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The reason why leaders of Western democracies should not visit Moscow on May 9th
NEW - The 8th and the 9th of May will be marked by solemn events on the occasion of the Victory Day in...

News     dprk_leader1 -
Any English guys give me advice please. Are Polish women very different to English women?   2
35 - SMP Oct 22, 2012, 11:09am #29 I am in a relationship with a Polish girl after having...

Love     IMPALAron kemp - 12:56pm
Divorce in Poland - fault - rights to property predating the marriage
27 - Hi all, I would just add another spanner in the works re being part of the European Union. Thus it is...

Law     Varsovianron kemp - 12:30pm
My permanent residence card is being cancelled due to divorcing within 2 years of receiving it
8 - So if someone got married, got a permanent residence card and stayed with that person for, let's say, 10 years and...

Law     Siemawilhelm_wundt - 12:24pm
From Sweden to Zakopane (permanently), possible?
8 - Hyl92 - why Zakopane? If you could share your motivation then we'd might be able to help you better :)...

Life     Hyl92majekl - 12:10pm
Warsaw or Wroclaw - for better cost of living?
8 - As Pole I'd much prefer to live in Wroclaw (preferably) or Poznan than in Warsaw. Warsaw is seen by Poles as...

Life     iamgrootmajkel - 12:04pm
Cheesy pick up lines in Polish language?
4 - Fairly cheesy ones - Bolało kiedy spadłaś z nieba? Czy to nie przyśniłem Ci się dziś w nocy?...

Language     Dunkitsxerxes2 - 11:48am
Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland   2
58 - for people working in IBM, how much time the interview process takes, and how much time it took to process your...

Work     atul.noidaspidersixthsens - 11:16am
Is 7000 PLN net per month....a reasonable salary in Katowice   2
32 - Merged: What would be correct salary to ask for to work in Katowice Poland? Hi I am planning...

Work     vanraaj75spidersixthsens - 10:59am
Polish songs for open mic in a Polish restaurant in UK
3 - DominicB, thank you for your suggestions. I will consider them. As I already have few really close friends with me here...

UK, Ireland     RaiRai - 02:02am
Your favourite Polish Patriotic films
22 - Thanks!

History     king_krakLyzko - Yesterday
Possible variants of Polish surname Switzijnck
5 - Maybe Świciński? Swi = Świ tzij = ci nck = ński Sounds possibly and there is such Polish surname.

Genealogy     sobieskiPLkjdhaskjdha - Yesterday
Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash   2   3   4   ...   20   21
625 - You have no idea how Russia think. You think that the murder of Nemtsov was a political decision, or perhaps he...

News     pawianWielkiPolak - Yesterday
Polish language test, NATO Stanag 6001 format.
2 - The STANAG 6001 Polish language courses are performed by the Warsaw's National Defence Academy: ... ...

Language     Szenk88HTAFCLooker - Yesterday
Men's Barber shop in Krakow ?
3 - i had the same problem but i found the best and here in Krakow an old barber...

Life     superuser1999karol2015 - Yesterday
Poland: A Successful case of low criminality in Europe?
30 - Very good point to remember that, Paulina. Sometimes people talk with a total unjustified tone about a traditional catholic country...

News     Levi_BRLevi_BR - Yesterday
Need some help to buy Polish cars(s) Zuk pickup &/or Nysa van
13 - The ZUK is now at a similar status to the Morris 1000 in the late 70,s in UK, If...

UK, Ireland     NigelBKamaz - Yesterday
Polish Aircrew in the UK (Tulinski)   2
51 - Hello Anna, my name is Katarzyna Tulinska, my grandfather Jan Tulinski, was also your grandmothers brother. he was born in...

Genealogy     karltkasiatuli - Yesterday
Frustrated Polish Learner -- people in Poland try to speak to me in English
21 - Stand yer ground there, xerxes2 ol' man! Don't let 'em scare you off from some honest communication. If you really truly...

Language     polishfighterLyzko - Yesterday
Where to find reputable house cleaner/ cleaning agency in Poland?
2 - If you are in Warsaw, I could recommend our Ukrainian housekeeper Pani Irena who is already coming here well over four...

Life     frasersobieski - Yesterday
which bank in Poland offers the best interest for savings in euro?
12 - Dzien dobre I'm looking to invest money currently in a bank in Italy elsewhere and having a Polish wife, and...

Law     patrikBobby Bobek - Yesterday
What is the quickest and cheapest way to send money to a bank account in Poland?   2
35 - Hi, I think would be the best choice to transfer money. Rates are better than banks and transfer takes 2...

Law     LeftySSCZ - Yesterday
Poland must get back Lwow, Wilno and Brest back   2   3
84 - The Russian agenda is to redraw the map to extend their Empire. Enter into this debate and you are supporting...

History     theclasscallweeg - Yesterday
ONE DAY IN to spend the time..?
NEW - Merged: One Day in Gdansk Dzień Dobry! I am an Erasmus student who currently study at Warsaw. Me...

Travel     wildrover -
How do I verify a Polish company's existence?   2   3   4   5
143 - I would like to check this company. may I ask you for a help? Firma Traktor ul. Sucha 32-353 Sucha...

Law     Qacerzorur - Mar 30, 2015
Can I as a non-EU citizen, get a PESEL without applying for a residence permit?
3 - You don't need a PESEL in order to have Medicover membership. I have Medicover membership for myself and my family;...

Law     abhishekjain118Harry - Mar 30, 2015
Poles should emulate Jews?   2   3   4
99 - Depends on how long they plan to stay away. If 41% of the young people (on top of those...

History     Polonius3TheOther - Mar 30, 2015
Claiming WW2 medals for Polish father
22 - Hi bilWalker My father served on the ORP Blyskawica during WW2 he was in the...

Genealogy     pdv8tibbsycat - Mar 30, 2015
Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents   2
60 - I am a lawyer based in Poland and would be able to help you with all the adoption inquiries and cases,...

Genealogy     edward22Polish lawyer - Mar 30, 2015
How to find work in Warsaw "if u don't speak Polish" !   2
43 - JollyRomek, I somehow doubt that if English were your first language you would've missunderstood my prior post(s):-)

Work     still_wisherLyzko - Mar 30, 2015

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