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Tattoo text help - 'you are so beautiful to me' in Polish
2 - It's your skin, but if I saw that tattoo on somebody, I'd wonder who it was addressed to.

Language     tattoogirlRoger5 - 19:25
Nazi gold train 'found in Poland'   2
31 - Exactly. Why would they want to? In fact, who would want to? This article says a lot more...

News     jon357jon357 - 19:22
Polish Parents protest against Poland's pro-homo sex education   2   3
62 - So, you'll have no problem at all in linking to the Ministry of Education document which you are objecting to, will...

News     Polonius3Harry - 19:06
Degenerate "rainbow" eyesore to disappear from Saviour Square (Plac Zbawiciela) in Warsaw at end of August   2   3   4   ...   6   7
181 - Polonius, judging by your posts your life must be a horrendously unhappy nightmare. Lighten up, man.

News     Polonius3Roger5 - 18:59
From UK to Poland - studying for a Masters Degree in Warsaw
10 - Okay, doesn't sound too promising. I will see if I can track down something anyway. How would you rank...

Study     MrTinlinMrTinlin - 18:43
Where to meet - connect with Polish / Eastern Europeans in London
9 - Craig's List is that way, mate!

UK, Ireland     LondoniteMister H - 18:32
Poland's PiS party members and crime   2   3   4
112 - The views expressed in the quote below belong to the writer of the quote and I neither endorse them or criticise...

News     delphiandominejon357 - 17:23
Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland   2   3
77 - Cheap dentist are not Good and Good dentists are not Cheap. Pay us now or pay us later. You get what...

Life     Yinglijohnny reb - 16:42
Have PO (Platforma) operatives in Poland fallen into a panic?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
205 - The bottom line is that PF has again shown itself up as not being typical of Poland's current Zeitgeist, since...

News     Polonius3Polonius3 - 16:32
Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)   2   3   4   ...   8   9
253 - My father Karol Palarczyk (2nd Lieutenant) was at Lvov University and was called up to the cavalry around Stry in the...

Genealogy     PeterTonyP - 15:52
Is Polish language certificate necessary to get citizenship of Poland?
8 - Hi there, As per the below link ... Anyone know when the state commission is going...

Law     singh gillgo_straight - 14:48
F-22 Raptor fighter-bombers in Poland thumb nose at Tsar Vlad
2 - Except... it's not quite as clear cut as that. The F-22 against the SU-27 and especially the SU-30 might have...

News     Polonius3delphiandomine - 14:22
90 day in, 1 day out rule - the rule allowing to stay in Poland
2 - Yes, you can. However, if you're caught on the German, Czech, Slovak or Lithuanian borders, then you will exceed 90...

Travel     theforcedelphiandomine - 14:14
Moving from India to Warsaw to study. Need information about Warsaw city, jobs etc.
18 - Many students do get work, including overseas ones if their level of Polish is sufficient, however these jobs tend not...

Work     nilesh0408jon357 - 12:46
Car Export from Canada to Poland
4 - In our case we were told all of the above, I'm not a citizen and my husband is a student with...

USA, Canada     synechMelis - 10:48
Good book to enjoy reading in Polish?
3 - I've recently bumped into Polish Easy Readers by Daria Gabryanczyk. She also wrote Polish for Dummies. I think they have a...

Language     piotrgamikolajd - 10:13
Live music in Szczecin
NEW - Hello! Is there any place to play music in Szczecin. Perhaps a studio where i could jam or bars where bands...

Classifieds     Portnoy -
Poland student visa interview
9 - No one can tell you IF and WHEN your visa will be granted.

Work     cherishterri - 09:25
Mushroom & cabbage pierogi Polish recipe
3 - Thank you! :)

Food     texas09texas09 - 07:55
Are the origins of Bernatowicz French?
15 - My mother's name was Bernat. Her parents were Polish and she lived in Poland (Austrian portion) for several years as a...

Genealogy     fbernatowiczDragoman1 - 05:08
For my dad... "free Steve Wlodarz" He is serving life without parole in a United States prison   2
37 - Compared to ? (as he does a palm plant on his forehead) so not true but refuse to go off...

USA, Canada     sdennisjohnny reb - 00:29
Intensive Polish Course - the best schools in Poland?
20 - You might want to check out Daria Gabryanczyk's page - the author of Polish for Dummies. (5 stars on Amazon) Her...

Study     jon357gucio - 00:02
Question about Warsaw Ghetto (shared building?) and Monument
13 - You're not going to please everyone! I'm Jewish and I still feel that embattled Poland nonetheless deserves credit for stepping up...

History     skibumLyzko - Yesterday
My bad experiences with Polish neighbours in UK (not meant to offend)   2   3   4
91 - So don't mention the letters. Next time, you meet the mailman, tell him they no longer live at the place....

UK, Ireland     ryougaInPolska - Yesterday
Do I look Polish? (my picture)   2   3   4   5
150 - I seem to have a mixed face, my father had blonde hair and blue eyes, my mother black hair and brown...

Genealogy     TheJunglistryouga - Yesterday
Collins Intermediate Level Audio Course in Polish
NEW - I am in the process of learning Polish. I have been studying for a while now and although my vocabulary is...

Language     MrTinlin -
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2   3
82 - Merged: A Polish Language Skype Group Witam I was wondering if people would be interested in setting up...

Language     Karol PolVininn126 - Yesterday
Poland Plans New Canal from Vistula to the Baltic. Drought?
9 - On August 19, this report states that the river is at its lowest since some 18 century. I hope it rained...

News     johnny rebf stop - Yesterday
Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child.   2
47 - But Peru is pretty much a third world country and Poland isn't.

Life     MelisAtch - Yesterday
Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland   2   3
62 - Yes, it allows to stay in Poland permanently. It also gives the right to work (only in Poland). This card is...

Law     swissiLooker - Yesterday

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