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Personal opinions - Is there western European and USA plot against interests of Poland and Polish people?
8 - Look what was said in Polish parliament Harry. Poles are aware of the criminal nature of USA and western European powers...

News     CrowCrow - 20:04
Polish language classes in Poland, advice needed!
5 - Merged: Price for individual teacher in Polish I will be staying in a smaller town in Poland for a...

Study     hallohelloChristian Krogh - 19:07
Why are Polish so conservative and religious?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
230 - Catholicism believes in many things which the vast majority of Polish people do not, such as the need to go...

Life     MikeUSAHarry - 18:49
Tracing my old car in Poland
4 - Nobody in Germany says or said that because it does not make any sense in German. -...

Law     KeithCraigJollyRomek - 18:00
Salary expectations in Poland   2   3   4   ...   10   11
325 - 6k zlotys is superb in Poland for a fresh post-grad and in the tech sector there's not a long way to...

Work     norgeanfrd - 17:17
Are Poles typically nasty people?
25 - In this area (and I make a point of saying in this area where I have 5 years experience - no...

Life     AllisonKamaz - 16:06
Admitted To Warsaw University Of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska)   2   3
67 - Merged: Warsaw University of Technology Is WUT a good university for aerospace engineering?

Study     Polandandpakistblueblackzinc - 15:58
Question for UK Poles who voted in the last British elections - what party and why?
4 - Ok, this is how it works. Any Pole living in the UK can vote in European elections, so they can have...

UK, Ireland     WielkiPolakAtch - 15:48
Does democratic Poland guarantee it's LGBT citizens respect for human and civil rights?   2   3
71 - If it does resist like anything else Pole's will be called rasicts and xenophobics just like they call everyone else opposed...

News     ziutatictactoe - 15:37
Are Polish men handsome to you?   2   3   4   5
130 - Finally someone recognized the song :D Yantina, being less than 1,68m (in case of male) is really rare. I am...

Love     zetigrekVeles - 15:00
Student from Nepal travelling to Poland with dependent for further studies
26 - It is 'possible'. But it is also possible that you will be struck by lightning or that you will...

Study     asheem_joshiHarry - 12:11
Inheritance Tax: Father died in Poland, son (British/Polish citizen) lives in UK
2 - In theory, there isn't any. Although you do have to declare it in order for it to be tax-free....

Law     Bobby61Harry - 12:07
How to look for a job in Poland   2   3   4   ...   6   7
198 - At best, it would be a dead-end cold-call sales job with little or no base pay, just commission. I would...

Work     LukaszDominicB - 12:00
Looking Into The Surname Bednarczuk: Ukrainian, Polish, Ruthenian, Belarusian, etc?
21 - The -czuk of Kowalczuk as you know is Ruthenian, Turczyn is an Old Polish (and probably also Ukrainian) word for Turk...

Genealogy     ToddOPDPolonius3 - 11:07
What kind of CV for a job in a multinational company in Poland; Europass or traditional one? Address problems.
12 - I do a lot of recruiting - maybe 15 positions a year If i wanted a Polish speaker with...

Work     italiancms - 11:00
Poland's Alior Bank reviews / ING
18 - You should ask them about it, I'm not sure 100% but it seems, you would not have to pay the fee...

Life     mondeLooker - 10:25
Give Poland back it's lost land !
19 - Because if you eat the.cake you no longer have it. u r right

History     szeligaMarsupial - 10:19
What would be expected salary for software developer in Wroclaw, Poland?
22 - Majority of people have to get by on 2, 3 or 4 thousand or less net even in big cities. Not...

Work     Arun147eh? - 09:07
American people attitude towards Poles in the USA   2   3
83 - Not as Sad as going back to an 8 year old thread to attack me Limey Alert!!...

USA, Canada     sledzsledz - 06:10
London vs Kraków - considering a move
8 - Unless you have some highly in demand and exotic IT or accounting skills and experience, there are no "better paid alternatives"...

Life     MisfitDominicB - 02:30
Polish or any Slavic language key to any other Slavic languages?   2   3   4   5
124 - In defense of Polish, it has a tenderness, almost more upbeat sounding, whereby Russian sort of oozes along like a viscous...

Language     spell of blissLyzko - 01:19
Local business finder in Poland
2 - There is Yelp in Poland: Most restaurants have only one review, though, and I'm sure that lots...

Life     dank41582DominicB - 00:59
Kto wygrał debatę Komorowski-Duda?
18 - Duda także przedstawi większiej integrację z UE a Wielka Brytania czyli PM Cameron jest zadowolony z nim.

Po polsku     Polonius3Lyzko - Yesterday
Slavic languages words similarities with Polish   2   3   4   5   6
152 - Of the two languages, Russian on the one hand, has borrowed comparatively less from, say, Latin, in contrast with Polish(..which is...

Language     Vlad1234Lyzko - Yesterday
Safety to live in Bialystok, Poland?
27 - Merged: Bialystok, one night and day Hey, I am probably needing to stop at Bialystok in August with my...

Life     weintomeKaunase - Yesterday
British people more intelligent than the Poles?   2
48 - Reading all the comments in this thread, I think the average IQ of the people arguing is what needs to be...

UK, Ireland     hudsonhicksyaizindiya - Yesterday
Poland is unsafe for visiting British Citizens ! - so I've been told ...
16 - Wow, some people here are extremely racist like that character Wulkan. I hope most Poles are not that insecure about themselves....

Travel     IvorSmallFaucetyaizindiya - Yesterday
I met a Polish girl lately, easy come easy go?
8 - Why not become real friends before thinking ahead, eh? From what you have written, it hardly appears that she wants to...

Love     fdgewryaizindiya - Yesterday
Travel to Poland - tips and suggestions!
3 - Brilliant answer, mate! Thanks. Indeed, the salt mines and Auschwitz were definitely on our bucket list. Looks like it might be...

Travel     yaizindiyayaizindiya - Yesterday
Are Poles mentally more Eastern European or Western European?   2   3   4
119 - Definitely Eastern European.

Life     slaviayaizindiya - Yesterday

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