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1 - The complex houses married and single soldiers and their families

Life     nancyzhangsmurf - 09:55am
Why Irish women are so rude and judgemental towards foreign women?
5 - why are polish so bossy and think they are superior, and that's the men and women

UK, Ireland     Execriostoir - 09:49am
Can help you to find a job in Warsaw
NEW - Hi I can help with finding job in Warsaw (Poland). Especially for people who speak English very good and other language....

Work     kingafelinska -
Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations.   2   3   4   ...   8   9
254 - @Superzul.........in your original post you forgot to mention that when you said "withdrawing cash over the counter without PESEL...

Law     gdj67JollyRomek - 07:51am
Smokers in Kraków, Poland - News Flash, Smoking is disgusting & Gross!
2 - I guess you are misinformed. Number of cigarettes per adult per year: 1 Bulgaria 2,924...

Culture     superuser1999Wulkan - 07:30am
Bike stolen today near Metro Służew in Warsaw
4 - Thanks for the replies guys. Now I know that I should have used a stronger lock, or even 3 locks. I...

Life     AlternateUnivAlternateUniv - 06:51am
3 reasons i love and hate poland
1 - I thought this troll was banned ages ago

Culture     prakash38Wulkan - 04:16am
3 reasons why you hate Poland.   2   3   4   ...   33   34
1,014 - 3 reasons i hate polish are 1-evil catholism reason:- i dont like catholic religion because it is based on...

Culture     Dekameronprakash38 - 03:14am
want to build a spiritual group in torun, who has interest?
1 - PS: it has nothing to do with religion thing.

Events     dsfdsf - 02:36am
Canadian Moving to Poznan- Advice Please!!
NEW - Hello fellow bloggers, I was wondering if you could please give me some advice. My husband has been accepted into...

Life     Melis -
Daniel Stone, family from Warsaw - I'm looking for my great great grandfathers anything
7 - Thank you I finally found something.

Genealogy     kmiller10586kmiller10586 - 01:58am
69 - WEEK 4 TOTAL RANKING 1- EMIRATES 156 pts (102p/15pp/48gp/39bp) 2- PAM 152 pts (102p/18pp/40gp/44bp) 3-LOOKER 150 pts (102p/13pp/49gp/40bp) 4-VINCENT 146...

Sports     rockrock - 01:00am
Where to buy British mature Cheddar Cheese and salted butter in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   10   11
300 - You can say that again. Quite a few surprises in Poland of that nature. Condoms by the...

Food     welshguyinpolaInWroclaw - Yesterday
Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
215 - No dude! It's totally worth money, 100 k zl. so like over 30 k US dollars or almost 20k British...

Law     gilmazchintSparks11 - Yesterday
How do I verify a Polish company's existence?   2   3   4   5
141 - ems.ms.gov.pl/krs/wyszukiwaniepodmiotu?t:lb=t --> official registry of polish companies ... --> official registry of polish individual entrepreneurs if you need additional help,...

Law     Qacerlegate - Yesterday
Few football watching days/nights in Wroclaw for English football fans in Poland (Aston Villa, Midlands clubs)
1 - Yes I follow and enjoy every single loss of the villa, they are prettie good at it....

Events     avfcwroclawWulkan - Yesterday
Why Poles are so much different than other slavic nations ?
3 - Give some examples, I am not sure what you are talking about

Culture     BlanketsnifferSzalawa - Yesterday
Muslim community in Wroclaw   2
36 - sure, it would be worse? ottoman empire ruled 600 and there is only one case a woman found guilty for...

Events     Blackdream888Blanketsniffer - Yesterday
co by bylo gdyby...into English please.
3 - More arch than naive. There ought to be a rule about translation threads like this. Some actually might be...

Translation     millijon357 - Yesterday
Winnie the Pooh gets bum rap in Polish town
NEW - This is surely just a joke, or a malicious false story, planted by some nasty individual just to discredit...

News     InWroclaw -
Cheapest Way from Warsaw to Chopin Airport ?
9 - That's why I wouldn't recommend it. I've used that. A visitor may well be wandering around that road junction...

Travel     superuser1999jon357 - Yesterday
Study, work permit, average income in Poland
1 - There are no jobs for foreign students in Poland. Read previous topics. Come to Poland only if you can pay for...

Study     SurajMonitor - Yesterday
Hi, I need someone to understand this song if it's Polish and maybe the title
NEW - Hi, i hope someone can help me out there. I've posted on a forum the humming/singing of a formerly polish...

Culture     polo09iu87 -
How to find a person in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   9   10
292 - Hi there, i hope you can help me. My Name is Sven an i search for Justynka Osicka. She was...

Genealogy     BeataIschgl76 - Yesterday
Displaced Persons Camp   2
47 - Could your mother have been born in Lubeck where many Latvians were . I was born there in 1946 to Latvian...

Genealogy     Tamar EdytaLizzy - Yesterday
Where I can find templates online for requesting birth marriage or death record lookups in Polish?
3 - I have found what I need now. Please ignore. ...

Genealogy     EmmaT2008EmmaT2008 - Yesterday
Powolny / wolny - Free or slow?
5 - Thanks!

Language     EmmaT2008EmmaT2008 - Yesterday
Cool Hipster Areas in Warsaw ?
11 - hahaha, yea, isn't it funny how some people think the term hipster is a complement. It most certainly isn't....

Travel     superuser1999smurf - Yesterday
Extra costs when buying a flat in Poland
10 - I always sign whatever they want, then in final stage negotiate like gotufka and they agree usually to max 1 percent...

Real Estate     Nikopigsy - Yesterday
Gdansk - where to go and what's cool to see?
12 - Find somebody through couchsurfing.org/n/places/gdansk-pomorskie-poland to show you around. You can check this url: https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Gda%C5%84sk

Travel     nemoMonitor - Yesterday

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