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Polish girls hard in relationships   2   3   4   5   6
157 - Ewww, offering sexual services to strangers? .. what a lady!

Love     damoCalmIt - 01:24pm
Kubek kawy?
5 - In England people saying 'cup of coffee' and there is popular drinking coffee in a cup. However in Poland, when you...

Language     Polonius3PolandBoy - 01:17pm
How much would I have to earn before paying the tax office in Poland?
16 - I am not saying that he "has"to leave Poland but why risk being in debt to the state, having to declare...

Law     SchmiznurfJollyRomek - 12:56pm
Why English do not like Polish?   2   3   4   5   6
153 - Almost all my friends are english. Someone described that polish guy in the factory on his own talking on the phone.......

UK, Ireland     mietek emigrantMarsupial - 11:18am
Unusual architecture - bulidings and structures in Poland   2
34 - Merged: Mirrored house built in Izabelin There are some interesting things happening in architecture in PL at the moment....

Travel     pawianjon357 - 10:51am
Why so much PLN for the USD in Poland?
6 - As an exporter, an overstrong PLN would be a disaster for Poland. An overly weak PLN also causes issues with imported...

News     Polonius3jon357 - 10:42am
Why no reprivatisation in Poland?
20 - Pretty well. It would involve stress and hardship for thousands and be a major upheaval. The nationality of...

News     Polonius3jon357 - 10:02am
Polish Gypsy Seliga (Szeliga) and Bunk (Bak) ...Need opinions
29 - Thank you Polonius3, wow amazing isn't it the population of those named Mical/ Michael. I have...

Genealogy     scottyg354DebSS - 06:35am
THE MEANING OF YOUR POLISH LAST NAME, SURNAME?   2   3   4   ...   132   133
3,987 - Merged: Grudniewski - Surname meaning and/ research I am trying to find the origin of my father's surname, Grudniewski....

Genealogy     Polonius3papower47 - 04:12am
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2
31 - Merged: Pole is looking for an English friend to mutual learning Hi or Dzień dobry I'm from Poland, my...

Language     Karol PolPolandBoy - Yesterday
Getin Noble Bank / Dombank - it is possible to cancel mortgage agreement in CHF?
12 - Paulf, in my post above I wrote some art. from civil law referring to mortgages. Now I am want to...

Real Estate     polishmortgagespolishmortgages - Yesterday
AGH University or Polit. Warsaw for Electronic Engineering?
2 - Both are very good, but you will enjoy living in Kraków a lot more than living in Warsaw, so go...

Study     WudeDominicB - Yesterday
Polish supermodel Anja Rubik and her boyfriend Serbian model Sasha Knezevic in Warsaw   2   3
75 - This is interesting Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic Couple Comparison ... Its not her natural state. Those...

Love     CrowCrow - Yesterday
Do many Polish people in America hate Americans?   2   3   4   ...   19   20
578 - no need for hate. Chicago, with its 3 million Slavs and half of it Polish Slavs, should be turned into...

USA, Canada     LucyndaCrow - Yesterday
Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)   2   3   4   ...   8   9
269 - Grzegorz (Greg) Kucharczyk My email has changed to My father story was published in a...

Genealogy     PeterKucharczyk - Yesterday
Thoughts about Polish Solidarity Period movie "Kret"?
2 - I don't remember this movie in much detail now (I think I saw it during a flight to Poland), but it...

History     LyzkoNathans - Yesterday
Barking Dogs in Poland   2
37 - You're leaving Poland because the dogs bark too much? Wow, I've heard it all now. Fyi, dogs bark in every country,...

Life     fed upCalmIt - Yesterday
If your ancestors were in the "Wehrmacht"...   2   3   4   ...   8   9
257 - When I lived in Berlin during the late '80s, nobody wanted to even discuss the matter.

Genealogy     Morsczi_PurtkLyzko - Yesterday
Some Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian Second Names look Polish!   2
35 - I see a lot of answers here but only one actually is true ! I am Macedonian and believe me there...

Genealogy     DomPolskicrven53 - Yesterday
Job offer from company in Warsaw, EU Logistics. Is this a scam?
18 - [Link / Image / Video]

Work     Daishinjon357 - Yesterday
Problems Polish People Have with Learning English   2
46 - Merged: Polish writing 'to' and 'do' mix up? Hello, one of my Polish students has a problem with writing...

Language     octopus39polandsteve - Yesterday
Life in Poland for American who likes women, beer, hates Tories and is concerned about the weather
20 - If you hate the Tories, don't even think of coming to Poland. Being fond of the Tory Party is essential...

Life     MovingabroadZiemowit - Yesterday
Sexual diseases! Please tell me how I go about getting tested in Poland?   2   3   4
102 - Borek, that was four years ago. It's probably dropped off by now.

Love     countryboy60Roger5 - Yesterday
"Co sądzita" - zwrot w języku polskim (Oscar dla "Idy")
16 - Andrzej Wajda otrzymał honorowego Oskara za całokształt twórczości w 2000 roku. Jego film "Ziemia obiecana" - według znakomitej powieści Władysława Reymonta...

Po polsku     Polonius3Ziemowit - Yesterday
Any good websites to look for accommodation in Poland?
5 - Good advice. I don't think he'll find a short term apartment for much less than 2500zl - in fact that...

Real Estate     Sebastianojon357 - Yesterday
Who can tell me the most popular IC web in Poland ?
13 - pigsy,maybe you are right.But at least they shall give any suggestions or response at my email or turn to. You know...

Life     esseatmelbigapp - Yesterday
How to learn the pronunciation of the Polish language?
14 - Dzięki!

Language     Dutchman89Katty - Yesterday
A general legal question about inheritance in Poland - debts
18 - Depends how the notary act was worded, but it may be that whether you sell or not, you'll still have to...

Law     ethernautrixinkrakow - Yesterday
Jakie dowcipy opowiadają obecnie Polacy w kraju?
3 - W czasach komuny na granicy w Berlinie po przeciwnych stronach linii demarkacyjnej wartę pełnił żołnierz amerykański i sowiecki. Któregoś chłodnego wieczoru...

Po polsku     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Dacians in Poland
7 - The word references I found especially interesting. Regrettably, many links remain inactive and thus are hard to access:-))

History     User666Lyzko - Yesterday

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