland? Opening a...

Law     PADDYTRigorshnel - Yesterday
Why HMG (Her Majesty's Government) abandoned Poland to the Soviets
29 - I was merely pointing out that the strip of water hasn't always saved the British. I See you've still...

History     Ozi DanGdyniaguy14 - Yesterday
Any suggestions for wedding venues in South of Poland
22 - Sorry, I've been to Krakow a lot but wouldn't be familiar with the hotels there. I do know though...

Love     philofwalessmurf - Yesterday
When will SMOKING BE BANNED? (from public areas in Poland)
15 - Spot on. Nobody I know who has a doctorate smokes. Every unemployed person I know smokes... I smoked heavily...

Culture     Maluchjon357 - Yesterday
ATM's in Poland with Euro withdrawal facility?
3 - In a way yes. It's the very poor exchange rate that some ATMs give - not a fee as far...

Life     Anna83jon357 - Yesterday
Dual citizenship (Polish person Australian born)
9 - The same question regarding Australia - some states require renunciation of previous citizenship, how about it then? In Poland...

Australia     CountessLooker - Yesterday
Budget for a week in Poland- fast foods, some brand clothing buy, three star hotel - shared room, and clubbing
7 - American fast food chains was generally just for reference, sure I'll try the local cuisine too but that will be rare....

Travel     abdullahharoonabdullahharoon - Yesterday
Place / Surname: Łomza + Krzewo Stare / Celmer + Potynska
2 - CELMER: probably Polonised version of German names Zelmer or Zielmer. POTYŃSKI: this one is a real stumper; usually -ski ending...

Genealogy     KelesneyPolonius3 - Yesterday
Are Polish girls more romantic? South African with Polish surname, history, seeks advice on a few things
1 - It's hard to say. Some are very romantic, some are certainly not. If they feel comfortable and safe, then they...

Love     larneyleeLooker - Yesterday
Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen   2
36 - Embassy in Delhi info (I assume this applies to you even if in Bahrain if you hold...

Travel     evaEJInWroclaw - Oct 20, 2014
Poland's apartment prices continue to fall   2   3   4   ...   65   66
1,955 - Quite surprised to see a good, practical plot of building land in a good area reduced 20% in price. Unless there's...

Real Estate     peterwegInWroclaw - Oct 20, 2014

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