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South Carolina Polish Community

scpolishclub   Apr 16, 2009, 04:16pm /  #
I am looking for more poles or people of polish heritage or just people who enjoy the cultural diveristy in South Carolina (Upstate especially) but also North Carolina and Georgia. We have the events once a month where we share with our tradition, introducing it to greenville international communty, but mostly find the fun and harmony in building us stronger in here and enjoy the time together. The next meeting we have on May 3rd and it is so called Majowka. All information can be found at South Carolina Polska Club Facebook page and also on Nasza Klasa at Greenville Centrum Ogloszen. Please join us and help us to be a stronger community in South Carolina. Thank you. Ania
Szukam Polakow zamieszkujacych Poludniowa Karoline, przede wszystkim Greenville, aby dolaczyli sie w budowaniu naszej polonii w karolinie. prosze kontaktujcie sie ze mna przez Facebook znajdujac nas na stronie SOUTH CAROLINA POLSKA CLUB lub na naszeh klasie na Centrum Ogloszen Greenville lub po prostu odpowiadajac na ten post. Nastepna polonijna impreza jest 3 Maja w Greenville w formie majowki:) Serdecznie zapraszam, Ania

freebird   Apr 16, 2009, 05:52pm /  #
I was teaching in Poland. We might stop by in the near future.
Have a good 1 :-)

cindyhcasey   Jun 22, 2009, 06:37pm /  #

In 1880 there were 3 polish families in Anderson Co., SC. I am researching these families as I believe they were related : The surnames were Bauguel (aka Bergoil), 'Meetsack' (phonetic spelling by census taker) and Lease....

If you have any information as to how I should move forward in my Polish research, I would appreciate any advice.


cindy h. casey

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