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Was the holocaust by Germans in Poland the worse genocide in history?   2   3   4
96 - He should've said "...the accomplices of Germany in Poland, Hungary, and so many, many other places..." Fact is that the...

History     cheesymacTheOther - 04:13
Are Polish men chauvinistic?
15 - Don''t want to be seen as immature but... Uehuehehe :D

Love     manchunNocyMrok - 02:41
Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?   2
43 - I am trying to find records of my father Julian Nowak born nov 1916 in Lubola Poland. Was in military and...

History     jpwin26bish - 02:07
My reaction to a thread against foreigners marrying Polish girls   2
39 - That's one extreme example. :D

Love     loveinairNocyMrok - 01:49
Best place to buy cigarettes in Warsaw?
19 - hi, where in Warsaw can i purchase 4000 malboro red in one go

Life     PLUGdansyirman - 01:44
E36 from Germany to Poland - possibly the worst stretch of tarmac in the World?
2 - Yes it is quite good.

Travel     MorriseyYoungBilly - 01:26
Moving to Poland with Family - cost of living and salary?
10 - I think 7000 pln should be enough.

Work     ArunamanivannanYoungBilly - 01:21
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2
49 - Being a perfectionist with an eager to learn a foreign language is the best mixture. :) I understand that Your partner...

Language     Karol PolNocyMrok - 00:42
Anyone Living in Szczecin? What's the city like?   2
56 - @scotgirl My partner is from Szczecin and I honestly love it there. We travel to Szczecin 2-3 times a year and...

Life     moonlightNorwegia - Yesterday
Like to know More about Work Chances in Poland after finish Study.
3 - Thank you very much for the information.

Study     Dany IndiaDany India - Yesterday
Visa to Poland? Invitation by a Polish student?

Law     abu3issaHOUCINE - Yesterday
What is the best city in Poland to live in? Relocating to Poznan?   2
39 - I hate traffic in Wroclaw, although I suspect in every major Polish city is the same.

Life     Alexander_KLooker - Yesterday
Language Teachers - do you feel respected in Poland?   2   3
82 - @Dougpol1 couldn't agree with you more. Confidence, firmness and certainty go a long way in this line of work. Respect is...

Work     BLSKozaJumped - Yesterday
Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash   2   3   4   ...   21   22
640 - OK, so we can just look at the evidence which wasn't provided by them, i.e. the fact that ATC told...

News     pawianHarry - Yesterday
What is a physician assistant salary in Poland?
5 - Well thank you Jon and Johnny for answering my question!

Work     Mirosław K.Mirosław K. - Yesterday
Moving to Lublin from the UK
6 - Don't expect financial assistance (and in any case, the amounts of benefit, where it exists, are very low. The posters who've...

Work     Hari108jon357 - Yesterday
Polish criticism of European Union   2
57 - Indeed the best way to ensure everything is 100% safe would be a full control by a state.The police state...

News     pawianVox - Yesterday
Classic car registration in Poland
7 - Hi, I am no expert and can't answer all your questions but be sure to get a "UMOWA KUPNA...

Law     Paulski01Bikerjenko - Yesterday
NFZ and contributions and a FINE!? Working as a teacher in Poland.
4 - I pay my own health insurance and did not have to pay a fine, I started paying when my NHS cover...

Work     PushbikeBikerjenko - Yesterday
Where to buy British mature Cheddar Cheese and salted butter in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   9   10
288 - I have bought Cheddar cheese (think it was Irish) in our local LIDL Colin (Tomaszow Mazowiecki)

Food     welshguyinpolaBikerjenko - Yesterday
Do I look Polish? (my picture)   2   3   4
112 - You will have to re-size your picture to less than 100 kb. Once re-sized, click on [+] attach files ( above...

Genealogy     TheJunglistpam - Yesterday
English speaking Estate Agent In Poland - Krakow - Any Recommendations?
8 - Merged: Real estate management in Poland Hi! I'm currently writing a report concerning real estate management (more correct,...

Real Estate     hardcandyFingal - Yesterday
In your opinion, what do Polish men think of slightly larger women?
8 - I know that the average age of PF's members is around 22 years old but be aware that in Poland (like...

Love     Redrobin1989Gosc123456 - Yesterday
What do Poles really think about cats?
27 - Merged: Rademenes The Cat Too cut and appeared on TVN24. ...

Life     mjdNickidewbear - Yesterday
Possible lifestyle in Poland? Job offer - 12K to 13K PLN.
26 - Guess I will have a good time thanks guys

Life     fgonzalezDrey - Yesterday
How Polish diaspora see future of Poland? as ethnic Polish state or just Polish in origin?   2   3   4
115 - What kind of Poland do Polish Americans want to see? First of all, the truth of the matter is that 85-90%...

News     CrowPolonius3 - Apr 16 '15
Siennica, Pietrasze - looking for information about this town in Poland
3 - Thankyou jon357, i think it's one of those places you need to visit which i hope to do soon.

Genealogy     marsh77marsh77 - Apr 16 '15
Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland   2   3
82 - Youth unemployment is very high in Poland, and even during the summer, jobs that students can do are very...

Work     rajesh321DominicB - Apr 16 '15
Why English do not like Polish?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
188 - And since when have Pole's been a race ?

UK, Ireland     mietek emigranttictactoe - Apr 16 '15
Bachelors in Civil / Mechanical Engineering in Poland.
24 - Merged: Indian trying for Bachelors in engineering Hi, I am vishnu. I had done my 3 years diploma course...

Work     searchroVivi Kandy - Apr 16 '15

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