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Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees   2   3   4   ...   18   19
542 - oh Roger, please! Don't kid yourself.

News     Levirozumiemnic - 21:08
WWII - who really was the first to help Poland?   2   3   4   ...   15   16
467 - Chinese president nicely said: ``Britain is today insignificant country.``

History     onaCrow - 20:57
Time for Slavic Commonwealth around Poland as center   2
39 - All great conglomerates of the past and our time were formed by some leading people or nation and on the first...

History     CrowCrow - 20:46
Have PO (Platforma) operatives in Poland fallen into a panic?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
236 - Don't forget granny - the Polish babcia finding her little ones plucked away from her. This is a big part...

News     Polonius3jon357 - 20:30
Did Polish citizens required to do military service after 1920 lose citizenship if they got it elsewhere?
2 - I guess the age doesn't matter if you keep or lose Polish citizenship as long as you don't acquire citizenship of...

Law     YellowRedBlackNathans - 19:19
The 'sneeze' word - it has double meaning in Polish??
3 - It's possible that they confuse the word 'sneeze' with 'cheers' / 'cheerio'; in that case, they may insinuate that you hardly...

Language     JamiesoberNathans - 18:57
Ambulans displacing karetka - similar meaning of different Polish words?
20 - The "R" stands fro RATUNKOWY (rescue ambulance). That's the with a doctor or paramedic on board and fitted with emergency...

Language     Polonius3Polonius3 - 18:05
Referendum to cost Polish taxpayers nearly 130 mln zl amid uncertain turnout
20 - Well, y'know, it's like everything here, the money's been misused. Surely 10-15% of it could've been used to inform the...

News     Polonius3smurf - 16:48
Christian Fellowships & Prayer groups in Poland - Szczecin
9 - If they're anything like the ICF on Pulawska, they should be OK. Good that you found them!

Life     cyrilrajjon357 - 16:29
Nazi gold train 'found in Poland'   2
48 - I didn't read them, because there are so many people posting the most ridiculous things on the DM comments section just...

News     jon357delphiandomine - 16:16
Help and Guidance needed on Poland Work and Move. Gdansk, Senior Management role salary.
11 - Have a look here. Most look between 1500 and 2000. There will also be bills (gas, water, electric, internet, 300-400...

Work     vidijon357 - 16:13
'Two years of continuously stay in Poland prior application' - Interpretation of clause in Permanent Residence
14 - @Tidy, I was answering a specific case. I don't know your case.

Law     chukaz0306Polsyr - 15:04
13 - Józef Magnuszewski and Jerzy Sliziński both wrote about him, however this predates the online world. On one of...

History     Polonius3jon357 - 13:03
Polish gentleman for dating(UK)
3 - Hi, and thank you for pulling me up rightly on that blunder! :) My apologies! I agree with you regarding...

Classifieds     japinkyjapinky - 12:58
Poland's PiS party members and crime   2   3   4   5
123 - This is a bit of a smoking gun, and not the first time a PiS politician or one of their parliamentary...

News     delphiandominejon357 - 12:01
Is black tea disappearing from supermarkets in Poland?
29 - @Roger: since I normally spend 2 or more hours to drink a single cup of tea (or coffee), imagine the strength...

Food     Polonius3InPolska - 10:54
Listening to music and learning Polish   2
43 - Hello MrTinlin, This method works for me :) It's how I learned my first words in Polish. Ofcourse I don't...

Language     rafikYantina - 10:15
Poland's PiS = suspicion & fear?   2
58 - Yes, as so many do, me too...

News     poloniusjon357 - 10:09
Collins Intermediate Level Audio Course in Polish
8 - Hahaha, easy-peasy ;)

Language     MrTinlinsmurf - 10:02
Castles and Palaces in Poland (with pictures)   2   3   4
108 - I wonder why you think that. No need to rename the castle and town (or anywhere else at all)....

Travel     pawianjon357 - 09:46
PF members MEETUPS.....everyone welcome.... Poznan   2
38 - Łódź :)

Classifieds     wildroverPolsyr - 09:01
Poland student visa interview
11 - Schengen Visa not accepted for long time study, only accepted national visa or D type visa & also only one Poland...

Work     cherishI.Hassan - 07:59
Uncultured "President" Duda refuses to shake hand of Poland's Prime Minister Kopacz
5 - maybe i like this Duda, after all. i don`t know. hm. i would continue to closely follow his achievements. Maybe...

News     delphiandomineCrow - 00:41
Funeral Traditions in Poland
28 - thank you for the above sometimes you just dont know what to to do in other cultures, i,m english and one...

Life     Kocham ciebradders - 00:33
Polish equivalent of "Jessie"?
27 - Czesława/Czesia > Jessie - sounds plausible. I've also heard Jesse used for Zdzisław. It's often the case of finding...

Genealogy     tiamatgreenPolonius3 - Yesterday
Simon Mol - would he have been so "successful" in other countries than Poland?   2   3   4   5
121 - Would you like to prove it?

Love     MidasWulkan - Yesterday
Is 6500PLN/month enough for 2 people from India to live on in Wroclaw?   2
38 - Hi James Blakeman, The hidden costs may vary. I'm renting 60 square meters flat in Wrocław city centre - around...

Work     SHinfrd - Yesterday
Thread dedicated to Polish and other Slavic children   2
52 - Polish people demonstrate their Slavic solidarity

Life     CrowCrow - Yesterday
POLES vs BULGARIANS   2   3   4
103 - Hello, I have no idea why I am getting sucked into this ******** blog, however I fill obligated to post...

Other     rychlikR.S.👹 - Yesterday
Looking for a private Dorm in Warsaw!
5 - Merged: PRIVATE DORMITORIES IN WARSAW Hi! Does anybody know about private dormitories in Warsaw? (close to politechnika or centrum...

Study     alldayweedAyalax1 - Yesterday

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