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Why do Poles talk so badly about Poland?
13 - delphiandomine, I must tell you that most international companies have no knowledge about quality of education in foreign countries. The only...

Life     SstudentSstudent - 14:15
WWII - who really was the first to help Poland?   2   3   4   ...   16   17
491 - "The Polish government in Warsaw didn't, hence non-participation" I'm not surprised Stalin had installed a puppet communist government in Warsaw,...

History     onadolnoslask - 14:12
Degenerate "rainbow" eyesore to disappear from Saviour Square (Plac Zbawiciela) in Warsaw at end of August   2   3   4   ...   8   9
259 - I'd like that, Po3, however public art is a serious business, and in this case, the city is simply building upon...

News     Polonius3jon357 - 13:23
Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees   2   3   4   ...   23   24
709 - I appreciate that English is your second language, and thanks for writing in English, because as Paulina (she who condescended...

News     LeviDougpol1 - 13:18
Collins Intermediate Level Audio Course in Polish
9 - Wow suddenly the thread explodes, great. Just to clear things up a little, the audio lessons are simply one aspect of...

Language     MrTinlinMrTinlin - 11:42
How Poles and other Slavs celebrate and participate in USA everyday life. Chicago as Polish province?   2
40 - Why would someone choose to live in ghetto Chicago over returning to Poland?

USA, Canada     Crownothanks - 11:12
71 - It strictly depends on the school, type of study (part time/full time) and the field of study. But from what...

Study     al111Looker - 11:07
Polish slang phrases - most popular.   2   3   4   ...   18   19
567 - Maybe a conflation (or perhaps a Silesian thing) lobarz? Unlikely. Yob tvoy mat, phonetically. Very tenuous. Also...

Language     nykajon357 - 11:04
Polish dating tips   2
38 - Merged: Dating Hi there everyone, I am new all things Polish and have just started dating a polish girl...

Love     riki_rwandaEast is Best - 08:48
Would Polish people mind dating someone from Mexico?
12 - Poles (for their huge majority) don't think anything and 99.99% of them have never met anyone from Mexico.

Love     AnsmariInPolska - 08:07
LODZ CITY APARTMENT (signing a contract / short-term studio)
NEW - Hello I would like to come to the city of lodz and I want to ask you two questions: First...

Real Estate     sinanalhabobi -
Any possibility to stay in Poland - refugee status in Germany denied (I am Muslim)
6 - 1. Zero 2. gimmie gimmie gimmie free stuff right? 3. your religion will likely hinder your application process. Try saudi...

Law     أحمد&#BBman - 00:51
Warsaw is protesting against low wages and unemployment
7 - That low unemployment rate means that everyone who wants to work can find a job. There will always be 3...

News     ufo973Polonius3 - 00:05
Referendum to cost Polish taxpayers nearly 130 mln zl amid uncertain turnout
22 - Both referenda should have never been allowed - that 2 for 1 analogy is lame...

News     Polonius3Jardinero - Yesterday
What is NIP number?
11 - NIP = Numer Identifikacji Podatkowej

Law     ramzan khanUser13 - Yesterday
Poland Sports News   2
31 - 3-1 - Goetze just too good. All three of the goals were avoidable sadly.

News     JollyRomekDougpol1 - Yesterday
Polish certificate exam level B1 need to ask few questions about the Polish language.
5 - Can you tell us where you heard that? I didn't know about any change...

Language     Sara_Taly_00delphiandomine - Yesterday
Job offer in IT company ( Wroclaw ) - help needed
6 - @smurf well this is scary I'm from Egypt and the lowest temp I've see in my life was like 5C :D...

Work     manwarmanwar - Yesterday
Have PO (Platforma) operatives in Poland fallen into a panic?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
265 - I most certainly wasn't a child genius. I had way above average language skills, that's all. The reading thing is...

News     Polonius3Atch - Yesterday
Am I eligible to apply for citizenship of Poland?
11 - Merged: Obtaining Polish Citizenship Hello, I am seeking someone to help me with applying for Polish citizenship. Is there...

Law     golditzhelp111 - Yesterday
Nazi gold train 'found in Poland'   2
49 - Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper have issued a statement in which they reveal their names to the public for the first...

News     jon357Ziemowit - Yesterday
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2   3
83 - Merged: Looking to learn Polish in exchange I will help you learn English. Cześć Everyone, I am an...

Language     Karol PolChris447 - Yesterday
British School of Warsaw in Wilanow
21 - For those who don't know which system to choose, I strongly recommend this article from The Telegraph - maybe Polish schools...

Study     NewsyTealover - Yesterday
English Speaking Doctors (Psychiatrist) in Poland?
9 - As per my (unfortunately huge) experience with doctors in Poland, a lot of them claim to speak several languages but they...

Life     swissiInPolska - Yesterday
Where can I hire worker for business in Poland? (Krakow or Wroclaw)
3 - Hi, My email address is Thanks

Classifieds     jewelloverjewellover - Yesterday
Poznan University of Technology - information needed (Telecommunication master)
12 - Merged: Construction Management - Master's degree admission in Poznan does poznan university of tech. in poland accept second class...

Study     IbrahimelgammalMichaelbari12 - Yesterday
Polish honey liquor called something like "vitatass"?   2
37 - I make a Lithuanian liquor tough to me by a great lady. She would make 20 - 30 1/2 gals.every...

Food     edgeV maker - Yesterday
My grandfather left Poland after WWII and emigrated to Brazil. Question About Polish Citizenship
4 - Here is my question, regarding evidence to prove Polish citizenship of my great grandparents. We have traced to the church...

Law     cen8806Grochowski_M - 3 Sep 2015
What salary can be asked at IBM Katowice?
20 - Merged: IBM Katowice Salary Hi All, what is the salary structure for IT Specialist in IBM Poland. I...

Work     pardsumithopes - 3 Sep 2015
Ukrainian Software Developer moving to Poland - job and salary with my experience?
11 - Merged: Applying for a junior web developer position from abroad to work in Poland I have received the B.S....

Work     alexpetrovGues - 3 Sep 2015

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