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Slavic languages words similarities with Polish   2   3   4
100 - "nedela" = Russian "week" > "ne" + "dela" = not work vs. "niedziela" = Polish "Sunday" infinitum! English - Polish...

Language     Vlad1234Vlad1234 - Yesterday
4 - Taxismart is in Warsaw, Poznan and Lodz.

Travel     mjuczTaxismart - Yesterday
Presidential elections and debates 2015 Poland   2   3   4   ...   9   10
296 - Except that this is the Polish Forum, not a global or foreign corporate forum.We should consider what is good for Poland...

News     pawianPolonius3 - Yesterday
I have D Type Cel Wydania 10 visa? What EU countries can I visit with it?
9 - Refer to this link: ...

Law     qwaszxcPolsyr - Yesterday
How do Polish men feel about gender equality?   2   3   4   ...   9   10
272 - Merged: Women more equal than others? ... Rzepa has reported that equality minister Fuszara had been pressuring...

Love     EngaPolonius3 - Yesterday
Why are Polish so conservative and religious?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
182 - All quotes are Harry's OPINION'S not to be backed up by any proof concerning why Catholics are not religious in Poland....

Life     MikeUSAjohnny reb - Yesterday
My Love Story: my 'good' family vs her 'bad' family in Poland
23 - I bet her sister is REALLY hot, and he wishes his girl friend looked like her sister!

Love     Jaky007befranklin - Yesterday
Between Poznan University and University of Lodz. Which is the best choice ?
3 - Poznan has the better reputation of those universities. both towns are ok but Poznan probably better to live in.

Study     Wikicms - Yesterday
Is it possible to work with the same work permit on a different jobs in Poland?
6 - @Charles: ps: in order to be issued a work permit, your potential employer needs to prove to the Polish administration that...

Law     Charles1Gosc123456 - Yesterday
Angela Merkel is partially Polish. Her family name could be Kaźmierczak
2 - Nothing new to me here. Really. i all the time repeat how German nation actually don`t exist. i mean, it exist...

Genealogy     Vlad1234Crow - Yesterday
Next 100 years - Poland as great power?   2
33 - Merged: Thread to announce phrophecies, predictions, visions, etc similar things in case with Poland alright. Let me start....

News     IronsideCrow - Yesterday
How to carry your groceries if you travel by tram in Poland?
11 - Do shopping more often in smaller quantities.

Life     MonaMexicokpc21 - Yesterday
Best residential areas in Wroclaw to live in?
16 - Thank you all for your input.

Real Estate     rdhirMonaMexico - Yesterday
Kto wygrał debatę Komorowski-Duda?
10 - Obaj kandydaci naobiecywali co niemiara, zwłaszcza w dziedzinach, które od głowy państwa nie zależą.

Po polsku     Polonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Got a Job Offer in Poland but a 3 month Visa and Probation Period concerns me
10 - Thank you JollyRomek but let me clarify first. Company is not asking me to get a work permit on my own,...

Work     BladeBlade - Yesterday
Good enough for British - Joseph Conrad? Poland-born novelist.
13 - These little oddities only show that Conrad's wife was preoccupied with some other business

History     Polonius3R.U.R. - Yesterday
Are Polish men handsome to you?   2   3   4
118 - I know,and I already took some distance from most of them. Here in Holland racism and discrimination are hot topics. And...

Love     zetigrekYantina - Yesterday
Chance of Lwów once again became coming part of Poland   2   3   4   ...   9   10
279 - jon357 : And that period shaped so much of the city's life and culture. But incomparably less than the previous centuries...

History     Czarnkow1940CONIO - Yesterday
Clark University in Warsaw Campus (Professional Communication)
NEW - Hello, I would like to know if there are people who study in Clark University in Warsaw campus. Do you know...

Study     Matt6 -
for polish student, how do they do internship?
3 - Merged: CAN I GET INTERNSHIP(UNPAID) DURING MY STUDIES ? Hello guys, I am from Malaysia and i have recently...

Work     myratpsewong - Yesterday
Setting up small business in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
186 - If you are asking for this kind of business advice from random clowns like me on some anonymous internet forum, it...

Law     simon_porter00DominicB - Yesterday
The OPPOSITE of Polish diminutives
5 - My name is Erwin. Many of my family members in Poland call me, "Erwinek". My father is Gerhard. My...

Language     Brandonsir_erwin - Yesterday
Nicknames for "Aleksandra" or "Aleksandrina"
6 - My beautiful cousin, Aleksandra, is called "Ola"; and her twin brother, Wojciech, is called "Wojtek".

Language     GoldenSummersir_erwin - Yesterday
In Search of My Heritage, names include - LEPIARCZYK, KANIA, SZYMURA, JAGIEŁKA
8 - I am pleased to have recently received a copy of the original death record of my second-great-grandmother who died in 1895...

Genealogy     sir_erwinsir_erwin - Yesterday
Ilu "polanoglotów" na PF?
13 - Oczywiście. Co więcej są fora bez moderacji i mają się znakomicie. Jednakowoż muszę tu częściej zaglądać bo mój angielski wietrzeje...

Po polsku     Polonius3peter_olsztyn - Yesterday
Looking Into The Surname Bednarczuk: Ukrainian, Polish, Ruthenian, Belarusian, etc?
17 - The original spelling was Bodnarczuk- when my greatgrandparents were in Galicia (1874-1907) Poland was not involved- so they were Ukrainians

Genealogy     ToddOPDdn85752002 - 21 May 2015
A good Polish restaurant in Michigan?
25 - Merged: Polish Kitchen (restaurant) in Petoskey Anyone driving across Northern Michigan might want to sample some Polish fare at...

USA, Canada     chase5Polonius3 - 21 May 2015
Slavs are descendants of Sarmatians?   2   3
86 - If believe to this map, Sarmatians lived side to side with Balto-Slavs. Later they had been displaced be Germanic Goths tribes....

Genealogy     OgienVlad1234 - 21 May 2015
Are there any Muslim areas in Poland?
16 - THE PRIEST you are satanic!!! Catholics hate people as well.You are going straight to hell!!! Year by year in Poland native...

Life     mahamat PolandPolish Muslim - 21 May 2015
What is the typical expat diet while living in Poland?
27 - Harry is right. Polish cuisine itself is the combination of a number of influences. No man is an island and especially...

Food     Polonius3Atch - 21 May 2015

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