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THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   132   133
3,984 - Holy cow; that's a lot of place names from the same word.

Genealogy     Polonius3Nickidewbear - 12:52am
Thoughts on "Ida" (Polish movie)
3 - Merged: Any Thoughts about the Polish Oscar Winner "Ida" from our Polish compatriots out there? Although I haven't yet...

Life     ctvnLyzko - Yesterday
Polish Language Exchange Thread
30 - Ciao there, Zbiszku! If you have mutual interest in exchanging your educated, native Polish for a few pointers in English...

Language     Karol PolLyzko - Yesterday
Jakie dowcipy opowiadają obecnie Polacy w kraju?
2 - Po co ci aż trzy samochody pyta Rosjanin Amerykanina. - Jak to po co? Jednym jeżdżę do pracy , drugi...

Po polsku     Polonius3peter_olsztyn - Yesterday
Classic Polish movies free - and legal - to view online
12 - Quite a lot of Polish movies you can find on youtube. Another free site worth to check is here:...

Life     AnthonycaseyLooker - Yesterday
About to move to Warsaw. Any advice on where to live?   2
31 - ' Out of curiosity, which of the following streets/areas in Mokotow would you recommend? ' I'd recommend the area between...

Real Estate     Max116egbert88 - Yesterday
Sunrise Festival (Kołobrzeg), time of main event and after party?
2 - I am planning to go too. Starts on 24 july but they still didn't released any other information.

Events     blackbeeLevi_BR - Yesterday
If I move to a big city in Poland will I come across a lot of English speakers?
26 - I ought to have qualified that last statement! If you're plan on working in either the service or education industry, even...

Life     SquirelyLyzko - Yesterday
Why Is Lipsk nad Biebrzą Called "Lisko Orliscko"?
5 - He got the name from Great-Granddad or someone else. Great-Granddad was born in Cumań, his mother in Bossę, and his father...

History     NickidewbearNickidewbear - Yesterday
Information on which documents are needed to obtain a visa for a visit to Poland (non EU citizen )
6 - Your girlfriend is Polish, you both live in Poland. Go to the relevant authorities....I wonder if the Polish embassy will issue...

Law     sevenflowerssobieski - Yesterday
Polish Gypsy Seliga (Szeliga) and Bunk (Bak) ...Need opinions
26 - SZELIGA: Already known in Poland in the 14th century, this was an adaptation of the German name Selig (the German adjective...

Genealogy     scottyg354Polonius3 - Yesterday
In need of good Polish jokes about Polish culture, people, etc   2   3   4
91 - When God was creating different nations, he gave the Poles a land rich in natural resources with a beautiful seacoast, majestic...

Life     kasiasiudzinskaPolonius3 - Yesterday
Jobs for a Native English Speaker in Konin Area?
13 - You know what, I just realised I was replying to someone else instead of the original poster. I was sure I...

Work     AdamFinch79Schmiznurf - Yesterday
Working in Warsaw as a Oracle DBA - what's the best salary that I can get?
28 - yes that's also what i know !

Work     c2k01monata - Yesterday
Anyone Living in Szczecin? What's the city like?   2
39 - I'll put it simply: most of Centrum isn't nice place to live. It's noisy, many of the old tenements are...

Life     moonlightmarcinp - Yesterday
Polish Surnames Anglicized?   2
50 - Incidentally, both surnames -- Bulkowski and Bułkowski -- exist in Poland and each is used by over 300 people. A coat...

Genealogy     karturnPolonius3 - Yesterday
And you wonder why there is Anti-Polish feeling in the UK   2   3   4   ...   6   7
202 - People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

UK, Ireland     sanddancerRoger5 - Yesterday
Driving test, English speaking driving school in Warsaw?   2   3
79 - Here you go mate, this is the one I used. ( new version) ...

Life     Arcadeasylumcroggers - Yesterday
Meeting Poles in Adelaide
13 - Merged: need a friend hello I'm looking for a polish friend that can speake polish with . I'm 17...

Australia     Wiedunelanahruminski - Yesterday
Quiet places to visit outside of Krakow
13 - Merged: Where to go? Day-trips from Krakow Dzień dobry, I am visiting my girlfriend in Krakow for...

Travel     darkhalls1983takczysiak - Yesterday
Do you think that Polish people are rude?   2   3   4   ...   29   30
872 - All of them? Bullsh1t

Life     iwonaWulkan - Yesterday
For all the black people living in Warsaw, where do you get your hair cut?   2
36 - Merged: Any African barbers in Poland and what is the address to the location of the shop I just...

Life     Louis001Coplee - Yesterday
Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)   2   3   4   ...   8   9
268 - Attached photos earlier but must have been too large, trying again, sorry. May need to do this on PC rather than...

Genealogy     PeterSue1926 - Mar 1, 2015
Getin Noble Bank / Dombank - it is possible to cancel mortgage agreement in CHF?
11 - Any variable rate mortage could be claimed to be derivative as its a gamble on a countrys economic performance, not property....

Real Estate     polishmortgagesweeg - Mar 1, 2015
Why is it ok to represent Polish history of WWII inaccurately in the film "Our Fathers, Our Mothers"?   2
37 - Have at least the courtesy to read the thread before posting here, you idiot. We were talking about historic...

History     mehowTheOther - Mar 1, 2015
Legal limits of tuning a car in Poland
NEW - What is the legal limits of tuning car in Poland ? Anyone can share link, book name or law article with...

Law     fatihya -
Polish Rap groups similar to Paktofonika?
5 - Drekota are well enough known and pleasant to listen to however I wouldn't call some of their songs either rap or...

Life     MeHowjon357 - Mar 1, 2015
Medicine prices increasing in Poland from 1st March
5 - If anything it's stricter than most places. Tell me about it - pharmacies everywhere! I think it's a culture...

News     InWroclawjon357 - Mar 1, 2015
Medical Trials in Poland? How much do you get?
4 - Free chocolate round our way, quite a lot, too. If you donate enough, you get a free bus pass.

Life     benducaRoger5 - Mar 1, 2015
Interested in moving our farm to Poland
4 - Its funny how you know more about Poland while living in Chicago than those living in Poland. Yet again you...

Real Estate     SunshineAndBweeg - Mar 1, 2015

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