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Are these surnames polish or jewish
NEW - While resarching family history i came across a cluster of names that seem jewish any info would be great Duzen...

Genealogy     Jagielski68 -
Confused with my former co-worker.
6 - Thank you for the replies. Her husband is American and their marriage seems to be going strong. She...

Love     asn11asn11 - 06:09
Why English do not like Polish?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
235 - Ergo the English have no dignity? Think you'll have to clarify that one:-)

UK, Ireland     mietek emigrantLyzko - 03:35
Multiracial Poles   2   3   4   5
140 - Is a Prado Brazilian by any stretch a Brazilian who like the Prado? Or is that a silly question?

Life     EM_WaveLyzko - 03:08
Do Poland's taxes apply to foreign pensions?
13 - Thanks Terri. I won't bother with ZUS (form sender) because based on previous experience it would be a waste of time...

Law     Magician4Alie - 01:24
Does democratic Poland guarantee it's LGBT citizens respect for human and civil rights?   2   3   4   ...   25   26
780 - @ Avalon, that doesn't make you bi-, it makes you lesbian. At last check, women and girls are both proud members...

News     ziutaLyzko - 01:06
Lech Walesa vs Immigration: Brits humiliated him at London Heathrow Airport   2   3   4
104 - Not sure what kind of reality you live in but he just lost the presidencial elections to Duda so he...

News     grubasWulkan - 01:03
Legal Advice of how to close a company here in Poland that is 50% owned
14 - i want to open sole establishment company in Poland so anybody can tell me the right procedure and how much budget...

Law     TomDimdommuhammad Ali - Yesterday
Confirmation of Polish citizenship of my mother (born in Poland)
4 - Delphianedomine the person who changed my tittle made it wrong, I was asking how hard it would be for me to...

Law     ZakZak - Yesterday
Salary expectations in Poland   2   3   4   ...   11   12
345 - It does depend on what part of Germany he's from. If he's from some economic backwater with no good qualifications,...

Work     norgeandelphiandomine - Yesterday
Michael Slotwinsky & Yuska Opleta - Galicia, Ukraine
4 - Rudolph Slotwinski is my grandfather. His parents came to the United States from Poland in 1913.

Genealogy     PLS14Slotwinski - Yesterday
British School of Warsaw in Wilanow
14 - Be careful with paying for meals - I would avoid "catering" at all costs. Many private schools in particular see...

Study     Newsydelphiandomine - Yesterday
I was born in Poland, moved to the US when I was 5 - Dual Citizenship Question
9 - If you held a Polish passport at some point, then you are without a shadow of a doubt. Be careful,...

Law     1172ftjdelphiandomine - Yesterday
Polish Nazi's humiliated in London - anti-Jewish demonstration   2
33 - They think they can get away with it - and they don't realise how closely neo-nazis are monitored in London....

UK, Ireland     weegjon357 - Yesterday
Best (low costs, replacement parts, etc.) used car to buy in Poland (Katowice). Or maybe better in Germany?
14 - Agreed. They're absolutely no-drama cars.

Life     fox_265delphiandomine - Yesterday
Studies In Poland, is it easy to survive on part-time jobs?   2
47 - well I suppose you could find a job cooking in an Indian restaurant

Work     Krishna27rozumiemnic - Yesterday
Kielce Pogrom - new findings by IPN
10 - I know that it happened in 1946. So when a person speaks about events in Kielce "62 years ago", we...

History     gumishuHarry - Yesterday
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   5
132 - Merged: PiÍkny ranek . can someone translate this nice letter into English? Hello Can someone tell me what...

Language     Wiktoria17LucienX - Yesterday
Devoicing of Polish consonants not always correct?
9 - Normal! The second is more normal, at least in Eastern Poland. Remember though that the actual sound is...

Language     Zakjon357 - Yesterday
Just got my permanent resident permit to live in Poland :)   2
37 - Yes, you need to prove that you have been living in Poland, and if you are an EU citizen the only...

Law     MoonlightingPolsyr - Yesterday
Winter in Poland?   2   3   4   5   6
161 - Living as I do on a farm on a hill in Eastern of the best things we (wife and I)...

Life     AnonymousKamaz - Yesterday
Can you put a tow bar on your car in Poland?
2 - Yes, you must inform about this fact in the local Department of Transport. In order to notification of mounting or dismounting...

Life     ZoenkieLooker - Yesterday
Unanswered Polish names requests - anyone have information on the following?
16 - BENSCH: surname of German origin, derived from the first name Benedikt. Some 100 users in Poland, the largest cluster in and...

Genealogy     PolskaDollPolonius3 - Yesterday
Bensch, Zingel - Long lost German/Polish relatives
2 - When looking for ancestors in former German territories, always use the German place names for research before WW2. ...

Genealogy     allieeritterTheOther - Yesterday
President-Elect of Poland, Duda, rescues Eucharist   2
43 - They're not normal if they spend their time thinking about sodomy, that's for sure. I'd be slightly worried if my...

News     Polonius3delphiandomine - Yesterday
How can I get Polish citizenship after been married to a Polish spouse   2   3
65 - I been married for six year to a Polish national in Cyprus, I would like to come there in Poland what...

Law     efevberhaelsa - 6 Jul 2015
The Changing Attitude Towards the Poles in Ireland
22 - Merged: Warsaw through the eyes of an Irishman My trip to the Polin Jewish Museum in Warsaw began when...

UK, Ireland     Peadarpeadar Og - 6 Jul 2015
Indoor Wall builder (Wooden wall/ seperation) - Krakow or around
2 - For partition walls its better to use metal studwork (timber can warp). Two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard to each side gives...

Classifieds     local_felaAvalon - 6 Jul 2015
Opening English and Business College in Poland
19 - Markets will always be saturated. In case of Poland our research shows still there is potential in Education Sector.

Law     dublinmedia7dublinmedia7 - 6 Jul 2015
Car insurance in Poland: where's the best place to get it?
9 - Bwahaha. No :D They don't even ask! They definitely do. The wife and I both had idiotic accidents...

Life     Harrydelphiandomine - 6 Jul 2015

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